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  • Robert Engelthorn replaces Knudt Flor as president of BMW Manufacturing in Spartanburg

  • Porsche production: moving faster around the bend

  • BMW expands plant in Mexico to build 2 Series Coupé

  • Breaking the Mould: Porsche expands production to Malaysia in shift away from European exclusivity

  • Volvo Trucks buys Chinese manufacturing site to expand heavy duty truck manufacturing

  • Renault to partner with Geely to manufacture hybrid vehicles in China and South Korea

  • Cost and opportunity: experts unveil the contradictions at the core of lightweighting EVs

  • British car manufacturing recovery hampered by ‘pingdemic’ and chip shortages

  • Driving home the reality of global market changes: Honda Swindon factory closes

  • A production transformation that will last 20 years at Volkswagen

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