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13 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Powertrain

The future may be all electric, but not just yet


With demand for battery electric vehicles lower than expected, OEMs are boosting hybrid output and extending ICE production.

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OEMS agree co-creative collaboration is key


We need to work together. That much is clear. The need for closer collboration and co-creation through this closer working is key to automotive. Across manufacturing, design and engineering; a wider view is necessary for the progress of the whole. This is a theme that keeps croppping up and Design4Production reemphasised this need once again…


Weak demand dims electric future


Consumer resistance and trade disputes mean the future may not be so electric after all as vehicle makers express caution on zero emission vehicle targets.


Balancing digitalisation with production output


Automobil Produktion Kongress 2024 brought together leaders in the industry to disuss the growing importance of digital transformation in manufacturing

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AMS Automotive Evolution North America 2024


The second AMS Evolution North America Conference returns to connect manufacturing leaders and experts as they steer automotive production towards greater innovation, flexibility and sustainability than ever before.


Design4Production: Recap blog


Follow our recap blog below to get the most important insights from Design4Production

Kocaeli,  launched in 2001 with a production capacity of 40,000 Transits, has continued to expand over the years, and grown with efficient, flexible and high quality production

Ford Otosan and how automation is driving production of the Transit


Ford Otosan’s Kocalei site is one of the most advanced production facilities in the world, producing the highest number of derivatives with the widest range of powertrains. Complexity 


Ford Otosan manufacturing for an economy in transition


Ford Otosan has upgraded its manufacturing facilities in Turkey to ensure the Transit is ready for an electrified future


Volkswagen workers in Tennessee vote to join UAW


The result of the vote was clear, with 2,628 workers casting their support for the union against 985 nays. This victory makes VW’s Chattanooga’s the first foreign-owned car plant in the southern US to unionise through an election since the 1940s, marking it as a monumental win for the UAW.

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The changing shape of Europe’s automotive production operations


European vehicle manufacturing is having to adapt to weakening EV demand and increasing competition. 

Ford 150 at Dearborn Truck

Challenges looming for US vehicle production


EV production in the US is facing headwinds from both weakening demand and foreign competition.

UAW big three strikes

UAW-Ford avert strike at Kentucky after reaching tentative deal


The United Auto Workers union and Ford have reached a tentative agreement that is expected to avert a strike that was due to upset production operations at the Kentuvky Truck Plant. With ratifications still looming, all parties involved seem to want to find common ground but this is stil uncertain.

The rising role of renewable energy supply in automotive production

The rising role of renewable energy supply in automotive production


The automotive industry’s shift towards sustainability transcends mere vehicle innovation, with a large part of the global carbon equation relying on renewable energy architectures in manufacturing processes.


Is cost-cutting the newest trend among OEMs in Europe 2024? Watch this space…


As Renault and VW move towards major and comprehensive cost-cutting projects, with the squeeze of uncertainties and inefficiencies, is this liable to spread?


The state and stipulation of automotive production: Retrospect 2023 to prospect 2024


In 2023, the automotive industry underwent a transformative journey, adapting to trends such as sustainable materials, electric vehicle dominance and digitalisation. But what clues does 2023 provide about the vehicle manufacturing landscape in 2024?

e-motor expl view

New materials drive electric motor development


Original equipment manufacturers need electric motors that are more energy-efficient and power-dense than those currently available

Ford Battery Farley Scrum

Ford scales down planned Michigan EV plant, GM scraps EV target


Ford has downsized its planned EV plant in Marshall and GM has scrapped EV production targets as consumer EV demand dwindles.


UAW workers ratify deals with GM, Ford and Stellantis


Members of the United Auto Workers union (UAW) have ratified the tentative deals with GM, Ford and Stellantis following weeks of strikes against the Detroit ‘Big Three’.

UAW big three strikes

Impact of UAW strikes could leave suppliers at financial risk


Despite tentative deals, the impact of the UAW strikes on Ford, GM and Stellantis could have already put suppliers at financial risk.

Paul Stephens, Ford copy

Ford’s Paul Stephens on EV opportunities and greenfield sites


Paul Stephens, Manufacturing and Transformation lead at Ford Motor Company discusses talent, technology and learning from past mistakes at Automotive Evolution North America 2023.

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