Gestamp will return high-quality steel scrap from stamping parts production to Acciaieria Arvedi, who will reprocess and reintroduce it into the production cycle.

(L-R) Fabio Baldrighi (Acciaieria Arvedi) - Javier Imaz (Gestamp)

(L-R) Fabio Baldrighi (Acciaieria Arvedi) - Javier Imaz (Gestamp)

To create a more sustainable supply chain as part of its ESG strategy, Gestamp will partner with Italian steel company, Acciaieria Arvedi. This will see the Spanish automotive component producer adopting a circular economy approach to materials sourcing by returning high quality scrap steel for reprocessing and return for production to Acciaieria Arvedi.

The Italian steel maker has developed its Arvedi-ESP technology that it says allows it to produce steel from selected recycled scrap, with the ARVZEROTM steel being produced via electric arc furnace, which uses certified renewable energies. This will see the use of low-emissions steel in Gestamp sites for flat product processing.

Gestamp says this partnership marks a step towards circularity, which is a key pillar for the decarbonization of the industry across the entire supply chain towards the goal of contributing, in the long term, to the Net Zero Car.

The company notes that the integration of scrap management into its business strategy allows for complete life-cycle traceability by integrating the collection, sorting, and reuse of quality steel scrap into its production chain.

“With this agreement, we continue our circular economy roadmap in line with Gestamp ́s ESG strategy, especially in terms of decarbonization in the production of automotive components through the usage of low-emissions ARVZEROTM steel coming from high-quality scrap”, says Javier Imaz, Chief Purchasing Officer at Gestamp.

The importance of sustainability is also evident in the design and development of vehicle architectures and it’s a major consideration for the development teams to build into their work while also ensuring key performance targets are met. Speaking with AMS earlier this year Gestamp’s director of R&D North America, Paul Belanger, commented:

“This topic, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is important to Gestamp. From a technology, R&D standpoint we have been focused on safety and lightweighting for years, and there’s a direct correlation between lightweighting and CO2 reduction. So, it’s been in our ‘DNA’ for a long time, and now lines up really well with the ESG goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So, we continue to work on trying to find the best lightweight designs because that’s one definite way of reducing CO2.”

And on materials choices he noted: “We also look at the raw materials. With these ‘low emission’ steels we need to understand how they work, how they perform, especially with hot stamping.