As technology develops at speed, there are clear opportunities to be reaped from globally connected manufacturing ecosystems. This session explored how automotive manufacturers are considering and using Integrated data - from the customer order through the supply chain to plants –to prioritise balance production and balance capacity to meet fast-changing market needs. Manufacturing and technology experts, David Threlfall, Nitin Rajurkar, Ravi Subramanyan and Vaclav Svub explain how production planning is evolving and can become more predictive and prescriptive.

  • How can carmakers navigate the maze of edge computing, robotics, AI and time sensitive networks, not to mention cloud and localised 5-G networks underpinning these systems?
  • Is it possible to future-proof their vast investments in fast-changing technological environment?
  • Will production planning ultimately be dictated by the end customer ordering, paying for and instigating the production process for their car directly via an app?

David Threlfall, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Britishvolt
Nitin Rajurkar, Consultant Advisor, Jay Global Techno Alliance and Partners LLC
Ravi Subramanyan,
Director of Industry Solutions Manufacturing, HiveMQ
Vaclav Svub,
Global Digital Lead Business line Automotive, ABB

Hosted by Nick Holt, Editor, AMS

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