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Strong bonds

2019-05-28T14:29:00+01:00By James Bakewell

James Bakewell looks at the challenges of joining new grades of advanced and ultra-high strength steels in the latest multi-material vehicle structures


Customising production

2019-04-10T13:30:00+01:00By James Bakewell

James Bakewell reports on BMW’s growing use of additively produced parts in both vehicle personalising and series production applications

Fronius joining of steel and aluminium

Low heat input welding

2019-02-03T10:00:00+00:00By AMS

The Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding process reduces the heat input in comparison to other MIG/MAG processes, claims Fronius. This uses a digital process control, which automatically detects short circuits and then helps to detach the droplet by retracting the wire; during welding, the wire moves forward and is pulled ...

Porsche test

Passing the test

2018-12-03T10:23:00+00:00By Mike Farish

As modern vehicles become more sophisticated, production testing technologies and processes need to keep up. Mike Farish looks at developments with both carmakers and tier suppliers

BMW Dingolfing

Sticking together

2018-11-27T15:07:00+00:00By ams_jamesbakewell

The use of a wide variety of materials throws-up significant production challenges and chief among those is joining. How can this plethora of materials be fixed together without affecting their structural integrity or their individual characteristics?

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The full measure

2018-11-19T10:56:00+00:00By Perceptron

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 08.50.11

Cool calculations - rapid welding

2018-11-19T10:28:00+00:00By Fronius

Advanced rapid welding technology is helping to surpass challenges in series production at Voestalpine

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Weld the right result

2018-11-19T10:19:00+00:00By Lincoln Electric

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Interview: Daniël Bottema, AWL-Techniek

2018-11-19T10:04:00+00:00By AWL-Techniek

Nissan X-Trail St Petersburg

Nissan makes X-Trail in St. Petersburg

2018-11-06T16:32:05+00:00By AMS

Russia - The new Nissan X-Trail is now being produced at the company's St. Petersburg plant, joining the Qashqai and Murano. This follows on from a small rise in the brand's sales in the country from 9,049 to 10,134 units between August and September 2018.


Extreme flexibility is essential

2018-09-30T19:56:08+01:00By KUKA

Chiron brake caliper

Making metal add up

2018-09-13T12:30:55+01:00By Mike Farish

Additively manufactured metal parts present a challenge for high-volume production but at the other end of the scale, engineers are successfully developing the process for specialist, low volume parts. Mike Farish reports

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Time for an upgrade

2018-09-12T12:57:32+01:00By Nick Holt

As Toyota shapes up its global manufacturing network to build the new vehicle platform, Nick Holt visits the OEM’s Valenciennes facility to see the progress being made

Dow Automotive Systems structural adhesive solutions

Structural adhesive joining solutions

2018-09-11T08:00:20+01:00By AMS

Dow Automotive Systems claims its Betaforce, Betamate and Betaseal structural adhesive solutions will enhance lightweight module construction. The company says its structural adhesives are developed with rapid-cure characteristics that are suited to mass production manufacturing environments. Primerless-to-plastic formulations help remove VOCs from assembly operations, and new multifunctional adhesives are in ...

AMS NA cover sq

Out now: North America 2018

2018-08-24T16:24:26+01:00By Gareth Price

When it comes to America and automotive manufacturing, some things are impossible to ignore. Foremost among them are: The Big Three, the light truck segment and Trump. In our latest global region supplement, we bring you the full set.

Volvo Charleston robots

The Scandinavian settlement

2018-08-24T10:43:29+01:00By Michael Nash

A new plant has been born in an extremely turbulent political environment – Volvo’s first in the US. Michael Nash reports

Volvo Cars XC60 production

SPA in the DNA

2018-05-14T11:19:46+01:00By Michael Nash

Comau Open Gate Alfa Romeo Cassino

Robots on the rise

2018-05-14T11:16:03+01:00By Chris Pickering

AutoDrive SA

Arc-welding aluminium: challenges and solutions

2018-05-11T15:10:01+01:00By Lincoln Electric


Switched on to new EV processes

2018-05-11T14:50:56+01:00By ABB