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Toyota Motor Europe shuffles manufacturing leadership


The OEM has announced manufacturing leadership changes across its UK, Poland, Czech Republic and European divisions.


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Toyota Motor North America’s production leadership changes


Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) reveals major leadership shake-up across its manufacturing hubs in California, Missouri, and Tennessee


UK auto production prospects improving


Economic headwinds, supply chain challenges and future trading uncertainty have put the UK’s automotive manufacturing sector under considerable pressure, but there are signs of a positive change ahead.


Toyota invests $1.4B in US manufacturing for new BEV SUV


Toyota ramps up its commitment to US manufacturing with a $1.4 billion investment, bringing an all-new battery electric SUV to Indiana

Manufacturing Engineering - The inside of an automotive manufacturing factory

Reshaping the future: Developments in automotive production engineering


A picture of the fast-paced world of automotive production engineering as it navigates the transition to electric vehicles and digitalisation


Toyota Alabama Launches i-FORCE line enhancing Tacoma’s performance


The launch of the i-FORCE 2.4L turbo engine line for enhanced Tacoma at Toyota Alabama affirms the OEMs commitment to diversified powertrains and job security


Toyota adds battery electric vehicle production to Kentucky


The $1.3billion investment at the Kentucky will support assembly of an all-new, three row battery electric SUV for the US market


The state and stipulation of automotive production: Retrospect 2023 to prospect 2024


In 2023, the automotive industry underwent a transformative journey, adapting to trends such as sustainable materials, electric vehicle dominance and digitalisation. But what clues does 2023 provide about the vehicle manufacturing landscape in 2024?

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A natural fit: why the auto industry is turning to bio-materials


In the race towards sustainability in automotive production, bio-based materials are transforming the industry. Natural fibres like flax, hemp, kenaf and jute are gaining prominence, providing durable and lightweight alternatives for components, from dashboards to electric vehicle batteries. The journey towards eco-friendly solutions, is marked by the need for lower environmental footprints and manufacturing costs, and industry pioneers envision a future where bio-based materials play a central role in a more sustainable automotive world.

The TBMNC will also continue to operate four Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) dedicated battery lines, alongside these changes

Toyota’s $8 Billion investment powers North Carolina battery plant


Toyota’s $8 billion investment in North Carolina powers regional electrification efforts with plans to roll out ten EV/PHEV battery production lines

Toyota, renowned for its lean and efficient production methods, is currently unable to determine when production will resume

Toyota Japan's production halt expands across ten assembly lines following supplier explosion


From explosions to system failures, Toyota Japan’s production standstills highlight the need for diverse supplier networks, robust safety measures and resilience

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AMS Autumn 2023 – Continental Shift


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The Toyota Mississippi facility,  Blue Springs

Toyota promotes Erik Skaggs to president of motor manufacturing at Mississippi, Blue Springs (TMMMS)


Erik Skaggs becomes President of Toyota Mississippi, steering the company towards a promising future in automotive manufacturing.

The new battery technology will feature in the automaker’s upcoming models.

Toyota’s advanced battery technology roadmap could be a game-changer for automotive manufacturing


The carmaker’s advanced battery technology roadmap may be set to transform EVs for automotive manufacturing; enhancing power, range and efficiency.


Toyota addresses production system malfunction that put the breaks on Japanese production


The OEM finally releases statement regarding the nationwide disruption; identifying “insufficient disk space.”

Since the region-wide shutdown, it has been revealed that the production shutdown came about due to a software update of the automaker’s parts ordering system

Toyota’s huge production shutdown was due to a simple parts-ordering “system update”


Just a few short days ago, AMS reported on Toyota’s Japanese production coming to a standstill due to what was at the time, nebulously being referred to as a ‘systems’ failure. Since then it has been revealed that…

Toyota's Motomachi plant in Japan is 1 among 14 suffering a standstill due to the systems failure

Toyota’s production grinds to a halt in Japan amid system failure


The malfunction, which is currently under investigation, has left Toyota unable to order critical components necessary for its assembly lines. While concerns naturally arise regarding cyberattacks in today’s digital age, a spokesperson from the company has suggested that this issue is “likely not due to a cyberattack.” Nonetheless, experts are working diligently to identify the root cause of the problem.

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AMS Summer 2023 – JLR goes electric


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New engine production line boosts Toyota’s hybrid vehicle manufacturing


The new flexible engine line at Toyota Kentucky can produce three different engine types simultaneously on one line and is part of a $145m investment