• Exclusive: BMW Group improves efficiency with additive manufacturing gripper

  • APK 2024 – Increasing circularity in automotive production

  • OEMS agree co-creative collaboration is key

  • How Mercedes-Benz and Seat are transforming their plants

  • Weak demand dims electric future


PPG to build new paint and coatings manufacturing facility in the US


PPG plans to build a new paint and coatings manufacturing facility in Tennessee as part of $300m investment in advanced manufacturing in North America.


Nissan to transition to low-CO2 emission aluminium by 2030


Through sourcing and using low CO2 emission aluminium, Nissan aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.


Exclusive: BMW Group improves efficiency with additive manufacturing gripper


AMS visited BMW Group’s Additive Manufacturing Campus and plant in Munich to see it 3D-printed bionic robot grippers, which are saving costs and emissions and improving efficiency across its plants.

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Q&A with Patrice Haettel: CEO of powertrain tech firm, HORSE


We interviewed powertrain producer HORSE’s CEO, Patrice Haettel, to talk battery tech, flexible production, sustainability, data, digitalisation, and more

Dr. Michael Riesener

APK 2024 – Increasing circularity in automotive production


Circular economy programmes are becoming a key part of automotive manufacturing sustainability strategies, but these should be more ambitious says Dr Michael Riesener, speaking at this year’s Automobil Produktion Kongress.

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