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VW focuses on Chinese market boosting cost competitiveness and local partnerships


VW seeks to strengthen its position in the Chinese automotive market through achieving cost reductions in production and boosting local partnerships

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Simultaneous engineering – accelerating production line design, development and commissioning


The transition to electric vehicles has increased pressure on speeding product development and starting production operations

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Watch: The advance of automation: what next-gen vehicles and batteries mean for robotics


OEMs are transforming, transitioning to electric and connected models, but also the manufacturing operations to build these new vehicles. This creates challenges in integrating new vehicle architectures and boosts demand for more advanced automation.

Volta-ZF CEV

Volta Trucks partners with ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions for core systems for its all-electric urban delivery truck


Scandinavian electric vehicle OEM, Volta Trucks, partners with ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) to leverage their expertise and technologies

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Heat-treatment – AMS Expert Interview with Nitrex


Jason Orosz, president of Global Heat-Treating Services at NITREX, speaks with AMS about the applications for specialist surface treatments in the latest vehicle components

Barbara Bergmeier with Christopher Ludwig at Gaydon

A friend of flexible lines – upgrading JLR production for EVs and more

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Barbara Bergmeier is driving digitalisation, sustainability and resilience across operations, and wants to ramp up EV manufacturing whilst staying flexible

Battery Circulor Economy

Adopting a data-driven sustainability and the software-first approach


Alexander Lenk at Amazon Web Services discusses leveraging data across all areas of the automotive industry to support sustainability and the possibility of revolutionising production


AMS Automotive Evolution Europe – a review from Munich 2022


The first AMS Evolution Europe Summit saw experts from BMW, Audi, ZF CATL and more discussing speeding time to market, greater agility in production, factory conversion and boosting battery cell manufacturing in the region.

AMS Evo Munich 22

AMS Evolution Munich – Building Europe’s EV production network


Building battery gigafactories and updating existing plants are key in ensuring Europe will become an EV production powerhouse

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Industrial Cloud – AMS Expert Interview with Amazon Web Services

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AMS speaks with Karthik Krishnamurthy, global strategy and business development leader, Automotive, AWS, about the development and application of cloud-based services and solutions for the automotive industry, and how these can support managing data, avoiding silos and networking production.


Building an electric vehicle architecture


AMS spoke with REE Automotive for some insights into the production and application of its corner technology


Adjusting to a new climate: Alternative powertrain testing


AMS visited a newly upgraded test facility to get an insight into the equipment and process requirements for electric and fuel cell powertrains

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The future of quality management in the automotive industry


Siemens discusses how the automotive industry must adapt its approach to quality management to meet new market challenges

Next-generation Ford Ranger

Ford’s e-coating edge for the new Ranger’s chassis frames


Ford uses the latest e-coatings to ensure optimum  coverage on the chassis frames for the new Ranger pick-up


Skoda relocates cable harness production to Mladá Boleslav


The Czech car maker says the cable harness production has been launched in close collaboration with suppliers to counter further supply issues

Future of production, AMS Evolution summit

Watch: The future of production planning


Britishvolt, Jay Global Techno Alliance, HiveMQ and ABB experts agree there are opportunities for manufacturers and consumers in a globally connected manufacturing ecosystem.

Tim McGrath, BMW Mini

Watch: The AI/data loop leading the digital revolution


Tomorrow’s digital smart factories will be more efficent, improve quality, cut costs and unlock insights into deeper automotive manufacturing say this panel of experts from BMW, Secondmind, ATS Global and Lancaster University.

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Watch: Transforming Factories from ICE to EV


Car factories need to transition in the next few years - our panellists agree there will be challanges and opportunities in the new era of automotive production.


Inside AMTE’s new partnership with Sprint Power and Eltrium to expand next-generation battery development

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AMTE Power has partnered with Sprint Power and Eltrium to advance the development of next-generation battery technologies with integrated battery pack and module strategies to meet rising demand for electric vehicle production.

Volvo battery pack

AMS exclusive: Industry insiders discuss moving from ‘business as usual’ and establishing robust ecosystems in EV battery production


Increasing lithium-ion battery cell and pack production has become a priority for automotive manufacturers as the need for further electric vehicle output increases.