Many of the car factories in the world will need to transition in the next 5-10 years to the pure production of EVs say this panel of experts from Eckhart, Center for Automotive Research and Infor. They discuss the challenges which are evident and monumental tasks but go on to explain how OEMs can harness the opportunities by re-thinking production for a new era of auto manufacturing.

  • How does converting an existing plant compare to a new-build factory?
  • What can OEMs learn from the experience of early movers like VW?
  • How can carmakers address wider sustainability challenges and social issues when re-fitting plants?

Dan Burseth,  Vice President, Business Development, Eckhart
Edgar Faler,  Senior Industry Analyst, Center for Automotive Research
Ken Royce,  Automotive Electrification Transformation Strategy & Solutions Architect, Infor
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Hosted by Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, AMS and Ultima Media 

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