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(L-R) Fabio Baldrighi (Acciaieria Arvedi) - Javier Imaz (Gestamp)

Gestamp signs agreement with Acciaieria Arvedi for the supply of low-emissions steel


Gestamp will return high-quality steel scrap from stamping parts production to Acciaieria Arvedi, who will reprocess and reintroduce it into the production cycle.

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A question of sustainable steel: issues of definition, recycling & cost


The 2024 Sustainable Steel Automotive Webinar explores challenges steel adoption, focusing on the importance of terminology, recycling and cost barriers.

%22For many, and especially for us, the big opportunity lies in offering cutting-edge, sophisticated and cost-effective key solutions,%22 says Ignacio Martin of Gestamp. (Image- Gestamp)

“Steel is still a high-performance product”


Take a look at the factors driving Gestamp’s remarkable performance with a focus on industry insights and strategic vision. From the transition to hybrid materials to the emphasis on manufacturing excellence, gain a professional perspective on the key elements shaping Gestamp’s position as a leader in automotive manufacturing.


Cost effectiveness key barrier to sustainable steel adoption


AMS & SSAB survey: Auto industry prioritises sustainability for cost & awareness gap challenges in adopting sustainable steel. Innovation & collaboration key.


How BMW is ramping up its circular production principles


BMW is moving towards sustainbable production and circularity at an increasing pace with projects like its iFactory, Car2Car and Catena-X supporting the shift. Head of Climate Strategy and Circular Economy, Dr. Irene Feige takes the sustainable hotseat. 

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Henkel Whitepaper: Sustainable Processing Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing


Learn how Henkel’s processing solutions enable sustainable, next-generation vehicle manufacturing across the value chain, from molten metal to final component

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Changing dynamics– developing the next generation of vehicle architectures


Building electric vehicles has demanded big changes in OEM production operations and increased support from tier suppliers

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EU’s CEPS seeks to stimulate consumer demand for green steel shift


CEPS recommends a policy framework to boost green steel consumer demand in the automotive sector, highlighting the industry’s ability to drive the shift independently - and pass on the green premium to end-consumers

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Take part in the AMS / SSAB Sustainable Steel Automotive Manufacturing Survey 2024


Automotive manufacturing is on a long journey to sustainability. One of the major challenges in that endeavour is to decarbonise the steel production process. We want you to contribute your automotive manufacturing expertise and offer your industry insight.

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Join DESIGN4PRODUCTION: innovating across car design and manufacturing engineering


Automotive design and manufacturing experts will share insights at Design4Production in Munich on 15 May on how to accelerate innovation, efficiency and sustainability.


The co-evolution of EVs, architectures and production processes


Electric vehicles are reshaping manufacturing norms, from platform flexibility to crash protection systems, challenging traditional designs and material choices amidst evolving battery technologies. ArcelorMittal and Gestamp dive into challenges and solutions.

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Watch Now: Shaping the future: How electric vehicles are driving manufacturing decisions


Explore electric vehicle (EV) architecture design and manufacturing complexities, from flexible platforms to battery integration challenges.


Tata Steel to close two blast furnaces in Port Talbot causing major setback to regional automotive production


The closures are to have a significant impact on the automotive production environment and supply chains across the region. Is the transition to green steel upsetting traditional ecosystems?


Steel resolve: why ArcelorMittal’s Multi Part Integration is leading the charge in sustainability and efficiency


ArcelorMittal’s innovative MPI approach emerges as a key player in the race towards sustainable automotive manufacturing.

Peter Weber, Mike Mike Reichelt, Milan Neldeljkovic

Design and manufacturing integration, digitalisation key to cost and sustainability gains for BMW’s Neue Klasse


To realise large cost and emission savings on its EV architecture, BMW is redesigning vehicles and manufacturing in parallel, and rolling out rapid digital solutions.

First delivery of fossil free steel RESIZE

Managing materials choices – Fossil-free steel – AMS Expert Interview with SSAB


SSAB has produced and sold its Fossil-free steel, which is now being used in limited series production by Volvo

Porsche partners with H2GS for green steel in sustainable production ramp 2026

Porsche partners with H2GS for green steel in sustainable production ramp 2026


Porsche adopts CO2-reduced steel from 2026 via deal with H2 Green Steel, ensuring low-emission supply just a year after H2GS kicks off in Boden, Sweden.

The two companies have already begun making strides towards sustainability in the industry

SSAB and Gestamp forge automotive sustainability partnership for fossil-free steel


Leading Swedish steel producer, SSAB, and Spanish metal component supplier, Gestamp, partner to transform automotive steel with sustainability and performance at its core.

Fossil-free steel barRESIZE

Managing materials choices – Fossil-free steel


SSAB has produced and sold its Fossil-free steel, which is now being used in limited series production by Volvo. Experts from SSAB and Volvo Group share some insights into the wider acceptance of these materials and how they are managing this with greater transparency.

To overcome challenges, automakers are turning to advanced automation and robotics, which play a central role in streamlining these evolving production processes to ensure an efficient and sustainable future

Battery production and design need to be optimised together, says Volvo Trucks and ABB


Experts from the truckmaker and automation specialist pointed to the benefits of aligning battery engineering and production processes in an AMS livestream.