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Impacts of global geopolitics on European production


From Brexit’s influence on battery production to global conflicts impacting shipping routes and semiconductor supply, these are geopoltical forces shaping manufacturing strategies.

MirafioriPlant (1)

The changing shape of Europe’s automotive production operations


European vehicle manufacturing is having to adapt to weakening EV demand and increasing competition. 

Manufacturing Engineering - The inside of an automotive manufacturing factory

Reshaping the future: Developments in automotive production engineering


A picture of the fast-paced world of automotive production engineering as it navigates the transition to electric vehicles and digitalisation

VW Zwickau

Europe: OEMs face multiple challenges ahead


Ian Henry shares his thoughts on the notable challenges facing the European vehicle manufacturing sector.


Vauxhall electrifies Luton with Vivaro Electric production set for 2025


Vauxhall gears up for a new era in Luton as Vivaro Electric enters limited production from 2025, driving Stellantis’ UK EV manufacturing

2024 Jeep Gladiator

2024 Jeep Gladiator rolls out Toledo Assembly Complex alongside Wrangler


With the Gladiator joining production of the Wrangler at the Toledo Assembly Complex in Ohio, the facility draws attention to the tooling and upgrading that was set in motion in preparaton for its launch

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ACC raises €4.4 billion for three gigafactories in Europe


Europe is becoming an increasingly popular region for battery manufacturing, with ACC, CATL, Northvolt and Farasis setting up production facilities across the continent. 


Is sodium-ion the future of battery tech? - Stellantis Ventures all-in on Tiamat


France’s Tiamat has taken the spotlight with its advanced sodium-ion battery cell chemistry, awarded by Stellantis for its potential to offer a lower cost per kWh and an eco-friendly alternative to lithium-ion. Stellantis Ventures, the corporate venture fund of automotive giant Stellantis N.V., has recently announced strategic investment in Tiamat, signaling a strong belief in the sodium-ion technology’s potential.


Is cost-cutting the newest trend among OEMs in Europe 2024? Watch this space…


As Renault and VW move towards major and comprehensive cost-cutting projects, with the squeeze of uncertainties and inefficiencies, is this liable to spread?

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AMS Winter 2023/24 – BMW’s battery boost


BMW is aiming to achieve ‘expertise in every cell’ of its generation six batteries

9-2021 - New Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric - Design

How battery and electric motors and EVs are reshaping the European automotive supply chain


How major automakers adapt to the EV surge, transforming manufacturing and supply chains. Delve into the strategic shifts at Ford, JLR, and Volkswagen, the rise of Chinese suppliers, and the regulatory forces reshaping the automotive landscape. Join us on a concise journey through Europe’s electrifying automotive future

VW Zwickau

How Europe’s Big 3 are evolving their manufacturing ecosystems


An in-depth look at the shifts in manufacturing dynamics and strategies as the industry adapts to the era of electric mobility


UAW workers ratify deals with GM, Ford and Stellantis


Members of the United Auto Workers union (UAW) have ratified the tentative deals with GM, Ford and Stellantis following weeks of strikes against the Detroit ‘Big Three’.

UAW big three strikes

Impact of UAW strikes could leave suppliers at financial risk


Despite tentative deals, the impact of the UAW strikes on Ford, GM and Stellantis could have already put suppliers at financial risk.

Stellantis’ FBD fosters OEM/supplier production collaboration

Stellantis’ FBD brainstorms to solve automotive production challenges


The eighth instalment of Factory Booster Day produced ninety-nine solutions demonstrated by sixty-four partners to tackle thirty-five Stellantis plant challenges setting an example to other OEMs

Chris Ludwig

Back in the USA


The AMS Automotive Evolution North America event delivered expert panels and a fully engaged audience. Here are some of the highlights from the sessions.

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AMS Autumn 2023 – Continental Shift


In this latest AMS digital edition we have a special focus on the North American automotive industry with big investments in electric vehicle and battery production

Stellantis and Samsung SDI's first Kokomo gigafactory marks construction milestone

Stellantis and Samsung SDI choose Indiana for second US Gigafactory


The new facility will be the JV’s second gigafactory based in Indiana.

Mirafiori-Battery-Technology-Center-03 (1) (1)

Stellantis unveils its first battery technology centre in Turin, expanding EV ambitions


In another significant stride towards its electrification strategy, Stellantis kicks off its €40m battery technology centre in Turin, accelerating innovative EV development.

UAW big three strikes

UAW strikes against Ford, GM and Stellantis: UAW strike costs GM $1.1 bn


The strikes are targeting one facility from each OEM to begin with, but the union said this could increase as time goes on. 

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