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New engine production line boosts Toyota’s hybrid vehicle manufacturing

2023-05-19T16:02:00+01:00By Nick Holt

The new flexible engine line at Toyota Kentucky can produce three different engine types simultaneously on one line and is part of a $145m investment

Planned solar park at Toyota's North Alabama engine plant

Solar power for Toyota’s North Alabama engine plant

2023-04-11T15:11:00+01:00By Nick Holt

A new solar project aims to generate 70% of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama’s power requirements

AMS Spring 23 FC

AMS Spring 2023 – Next level digital production engineering

2023-04-02T18:25:00+01:00By AMS

In this latest AMS digital edition we have features on Audi’s digital production engineering strategy, Dacia’s vehicle plant Mioveni, production cloud systems, toolmaking, China, sustainability and more.

BMW Brilliance Automotive plant Lydia, China

China: European, US and Japanese Vehicle Manufacturers rebalance production and supply chains

2023-03-28T10:00:00+01:00By Ian Henry

AMS looks at the changing role of the Chinese operations of European and other long established brands’ operations in China and their changing roles in the global auto sector

Camry, TMMK

Toyota to close sole manufacturing plant in Russia, expects more semiconductor disruption globally

2022-09-23T14:37:00+01:00By Peter Murphy

The Japanese automaker said that after a shut-down of more than six months, there was no sign it would be able to re-open.

Toyota Crossover EV

Toyota to invest $5.2bn to expand EV battery manufacture in Japan, US

2022-09-05T13:53:00+01:00By Peter Murphy

The investment in battery production is a significant step forward for the global automaker whose emissions-cutting efforts have focused on hybridisation over EVs.


Factories in China’s Sichuan province forced to close for six days amid power shortage

2022-08-18T10:06:00+01:00By Hazel Southwell

Plants in China’s Sichuan province, including those run by Toyota and Foxconn, have been told to suspend operations amid electricity shortages


Renault halts industrial activities in Russia as OEMs partially resume operations despite ongoing conflict

2022-03-25T10:16:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

Renault Group halted activities in its manufacturing plant in Moscow, the company announced this week


Toyota to expand US manufacturing capacity with $90m investment in North American plants

2022-02-15T10:40:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

Toyota has announced an additional $90m investment in two US manufacturing facilities to expand hybrid transaxle and engine capacity for electric vehicles.

Toyota Mazda Alabama aerial

Mazda resumes US production with new all-electric CX-50 SUV rollout at Alabama factory

2022-02-01T10:48:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

The first 2023 CX-50 SUV has rolled off Mazda’s new Huntsville assembly line, marking the Japanese carmaker’s return to US-based manufacturing following a 10-year hiatus.


GM announces $6.6 billion investment in Michigan EV and battery production

2022-01-26T13:12:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

General Motors has announced $6.6 billion worth of investment across Michigan to construct a new manufacturing plant and develop EV pickup production.

VW Tianjin plant

VW and Toyota suspend Tianjin plants as local Covid lockdown measures hit production outlook

2022-01-17T16:59:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

Volkswagen Group in China has announced that it will be closing a plant in the city of Tianjin, as well as a component factory, following resurgent Covid-19 cases in the coastal city.

Kentucky Truck Plant

Toyota to produce hydrogen fuel cell modules for trucks in Kentucky from 2023

2021-08-27T11:54:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, Kentucky will become a production centre for the company’s dual fuel cell development, serving commercial vehicles.

Electric Vehicle image 2 hi res shutterstock

Electrifying Europe: new EU ‘Fit for 55’ legislation effectively bans petrol and diesel engines by 2035

2021-08-16T17:47:00+01:00By Daniel Harrison

The EU’s latest salvo against the automotive industry to mitigate against climate change will eliminate ICEs and transform automotive manufacturing

EV and hybrid EV assembly plant database

Electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle plant database

2021-06-03T18:10:00+01:00By Automotive from Ultima Media

Track factory locations for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles by manufacturer, model and location.

OEM battery cell supplier database

OEM and lithium-ion battery cell supplier database

2021-06-03T18:09:00+01:00By Automotive from Ultima Media

Keep up with changing supplier relationships between electric vehicle manufacturers and battery cell suppliers in this database.

Battery supply chain report 2021

Electric vehicle battery supply chain analysis 2021: How lithium-ion battery demand and production are reshaping the automotive industry

2021-06-03T18:08:00+01:00By Daniel Harrison, Christopher Ludwig

Download this report for forecasts of lithium-ion battery demand, analysis of battery cell factories and insight on EV battery manufacturing and sourcing. 

Toyota rescue

How the European automotive industry aims to build back semiconductor and chip supply

2021-05-04T10:25:00+01:00By Namrita Chow

OEMs, suppliers and EU officials are considering how best to develop Europe’s semiconductor manufacturing to mitigate current and future shortages, but the broad gaps at many levels – including for older, larger chips – mean there will be no magic bullet

Tesla Gigafactory Texas snow

Texas winter storm blackouts hit automotive sector

2021-02-22T15:14:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

Severe weather conditions in the US state of Texas over the last ten days have closed down manufacturing locations, including vehicle and parts supplier plants, as well as disrupting delivery routes.

LocusBots in Warehouse2

The time is now to start integrating robotics into plant and warehouse logistics

2021-02-16T11:28:00+00:00By Illya Verpraet

Robotics have enabled major productivity gains in manufacturing, but as the technology becomes more affordable and labour gets harder to find and more expensive, it could start to play a bigger role in the plant logistics and warehousing, too, helping workers do their jobs more safely and quickly.