Find out the latest vehicle manufacturing activities from OEMs

  • East Liberty Auto plant starts production of new Acura MDX

  • AI and automation in automotive production need people and quality data to succeed

  • AMS Winter 2020 – Supporting production through automation and AI

  • Watch: Supporting production through automation – from AI to cobots (EP.2)

  • Sustainability at the core of leadership at Scania and ArcelorMittal

  • Watch: Strategies for Greener Production (EP.1)

  • AMS Environment and Sustainability 2020 – Greener production, battery recycling, decarbonising materials and more

  • Audi introduces closed-loop systems for aluminium, wastewater and plastic

  • Scania to build battery plant and research centre in Sweden

  • Can UK manufacturing keep up with a 2030 ban on new ICE vehicle sales?

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