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Nissan to transition to low-CO2 emission aluminium by 2030


Through sourcing and using low CO2 emission aluminium, Nissan aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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OEMS agree co-creative collaboration is key


We need to work together. That much is clear. The need for closer collboration and co-creation through this closer working is key to automotive. Across manufacturing, design and engineering; a wider view is necessary for the progress of the whole. This is a theme that keeps croppping up and Design4Production reemphasised this need once again…


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UK auto production prospects improving


Economic headwinds, supply chain challenges and future trading uncertainty have put the UK’s automotive manufacturing sector under considerable pressure, but there are signs of a positive change ahead.

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Impacts of global geopolitics on European production


From Brexit’s influence on battery production to global conflicts impacting shipping routes and semiconductor supply, these are geopoltical forces shaping manufacturing strategies.


Nissan North America announces leadership shakeup


Nissan’s North American leadership shakeup impacts production engineering, vehicle standards and the Nissan Technical Center North America (NTCNA)

Nissan Arc plan

Nissan launches its new Arc business plan


Nissan is adapting its production strategy to rebalance its ICE and electric vehicle output and address rising costs and market fragmentation


Compas wins category for site transformation at FYA: Interview with Santiago Jurado, chief quality officer


Santiago Jurado, chief quality officer at Compas talks managing complexity across different brands (Mercedez-Benz and Nissan) and several architectures on a single production line as the company takes category win at the Factory of the Year Awards.

Ford 150 at Dearborn Truck

Challenges looming for US vehicle production


EV production in the US is facing headwinds from both weakening demand and foreign competition.

The rising role of renewable energy supply in automotive production

The rising role of renewable energy supply in automotive production


The automotive industry’s shift towards sustainability transcends mere vehicle innovation, with a large part of the global carbon equation relying on renewable energy architectures in manufacturing processes.


Nissan mulls migrating rogue production to Japan amid cost-cutting drive


Facing pressing cost reductions, Nissan considers relocating its flagship Rogue’s production from the US to Japan. With a stark 20% cost disparity favoring Japan, the automaker’s push for significant supplier discounts underscores a serious ultimatum forced by the OEMs attempt at securing a competitive edge in the automotive production

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SMMT: Production resilience and strategic progress for UK automotive industry


The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has revealed a marked trend of prodcution resilience in the UK, with the sector witnessing a substantial 16.8% rise in car production. This led to an output of 1.25 million vehicles; the industry’s strongest performance since 2019. With markets shifting and competition growing overseas, UK productions and exports are witnessing sings of confidence and resilience.

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AMS Winter 2023/24 – BMW’s battery boost


BMW is aiming to achieve ‘expertise in every cell’ of its generation six batteries

Nissan ev UK announcement

Nissan announces third gigafactory in UK for EV models


The carmaker will make three EV models - the Qashqai and JUKE crossovers and its next-generation LEAF - at its EV36Zero hub in Sunderland. 

The UK government’s £4.5 billion initiative prioritizes the automotive sector with over £2 billion, signaling a green push

UK Government injects £2bn into automotive industry to drive sustainable growth: Nissan leads


The UK government’s £4.5bn initiative prioritises the automotive sector with over £2bn, signaling a green push. Nissan swiftly invests £2bn in three EV models.

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AMS Autumn 2023 – Continental Shift


In this latest AMS digital edition we have a special focus on the North American automotive industry with big investments in electric vehicle and battery production

One of the cornerstones of this initiative is the pursuit of “high-value-creation” operational projects across Latin America, India and Europe

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance embarks on a new era of collaboration for enhanced agility with strong regionalisation focus


The alliance shifts to regional focus for enhanced agility challenging assumptions about global autmomotive markets


India’s light vehicle demand is rising again, and so is manufacturing investment


India has long been seen as the next big thing in automotive manufacturing. Will new investment help it realise its potential?


Renault and Geely sign joint venture agreement to launch powertrain technology company


Renault and Geely have signed a 50-50% joint venture agreement to form a new company, to develop and produce next-generation hybrid and highly efficient ICE powertrain solutions

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