OEMs and suppliers are adapting a range of materials, combinations and approaches in production with the aim of simplifying processes, reducing weight and emissions. Electrification and sustainability targets are leading to changes body in body-in-white, including using more high-strength steel and aluminium, but also in the plastics and metals used across interiors, and in trim and assembly.

In this session, learn more about how suppliers and manufacturers are adapting forming and injection processes, and how new technology and materials are ushering in new innovations in manufacturing.

Michel Peña, Group Technical and Engineering Director, Teknia
Jesse Paegle, Automotive Steel Solution Director, ArcelorMittal
Jonas Adolfsson, Business Development, Project Mobility Docol, SSAB

Hosted by Nick Holt, editor, AMS 

The 1st Automotive Evolution Europe took place December 6-7 in Munich. See highlights, videos, photos and learn more information here.

The 2nd Automotive Evolution Europe will take place November 22-23, 2023 back in Munich, Germany.

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Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief
Ahmo Saric, senior content producer   

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