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Ampere - Battery strategy

Ampere supports Renault Group with LFP technology and cell-to-pack solutions


Ampere will integrate LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology to complement NCM batteries (Nickel Cobalt Manganese) and create a European value chain.

Traton Trucks (VW)

VW’s Traton eyes third EU battery plant to meet EV demand


Traton Group may build a third battery plant in Europe, boosting its electric truck production to meet rising demand and EU carbon reduction goals.

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Audi may close Brussels plant as Q8 e-tron demand falls


Audi considers closing its Brussels plant due to a sharp decline in Q8 e-tron sales, potentially affecting 3,000 workers.

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Mahindra to pioneer ABB’s Inkjet paint tech in Indian EVs


Mahindra & Mahindra will use ABB Robotics’ PixelPaint for customised EV finishes, enhancing quality and efficiency while reducing waste.


Stellantis and CEA collab on next-gen battery cell tech


Stellantis and CEA join forces to focus on EV battery technology, aiming for higher performance, longer lifespan and lower costs.

Arno Güllering

Arno Güllering becomes Chief Operating Officer of Dräxlmaier


Arno Güllering has taken on the Chief Operating Officer role at Dräxlmaier where he will oversee the production and logistics functions of the Dräxlmaier Group.

Aramco to acquire equity in HORSE Powertrain

HORSE Powertrain welcomes Aramco as strategic investor


HORSE Powertrain Limited secures Aramco’s 10% equity investment to advance low-emission technologies.

VW Rivian JV

Volkswagen invests $5B in Rivian to forge EV-software Joint Venture


Volkswagen’s $5B investment in Rivian aims to enhance EV technology and software, boosting market confidence and industry innovation.

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Stellantis could export UK production over strict EV regulations


Stellantis warns UK production may halt unless the government boosts EV demand, citing stringent regulations and market challenges.

13 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Powertrain

The future may be all electric, but not just yet


With demand for battery electric vehicles lower than expected, OEMs are boosting hybrid output and extending ICE production.

Press Event - ORBR - A650

Quality data drives F1 peak performance


High quality components and manufacturing data are key to on-track success. Oracle Red Bull Racing offered AMS a glimpse of its engineering operations.

Chery Jaguar Land Rover

JLR and Chery announce strategic Freelander EV collaboration for China


JLR and Chery sign a “transformative” agreement to revive the Freelander brand for EVs in China, signalling a new chapter in innovation and cooperation

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Europe’s tariffs on Chinese EV imports stresses importance of local production


The additional tariffs follow fears that Chinese manufacturers are “dumping” cheap EVs on already struggling markets.

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Is ABB Robotics’ new inkjet paint tech the future of automotive paintshop?


ABB Robotics’ new automotive paint tech could reshape automotive paintshops, cutting energy costs & waste for increased efficiency and sustainability.

Horse Extenders copy copy

HORSE announces next-generation Range Extender powertrains


HORSE is ramping up its powertrain production effciencies with range extenders delivering a 200km pure-electric range, and more…


Sames solves for BMW & Mercedes: Adhesive tech in bodyshop & glazing


Sames innovates with custom adhesive solutions for BMW & Mercedes, enhancing carbon fiber body assembly and glazing applications with tailored systems and rigorous testing.


Stellantis marks 60 years of vehicle production at Ellesmere Port


Stellantis’ Ellesmere Port plant is celebrating 60 years since starting production operations, beginning with the Vauxhall Viva

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A question of sustainable steel: issues of definition, recycling & cost


The 2024 Sustainable Steel Automotive Webinar explores challenges steel adoption, focusing on the importance of terminology, recycling and cost barriers.

Geoffrey Bouquot Audi

Geoffrey Bouquot is Audi’s new board member for Innovation and SDV


Audi creates new position as it focuses on increased digitisation amd software

ACC Gigafactory BBD 5

ACC halts construction of two European gigafactories


ACC opened the first of the three planned European gigafactories in June last year.