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Exclusive: BMW Group improves efficiency with additive manufacturing gripper


AMS visited BMW Group’s Additive Manufacturing Campus and plant in Munich to see it 3D-printed bionic robot grippers, which are saving costs and emissions and improving efficiency across its plants.


Weak demand dims electric future


Consumer resistance and trade disputes mean the future may not be so electric after all as vehicle makers express caution on zero emission vehicle targets.


BMW builds gigafactory for Neue Klasse in Mexico


BMW Group has started construction of a battery manufacturing facility next to its San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico to safeguard Neue Klass production in 2027 and cut transport emissions


UK auto production prospects improving


Economic headwinds, supply chain challenges and future trading uncertainty have put the UK’s automotive manufacturing sector under considerable pressure, but there are signs of a positive change ahead.

Automotive Manufacturing Solutions magazine Issue 1, 2024

Automotive Manufacturing Solutions Magazine – Issue 1, 2024


Issue 1, 2024 of Automotive Manufacturing Solutions is out now, with a focus on sustainability with insights from JLR and GKN Automotive, and supporting features on manufacturing engineering with BMW and Gestamp

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Impacts of global geopolitics on European production


From Brexit’s influence on battery production to global conflicts impacting shipping routes and semiconductor supply, these are geopoltical forces shaping manufacturing strategies.

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The changing shape of Europe’s automotive production operations


European vehicle manufacturing is having to adapt to weakening EV demand and increasing competition. 


How BMW is ramping up its circular production principles


BMW is moving towards sustainbable production and circularity at an increasing pace with projects like its iFactory, Car2Car and Catena-X supporting the shift. Head of Climate Strategy and Circular Economy, Dr. Irene Feige takes the sustainable hotseat. 

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Artificial intelligence – New developments in surface inspection


AI and automation are becoming key technologies for surface inspection in the paintshop.

Manufacturing Engineering - The inside of an automotive manufacturing factory

Reshaping the future: Developments in automotive production engineering


A picture of the fast-paced world of automotive production engineering as it navigates the transition to electric vehicles and digitalisation


“Our future viability is not a given”: BMW Leipzig’s plant manager Petra Peterhänsel

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BMW Leipzig has a unique approach to its production operations and we explore its approach as it prepares for ramp-up of the Countryman: Petra Peterhänsel offers valuable insight

Among other things, another shift is to be introduced in the autumn for the ramp-up of the Mini Countryman at the BMW plant in Leipzig. (Image- BMW)

BMW is preparing for a three-shift operation at its Leipzig plant for Mini Countryman


BMW Leipzig plant pauses car production to prepare for the fully electric Mini Countryman, signaling a major production expansion shift.

The rising role of renewable energy supply in automotive production

The rising role of renewable energy supply in automotive production


The automotive industry’s shift towards sustainability transcends mere vehicle innovation, with a large part of the global carbon equation relying on renewable energy architectures in manufacturing processes.

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SMMT: Production resilience and strategic progress for UK automotive industry


The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has revealed a marked trend of prodcution resilience in the UK, with the sector witnessing a substantial 16.8% rise in car production. This led to an output of 1.25 million vehicles; the industry’s strongest performance since 2019. With markets shifting and competition growing overseas, UK productions and exports are witnessing sings of confidence and resilience.


Is sodium-ion the future of battery tech? - Stellantis Ventures all-in on Tiamat


France’s Tiamat has taken the spotlight with its advanced sodium-ion battery cell chemistry, awarded by Stellantis for its potential to offer a lower cost per kWh and an eco-friendly alternative to lithium-ion. Stellantis Ventures, the corporate venture fund of automotive giant Stellantis N.V., has recently announced strategic investment in Tiamat, signaling a strong belief in the sodium-ion technology’s potential.

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Design and manufacturing integration, digitalisation key to cost and sustainability gains for BMW’s Neue Klasse


To realise large cost and emission savings on its EV architecture, BMW is redesigning vehicles and manufacturing in parallel, and rolling out rapid digital solutions.


A class of its own: transforming BMW production for next-gen EVs


BMW’s home plant will produce only EVs by 2027, with much of the century-old factory rebuilt to meet new levels of efficiency and digitalisation, without missing a beat of ongoing production.


The state and stipulation of automotive production: Retrospect 2023 to prospect 2024


In 2023, the automotive industry underwent a transformative journey, adapting to trends such as sustainable materials, electric vehicle dominance and digitalisation. But what clues does 2023 provide about the vehicle manufacturing landscape in 2024?


BYD to establish passenger car production in Europe


BYD has chosen Szeged, Hungary as the location for its first passenger car production facility in Europe

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AMS Winter 2023/24 – BMW’s battery boost


BMW is aiming to achieve ‘expertise in every cell’ of its generation six batteries

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