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The McKinsey Center for Future Mobility’s analysis highlights that since 2019, European incumbents have yielded six percentage points of market share in their home market and five percentage points in China

McKinsey: Auto Industry’s shift towards EVs and digitisation could pose threat to European automotive manufacturing

2023-09-12T15:39:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

New McKinsey report judges threat in diminishing European automotive market share driven by innovation; calls for change and sets out roadmap steps to success


Toyota addresses production system malfunction that put the breaks on Japanese production

2023-09-07T16:55:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

The OEM finally releases statement regarding the nationwide disruption; identifying “insufficient disk space.”

“We present a close-to-production insight into the upcoming family of vehicles that stands at the gateway to the brand.”

How Mercedes-Benz's Concept CLA Class showcases its ‘digital first’ production model

2023-09-05T16:02:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

The carmaker is strengthening its digital first production model with upgrades and enhancements throughout.

Since the region-wide shutdown, it has been revealed that the production shutdown came about due to a software update of the automaker’s parts ordering system

Toyota’s huge production shutdown was due to a simple parts-ordering “system update”

2023-08-31T16:22:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Just a few short days ago, AMS reported on Toyota’s Japanese production coming to a standstill due to what was at the time, nebulously being referred to as a ‘systems’ failure. Since then it has been revealed that…

Toyota's Motomachi plant in Japan is 1 among 14 suffering a standstill due to the systems failure

Toyota’s production grinds to a halt in Japan amid system failure

2023-08-29T11:16:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

The malfunction, which is currently under investigation, has left Toyota unable to order critical components necessary for its assembly lines. While concerns naturally arise regarding cyberattacks in today’s digital age, a spokesperson from the company has suggested that this issue is “likely not due to a cyberattack.” Nonetheless, experts are working diligently to identify the root cause of the problem.


Zeekr VP and plant director discusses mass volume EV production

2023-08-29T07:55:00+01:00By Michael Nash

Speaking to AMS, Zhao Chunlin, vice president of Zeekr and plant manager at Ningbo, sheds some light on the factory, and discusses the various challenges facing electric vehicle production in an increasingly competitive segment.

Hyundai & GM sign Asset Purchasing Agreement (APA) for Taleagon plant

Analysis: Hyundai’s plan to acquire GM India’s plant will boost market share and EV capacity

2023-08-24T09:23:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Hyundai’s acquisition of GM India’s Talegaon plant signals intent to boost Indian manufacturing and further accelerate EV production plans.

ABB PL_Statics_Outlined_Pre-thumbnail

Register: The advance of automation: what next-gen vehicles and batteries mean for robotics


OEMs are transforming, transitioning to electric and connected models, but also the manufacturing operations to build these new vehicles. This creates challenges in integrating new vehicle architectures and boosts demand for more advanced automation.

The ROBO-01 is the first of the line-up and is reportedly only slightly larger than The Tesla

Chinese Tech giant Baidu forms second automotive JV with Geely to expand into automotive manufacturing

2023-08-21T14:07:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

The partnership will focus on production capability as well as new energy vehicle sales, automobile component retail, EV charging infrastructure, battery sales and pre-owned vehicle brokerage.

Volkswagen makes its way deeper into the China EV market

VW and Audi strengthen partnership with SAIC and Xpeng to expand EV production and development in China for China strategy

2023-08-04T12:06:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Volkswagen invests $700m in Xpeng and will partner on tech and platform, while Audi expands partnership with SAIC and will produce vehicles on one of its platforms.


Hyundai Motor Group and Seoul National University open joint Battery Research Centre

2023-07-28T14:54:00+01:00By Nick Holt

This collaborative effort between Hyundai and SNU aims to advance battery technologies and foster industry-academia cooperation to establish global leadership in the battery field

The 50-50 partnership leverages the expertise of both automotive supply and electronics manufacturing

Foxconn partners with ZF to expand chassis manufacturing and development

2023-07-28T12:19:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

The companies will form a joint venture to grow chassis business for both ICE and EVs, leveraging ZF’s production knowhow and Foxconn’s reach in fast-growing markets in Asia.


India’s light vehicle demand is rising again, and so is manufacturing investment

2023-07-20T16:14:00+01:00By Ian Henry

India has long been seen as the next big thing in automotive manufacturing. Will new investment help it realise its potential?

Front Cover Summer 2023-LR

AMS Summer 2023 – JLR goes electric

2023-06-23T16:33:00+01:00By AMS

In our AMS Summer digital edition, we have features on JLR’s plans to transform its end-to-end industrial system, ready for new electric models, Seat’s technical upgrades to production operations and upskilling the workforce, and insights into developments at Audi’s Neckarsulm plant, and more.

Jörg Burzer

A culture of quick decisions for Mercedes-Benz production

2023-06-22T02:02:00+01:00By Pascal Nagel

Mercedes-Benz production chief Jörg Burzer explains how it has reorganised its production for EVs, while speeding up the rollout of digital tools. 

Fisker Ocean 3

Fisker to open China delivery centre in 2023

2023-06-15T16:31:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

Luxury EV maker Fisker is set to start deliveries of its Ocean SUV in China in Q1 next year, and expects to start local production with a contract manufacturing partner.

Battery assembly BBA Shenyang

BMW to produce Neue Klasse in China from 2026

2023-05-18T17:55:00+01:00By Nick Holt

The BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) joint venture has announced it will build the next model generation, Neue Klasse at its production plant in Shenyang

Kia PBV electric vehicles

Kia starts building facility for electric purpose-built vehicle (PBV) production

2023-04-11T14:44:00+01:00By Nick Holt

The new plant will be dedicated to production of Kia’s electric PBVs, with planned annual capacity of 150,000 units

BMW Brilliance Automotive plant Lydia, China

China: European, US and Japanese Vehicle Manufacturers rebalance production and supply chains

2023-03-28T10:00:00+01:00By Ian Henry

AMS looks at the changing role of the Chinese operations of European and other long established brands’ operations in China and their changing roles in the global auto sector