OEMs and Suppliers in Focus – Page 15

  • Sony Vision S_exterior

    Is Sony’s Vision S a scary sight, or a revelation for carmakers and suppliers?


    Should automotive manufacturers fear or embrace this surprise announcement from the consumer technology giant?

  • automotive supplier profit analysis

    Tearing profits apart: how tier 1 automotive suppliers can mitigate shrinking margins


    The latest report by Automotive from Ultima Media examines the profits and outlook for the top 20 automotive parts suppliers and explores the strategies and solutions they should consider to avoid significant disruption in the 2020s

  • Brexit

    The other side of Brexit


    After three years of confusion and turmoil, the UK is on the brink of leaving European Union. So OEMs with operations based there have decisions to make, as Ian Henry reports

  • BICover_R1_T

    Tier Supplier Profit Analysis: Mitigating Margin Compression and Manufacturing Costs


    Automotive tier 1 suppliers are facing unprecedented industry transformation in electrification along with economic uncertainty. Download this report on the top 20 global suppliers for a deep analysis of their historic margins, as well as solutions for how suppliers could cope with growing pressures and changes in manufacturing across the supply base

  • Bentley Flying Spur SOP

    Bentley’s prudence for performance


    After more than half a century of carmaking, major changes are underway at Bentley’s Crewe headquarters as the luxury brand enacts a leaner and streamlined phase

  • Audi exoskeleton 4

    Exoskeleton trials underway at Audi


    Audi has begun testing the ergonomic benefits of exoskeleton systems for workers at its Ingolstadt plant

  • Ssangyong Motors Pyeongtaek

    Stumbling blocks on the Korea path


    Outside of the Hyundai-Kia story, Korea’s other automotive players continue to struggle and in global production terms the country is slipping down the rankings. Ian Henry reports

  • VW Zwickau - Pre-series production in the assembly hall

    EVs are transforming the automotive workforce as well as the market


    The means by which electric vehicles powertrains and batteries are assembled could lead to significant reductions in factory headcounts

  • jaguarreality02042019001

    Weight-loss programme


    The electrification drive has increased the importance of lightweight vehicle structures. AMS looks at the development of the latest aluminium grades for electric vehicle applications

  • Aston Martin Cosworth engine Valkyrie

    Rise of the Valkyrie


    Cosworth has stepped up its operations to make the engine for Aston Martin’s Valkyrie hypercar

  • 20190726_ULSAN PALISADE

    Dual brand adapters


    From finances to unions and electrifying its model range, domestic and global challenges abound for Hyundai-Kia

  • ATS 2020 Brembo line

    Braking ground


    Nick Holt visits Brembo’s Kilometro Rosso test and development facility, and its Curno production plant, to see how the company creates high quality, premium vehicle braking systems

  • ATS 2020 Gestamp hot stamp

    Hot on the press


    The need for lightweight, high-strength steel parts has been given a boost with increased production of electric vehicles. AMS reports on a new hot stamping process designed to meet this demand

  • ATS 2020 Continental

    Challenging relationships


    As the trend of electrification gains pace, and demand in the global new car market dwindles, suppliers are looking at ways to best serve their OEM customers

  • skoda-side-dry-line-process-paint-shop

    Painting sideways


    With its new paintshop at Mladá Boleslav, Skoda is bringing some unique approaches to conveying, coating and curing 

  • Martin Hofman_VW

    At the centre of change for Volkswagen Group


    Martin Hofmann, chief information office of the Volkswagen Group (pictured, right), explains how the carmaker is transforming its IT system backbone and legacy infrastructure across manufacturing, purchasing, supply chain and engineering – and how Volkswagen is now able to attract top software talent.

  • VW amazon cloud

    Building Volkswagen’s Industrial Cloud


    Volkswagen Group’s landmark project with Amazon Web Services will help to connect all its global factories, and eventually the supply chain as well. At the core of the project is a drive to establish a standard software stack that will transform the way production IT is developed and implemented across Volkswagen locations.

  • VW IT center intro

    Map: Volkswagen’s growing network of IT expertise


    Volkswagen Group IT has opened or expanded global IT and software centers, with growing significance across the company’s IT research and operations. Check out a map of their key locations and functions.

  • VW IT labs

    A program of change for Volkswagen Group IT


    Over the past two years, Volkswagen’s central Group IT division, led by CIO Martin Hofmann, has been expanding staff numbers, investment and digital projects across the group’s business processes, and working more closely with brands like Audi, Porsche and Skoda. In the first of a multi-part article special on Group IT, we explain the evolving shape of the organisation.

  • PPG LiDar

    Detection needs reflection: paintshop's crucial role in autonomous mobility


    PPG’s William Brunat speaks to AMS about how new vision-system-friendly body coatings will provide vital solutions for electric and autonomous vehicle production …