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R8 and e-Tron GT: Audi’s non-identical twins

2023-08-22T17:09:00+01:00By Martin Kahl

On an unremarkable industrial estate on the outskirts of Heilbronn, Audi has a low-volume production facility where it produces its two most powerful and highly distinctive road vehicles. What is remarkable is that one is conventionally powered, the other pure electric. What is even more remarkable is that Audi builds both models, in any sequence, on the same line.

Volkswagen makes its way deeper into the China EV market

VW and Audi strengthen partnership with SAIC and Xpeng to expand EV production and development in China for China strategy

2023-08-04T12:06:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Volkswagen invests $700m in Xpeng and will partner on tech and platform, while Audi expands partnership with SAIC and will produce vehicles on one of its platforms.


India’s light vehicle demand is rising again, and so is manufacturing investment

2023-07-20T16:14:00+01:00By Ian Henry

India has long been seen as the next big thing in automotive manufacturing. Will new investment help it realise its potential?

Andreas Lehe

Bentley appoints Andreas Lehe as new Board Member for Manufacturing

2023-07-18T17:01:00+01:00By Nick Holt

Andreas Lehe joins Bentley as Board Member for Manufacturing, commencing 1 September and replaces Peter Bosch, who moved to CARIAD as CEO in June.

Audi's Q6 e-tron series

Audi leads manufacturing skills transformation as it launches first EV from Ingolstadt plant

2023-07-18T15:42:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Audi’s launch of the all-electric Q6 e-tron series has catalysed a major reskilling project, as the shift to e-mobility is demanding skills development. Other manufacturers, such as ZF, have also been cultivating internal talent.

Edge Cloud 4 Production uses local servers that act as data processing center and eliminates the need for expensive, high-maintenance industrial PCs.

Audi’s ‘Edge Cloud 4 Production’ ecosystem launches into serial production

2023-07-17T16:59:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

EC4P is an IT-based production system that leverages Edge and Cloud technology to digitise the automotive production landscape and is the first of its kind to go into serial production.

Audi uses AI in its quality control checks

Audi uses AI for quality control of spot welds

2023-06-30T15:35:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

The carmaker is officially using the technology after successful trials.

Front Cover Summer 2023-LR

AMS Summer 2023 – JLR goes electric

2023-06-23T16:33:00+01:00By AMS

In our AMS Summer digital edition, we have features on JLR’s plans to transform its end-to-end industrial system, ready for new electric models, Seat’s technical upgrades to production operations and upskilling the workforce, and insights into developments at Audi’s Neckarsulm plant, and more.

Audi Neckarsulm bodyshop

Neckarsulm – Audi’s plant prepares for more electric vehicles

2023-06-08T17:35:00+01:00By Michael Nash

Audi’s Neckarsulm plant manager Fred Schulze discusses sustainability and digitalisation

AP special edition smart factory

Smart Factory Special Edition - Automobil Produktion

2023-04-14T15:15:00+01:00By AMS

Read about the latest developments in Industry 4.0 featuring SEAT, Audi and more from AMS sister publication Automobil Produktion in this special edition for the Hannover Messe


Re-evaluating recycled materials

2023-04-05T17:10:00+01:00By James Bakewell

Carmakers are increasingly looking into ways of reducing the environmental impact of their vehicle manufacture – and one way to do this is by using more recycled materials in their cars. But how can they go about this?

AMS Spring 23 FC

AMS Spring 2023 – Next level digital production engineering

2023-04-02T18:25:00+01:00By AMS

In this latest AMS digital edition we have features on Audi’s digital production engineering strategy, Dacia’s vehicle plant Mioveni, production cloud systems, toolmaking, China, sustainability and more.

BMW Brilliance Automotive plant Lydia, China

China: European, US and Japanese Vehicle Manufacturers rebalance production and supply chains

2023-03-28T10:00:00+01:00By Ian Henry

AMS looks at the changing role of the Chinese operations of European and other long established brands’ operations in China and their changing roles in the global auto sector

TPM Audi toolmaking

Tools for progress: real-time tracking and monitoring in Audi’s toolmaking

2023-03-07T12:28:00+00:00By Christopher Ludwig

The carmaker’s Toolmaking 4.0 system is bringing greater visibility of suppliers and potential disruption of machines and operations at tool shops, with high productivity gains.

Edge Cloud 4 Production eliminates hardware at Audi

Building on the edge of the virtual and physical worlds

2023-03-07T12:28:00+00:00By Christopher Ludwig

As Audi aims to bring its local production cloud to plants, Jörg Spindler sees opportunities in digital control systems, digital twins and virtual reality.

Joerg Spindler, Audi head of manufacturing engineering3

Special series: Digitalising manufacturing engineering at Audi

2023-03-07T12:28:00+00:00By Christopher Ludwig

Jörg Spindler is leading Audi’s push to virtualise production planning, ramp up battery production and use data to reduce emissions and improve productivity in areas like toolmaking and body shop

Ford Almussafes solar panels

Going green: Self-generating electricity on-site

2023-02-24T19:17:00+00:00By Mike Farish

OEMs are investing heavily in renewable energy sources to reduce the carbon footprint of their manufacturing operations


Audi plans for future production

2023-01-09T19:07:00+00:00By AMS

Audi says it’s all in on electromobility, planning to launch only all-electric models from 2026, and gradually phasing out production of its combustion engine models by 2033


AMS Automotive Evolution Europe – a review from Munich 2022

2022-12-19T18:38:00+00:00By Michael Nash

The first AMS Evolution Europe Summit saw experts from BMW, Audi, ZF CATL and more discussing speeding time to market, greater agility in production, factory conversion and boosting battery cell manufacturing in the region.


Welcome to Automotive Evolution Europe 2022!

2022-12-12T23:41:00+00:00By Christopher Ludwig

Editor-in-Chief Christopher Ludwig kicks off the 1st Automotive Evolution Europe

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