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REE Automotive takes next step with commercial production capabilities

2022-05-17T09:32:00+01:00By AMS

The company adopts a cloud-based robotic manufacturing approach for its planned network of Integration Centres

Rockwell Automation

An exclusive focus on flexibility as OEMs look to modular-based manufacturing

2022-05-04T12:21:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Modular production in automotive manufacturing is rapidly becoming more innovative and flexible with the ability to multitask. As a result, OEMs are increasingly rethinking their methods and working closely with technology providers to make flexible manufacturing hegemonic.

Tony Persson Scania interview

Interview: Scania’s super charge to battery assembly

2022-03-31T14:30:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

Tony Persson, head of battery production, reveals how the Traton Group truckmaker is preparing to launch battery module assembly in half the time it would normally have for manufacturing launches.


Watch: Making it modular - vehicle production’s flexible future

2022-03-30T19:12:00+01:00By AMS

Flexibility in automotive assembly is now a competitive advantage. This AMS livestream features leaders from automation experts Ewellix and Rockwell and AMS discussing innovations in modular production and how to improve assembly lines at brownfield and greenfield factories.


Scania reimagines battery assembly factory floor with automation and digitalisation

2022-03-29T13:25:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Tony Persson head of battery production at Scania, says the truckmaker is exploring automation and digitisation opportunities for its new battery assembly plant.


Watch: Make robotic sanding easier with the ATI AOV-10 Robotic Orbital Sander

2022-03-29T00:36:00+01:00By ATI Industrial Automation, sponsor partner

ATI Industrial Automation’s AOV-10 Robotic Orbital Sander is the ideal robotic solution for surface preparation and finishing

ABB spot welding technology at Scania plant in Oskarshamn

ABB to supply robots for Scania's new battery assembly plant in Sweden

2022-03-09T17:17:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

Scania has signed an agreement for the supply of robotics solutions from ABB for its new battery assembly plant in Sweden.


Whitepaper: The Automated Future of Material Removal

2022-02-15T00:19:00+00:00By ATI, sponsor partner

Automating a deburring or surface finishing application is a smart, responsible, and effective way to improve a manufacturing process. Automating manual material removal and deburring tasks also helps improve employees’ health, combat manufacturing labor shortages, and increase product consistency and quality.


GM announces $6.6 billion investment in Michigan EV and battery production

2022-01-26T13:12:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

General Motors has announced $6.6 billion worth of investment across Michigan to construct a new manufacturing plant and develop EV pickup production.

Siemens Tecnomatix plant simulation

​Making the digital a reality: how AI and virtual reality are adapting automotive manufacturing to a changing world

2022-01-11T11:59:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

Automotive manufacturers are facing the challenge of constantly changing vehicles, technologies and parts. However, stakeholders can increasingly plan and implement systems faster using real-time manufacturing data, digital twin simulation and training through augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). 


The evolution will be televised: welcome to the online AMS Summit

2021-12-17T13:25:00+00:00By AMS

The Automotive Manufacturing Evolution Summit is focused on accelerating partnerships across the industry as vehicle production is increasingly electrified, digitalised and sustainable

Modular production ABB, Conductix, Panasonic

From assembly to modular production lines

2021-12-17T13:25:00+00:00By AMS

Automotive manufacturers need to manage more part variety and complexity than ever, which is why more are implementing autonomous logistics, cobots and other technology to support more flexible, modular concepts. Experts from ABB, Conductix-Wampler and Panasonic discuss the technology roadmap.


Making it modular: Reconfiguring the paintshop

2021-12-17T12:20:00+00:00By Dürr

At its 2021 virtual open house Dürr showcased technologies for a modular process paintshop configuration. The focus was on solutions that will replace the previous line concept with a configuration based around flexible, connected process modules that can be scaled to meet new requirements


Quality inspection gets the robotic touch

2021-11-30T11:40:00+00:00By ABB

A well-honed production line can produce thousands of parts per hour, each of which should meet the same standards of quality and consistency. One way to check this is to use robotic quality inspection. Toni Roda of ABB Robotics explains how the latest advances in inline robotic 3D quality inspection technology can be used to ensure checking of 100% of parts in Tier 1 and automotive production lines


The application of automation

2021-11-30T11:29:00+00:00Author Mitsubishi Electric

Where is Automotive manufacturing heading, from a factory automation supplier’s perspective? AMS talks to Lucas Majewski Director, Global Key Accounts at Mitsubishi Electric for a frank assessment about what to expect wherever you are on the automation adoption curve


Complex problems, flexible solutions: how modular production and autonomous logistics are helping OEMs keep up with a changing powertrain mix

2021-11-25T13:02:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

As automotive manufacturing becomes increasingly complex, primarily driven by rising demand for more sustainable production processes as well as zero-carbon vehicles, the question of flexibility is becoming more central to both producers and customers.

Porsche, Leipzig

A lighter coat: how Porsche and suppliers are reducing waste and errors in paintshop

2021-11-23T10:44:00+00:00By Jason Dunn, Christopher Ludwig

Paintshop leaders from Porsche and Sames Kremlin spoke to AMS in an exclusive livestream and interview regarding innovations in technology and new approaches in the automotive painting process.

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Watch: Paint it green – more sustainable, flexible paintshops

2021-11-17T19:10:00+00:00By AMS

When it comes to the future of paintshop, green is the only colour going. This exclusive AMS Livestream features paintshop leaders from Porsche and Sames Kremlin sharing innovations in technology and collaborative approaches to maintain speed and quality whilst reducing energy and waste in automotive painting processes.


Expansion plans, sustainability and new EV batteries

2021-11-02T11:20:00+00:00By Christopher Ludwig, Nick Holt

The UK has ambitious plans to create a network of giga factories producing electric vehicle batteries.  Scotland-based cell manufacturing company AMTE Power is part of this programme and CEO Kevin Brundish spoke with AMS about the company’s involvement and its expansion plans

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Watch: Shopfloor revolution – how data, software and AI are rebooting production

2021-10-14T05:58:00+01:00By AMS

OEMs and suppliers are transforming vehicle production through data and connectivity as much as hardware, with new artificial intelligence opportunities emerging. Watch this AMS Livestream Hour featuring VDMA, Fraunhofer IPA and Symbio to hear about the standards, systems and applications underpinning these changes.