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Supplier financials a cause for concern

2019-08-16T15:41:00+01:00By Ian Henry

Recent quarterly results from some of the major tier ones make for grim reading, with company after company has reported declining profits  – common themes are being cited for these disappointing times


Special deliveries

2019-08-16T12:24:00+01:00By Mike Farish

The deployment of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in automotive manufacturing applications is now well-established. Mike Farish reports on some of the latest developments


Automation advances

2019-08-14T13:41:00+01:00By Mike Farish

AMS investigates how robotics can be adapted to a wider range of applications and the potential offered by 5G communications

Valmet battery test Germany

Valmet starts building battery test centre

2019-08-08T16:36:00+01:00By AMS

Germany - Valmet is upping its game in the battery field for electric vehicles


Flexible and mobile

2019-08-06T15:10:00+01:00By Stäubli, sponsor partner

When a Skoda supplier needed to find a more flexible automated aluminium machining process, it turned to Stäubli

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