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Antolin expands its production footprint in Asia with a new plant in India

2024-01-29T17:44:00+00:00By Nick Holt

The new plant will produce lighting, HMI systems and electronics for leading automotive manufacturers in the Indian market.


Is cost-cutting the newest trend among OEMs in Europe 2024? Watch this space…

2024-01-04T17:46:00+00:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

As Renault and VW move towards major and comprehensive cost-cutting projects, with the squeeze of uncertainties and inefficiencies, is this liable to spread?


The state and stipulation of automotive production: Retrospect 2023 to prospect 2024

2024-01-03T16:59:00+00:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

In 2023, the automotive industry underwent a transformative journey, adapting to trends such as sustainable materials, electric vehicle dominance and digitalisation. But what clues does 2023 provide about the vehicle manufacturing landscape in 2024?

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AMS Winter 2023/24 – BMW’s battery boost

2023-12-20T10:10:00+00:00By AMS

BMW is aiming to achieve ‘expertise in every cell’ of its generation six batteries

9-2021 - New Renault Mégane E-TECH Electric - Design

How battery and electric motors and EVs are reshaping the European automotive supply chain

2023-12-12T15:37:00+00:00By Ian Henry

How major automakers adapt to the EV surge, transforming manufacturing and supply chains. Delve into the strategic shifts at Ford, JLR, and Volkswagen, the rise of Chinese suppliers, and the regulatory forces reshaping the automotive landscape. Join us on a concise journey through Europe’s electrifying automotive future

VW Zwickau

How Europe’s Big 3 are evolving their manufacturing ecosystems

2023-12-09T10:11:00+00:00By Ian Henry

An in-depth look at the shifts in manufacturing dynamics and strategies as the industry adapts to the era of electric mobility

The introduction of the fourth-generation Škoda Superb involves a production shift from Kvasiny to the Volkswagen brand's facility in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Skoda Superb’s fourth generation hits production milestone at Volkswagen’s Bratislava plant

2023-12-05T11:12:00+00:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Skoda’s fourth-gen Superb production is in full swing at the revamped Bratislava plant, a key move in the Beta+ project with Volkswagen Passat. This strategic shift optimizes production capacities, making room for more Octavia units. The upgraded plant now boasts hybrid lines, EV battery facilities, and an eco-friendly paintshop. The diverse powertrains of the Superb, a symbol of Skoda’s legacy since 1934, underscore its commitment to efficiency and synergies within the Volkswagen Group

e-motor expl view

New materials drive electric motor development

2023-12-04T19:20:00+00:00By James Bakewell

Original equipment manufacturers need electric motors that are more energy-efficient and power-dense than those currently available

BMW M Motorsport M4 GT4 customer racing with Bcomp's technologies1

A natural fit: why the auto industry is turning to bio-materials

2023-12-01T16:11:00+00:00By Martin Kahl

In the race towards sustainability in automotive production, bio-based materials are transforming the industry. Natural fibres like flax, hemp, kenaf and jute are gaining prominence, providing durable and lightweight alternatives for components, from dashboards to electric vehicle batteries. The journey towards eco-friendly solutions, is marked by the need for lower environmental footprints and manufacturing costs, and industry pioneers envision a future where bio-based materials play a central role in a more sustainable automotive world.


New world order: How the US is boosting EV production with new technologies and investment

2023-11-07T12:58:00+00:00By Ian Henry

The US is leading the way in the transition to EVs, with significant government support to increase domestic battery production and new technologies.

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AMS Autumn 2023 – Continental Shift

2023-10-15T21:52:00+01:00By AMS

In this latest AMS digital edition we have a special focus on the North American automotive industry with big investments in electric vehicle and battery production

Volkswagen ID.3 production Zwickhau

Floods affect manufacturing facilities in Slovenia

2023-09-11T15:23:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

The effects of the worst natural disaster ever to hit the country are spreading across the continent.

Volkswagen makes its way deeper into the China EV market

VW and Audi strengthen partnership with SAIC and Xpeng to expand EV production and development in China for China strategy

2023-08-04T12:06:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Volkswagen invests $700m in Xpeng and will partner on tech and platform, while Audi expands partnership with SAIC and will produce vehicles on one of its platforms.


VW to make Spain an electric vehicle hub

2023-07-25T15:24:00+01:00By Werner Beutnagel, Nick Holt

The VW Group is building new battery production capacities in Valencia and at the Seat headquarters in Martorell to support further electric vehicle production in the region


India’s light vehicle demand is rising again, and so is manufacturing investment

2023-07-20T16:14:00+01:00By Ian Henry

India has long been seen as the next big thing in automotive manufacturing. Will new investment help it realise its potential?

Dry coating development at PowerCo laboratories

VW subsidiary PowerCo develops “gamechanger” in battery cell production: Dry Coating

2023-07-20T08:02:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

PowerCo’s breakthrough ‘dry coating’ battery cell production technology paves the way for sustainable and cost-efficient manufacturing.

Front Cover Summer 2023-LR

AMS Summer 2023 – JLR goes electric

2023-06-23T16:33:00+01:00By AMS

In our AMS Summer digital edition, we have features on JLR’s plans to transform its end-to-end industrial system, ready for new electric models, Seat’s technical upgrades to production operations and upskilling the workforce, and insights into developments at Audi’s Neckarsulm plant, and more.

Jason at his best CROP2

Heat-treatment – AMS Expert Interview with Nitrex

2023-06-01T16:00:00+01:00By Nick Holt

Jason Orosz, president of Global Heat-Treating Services at NITREX, speaks with AMS about the applications for specialist surface treatments in the latest vehicle components


Shaping the future – Developing electric vehicle architectures

2023-05-02T17:36:00+01:00By Michael Nash

In our AMS Evolution Livestream experts from ArcelorMittal and Gestamp tackle EV production challenges and explain how digital tools, new technologies, processes and materials innovations could help solve some key issues

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