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OEMS agree co-creative collaboration is key


We need to work together. That much is clear. The need for closer collboration and co-creation through this closer working is key to automotive. Across manufacturing, design and engineering; a wider view is necessary for the progress of the whole. This is a theme that keeps croppping up and Design4Production reemphasised this need once again…


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Volvo Cars realigns manufacturing, procurement and supply chain management


Volvo Cars recently revamped its executive team, focusing on manufacturing, procurement, and supply chain management. Do these changes reflect a broader industry trend towards integrated departmental realignment in the automotive sector?


Volvo’s Taizhou plant achieves climate neutrality with biogas shift

2024-04-18T14:00:00+01:00By and Anushka Dixit

Volvo Cars is making significant strides towards environmental sustainability. Their Taizhou manufacturing plant in China has become the company’s first climate-neutral plant in China after switching to biogas. This transition is expected to result in a reduction of more than 7,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

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Impacts of global geopolitics on European production


From Brexit’s influence on battery production to global conflicts impacting shipping routes and semiconductor supply, these are geopoltical forces shaping manufacturing strategies.

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The changing shape of Europe’s automotive production operations


European vehicle manufacturing is having to adapt to weakening EV demand and increasing competition. 

Manufacturing Engineering - The inside of an automotive manufacturing factory

Reshaping the future: Developments in automotive production engineering


A picture of the fast-paced world of automotive production engineering as it navigates the transition to electric vehicles and digitalisation

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A natural fit: why the auto industry is turning to bio-materials


In the race towards sustainability in automotive production, bio-based materials are transforming the industry. Natural fibres like flax, hemp, kenaf and jute are gaining prominence, providing durable and lightweight alternatives for components, from dashboards to electric vehicle batteries. The journey towards eco-friendly solutions, is marked by the need for lower environmental footprints and manufacturing costs, and industry pioneers envision a future where bio-based materials play a central role in a more sustainable automotive world.

Volvo Cars has announced it will begin production of the new EX30 model at its Ghent facility in Belgium beginning 2025, in response to robust demand.

Volvo Cars taps Ghent for EX30 production, supplementing China


Volvo Cars has announced it will begin production of the new EX30 model at its Ghent facility in Belgium beginning 2025, in response to robust demand. This expansion of manufacturing capabilities will cater to the growing interest in the compact SUV.

“Volvo Cars was looking for a long-term partner in factory automation, and we are proud that we will now shape the future of the automotive industry together”

Fanuc and Volvo Cars sign deal to transform automotive manufacturing with sustainable robotics


In a landmark collaboration, Fanuc, the global leader in industrial robotics, and Volvo Cars are to reshape auto manufacturing with sustainability at the forefront

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Floods affect manufacturing facilities in Slovenia


The effects of the worst natural disaster ever to hit the country are spreading across the continent.


Renault and Geely sign joint venture agreement to launch powertrain technology company


Renault and Geely have signed a 50-50% joint venture agreement to form a new company, to develop and produce next-generation hybrid and highly efficient ICE powertrain solutions


Developing EV architectures optimised for manufacturing


There’s more to electrification than batteries. We look at some of the developments and trends in designing and manufacturing electric vehicle platforms ahead our exclusive livestream featuring Gestamp and ArcelorMittal


Re-evaluating recycled materials


Carmakers are increasingly looking into ways of reducing the environmental impact of their vehicle manufacture – and one way to do this is by using more recycled materials in their cars. But how can they go about this?

AMS Spring 23 FC

AMS Spring 2023 – Next level digital production engineering


In this latest AMS digital edition we have features on Audi’s digital production engineering strategy, Dacia’s vehicle plant Mioveni, production cloud systems, toolmaking, China, sustainability and more.

BMW Brilliance Automotive plant Lydia, China

China: European, US and Japanese Vehicle Manufacturers rebalance production and supply chains


AMS looks at the changing role of the Chinese operations of European and other long established brands’ operations in China and their changing roles in the global auto sector


Volvo to build new EX90 electric SUV in USA from 2023, Chinese production to follow


The Swedish car brand says the new electric SUV is a milestone in its journey to producing only electric cars by 2030.

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Volvo to open climate-neutral EV-only car factory in Slovakia in 2026


Slovakia’s prime minister said the investment marked the start of a second Slovakian auto-making hub which it has been preparing for, this time in its eastern region.

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After tailpipes, auto industry ponders CO2 purge from its materials


Volvo, Polestar and SSAB ponder how to wring out CO2 from materials now that the internal combustion engine’s fate is virtually sealed.


Polestar invests in StoreDot’s fast charging battery technology


This will be Polestar’s first financial investment in another company, and it will become a shareholder in Israel-based StoreDot

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