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Automation News

Mirko Bührmann explains how the paperless supermarket works. (Image- Volkswagen:Marc Sluiter)

In Emden, VW wants to leave the Passat behind


Volkswagen is using the latest production technology and some novel in-plant logistics to ramp up EV production in Emden

Comau_Stellantis Mirafiori Plant_NewFiat500_Comau has 50+ years of experience in traditional, hybrid and electric vehicles manufacturing (1)

Designing manufacturing systems for flexibility and scalability


Comau discusses assembling e-drives, developing battery manufacturing solutions, and collaborations with universities for next-generation cells.

Firefly A virtual automotive production network, superimposed by large translucent VR Goggles. 69586

Virtual production networks are able to solve diverse complexities


This is how digital twins are reshaping automotive manufacturing from enhanced simulations to greater flexibility and global collaboration.


Hyundai’s Metaplant America begins 2025 IONIQ 5 production


Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America has revealed plans to kick off production of the 2025 Hyundai IONIQ 5, marking a significant milestone in electric vehicle manufacturing.

Car body in white with a splash of paint extended

Is ABB Robotics’ new inkjet paint tech the future of automotive paintshop?


ABB Robotics’ new automotive paint tech could reshape automotive paintshops, cutting energy costs & waste for increased efficiency and sustainability.

Andrew Lloyd is Chief of Engineering at Comau

Comau’s Innovations and Solutions in Battery Manufacturing


Comau leads the charge in battery innovation, offering end-to-end solutions from assembly to recycling. Catch them at the Battery Show in Stuttgart, June 18-20.


Exclusive: BMW Group improves efficiency with additive manufacturing gripper


AMS visited BMW Group’s Additive Manufacturing Campus and plant in Munich to see it 3D-printed bionic robot grippers, which are saving costs and emissions and improving efficiency across its plants.


Balancing digitalisation with production output


Automobil Produktion Kongress 2024 brought together leaders in the industry to disuss the growing importance of digital transformation in manufacturing

Door Panel

Quality control: 3D vision inspection systems


LMI Technologies offers insights into current trends in automotive quality control requirements and the technology solutions available.

Digital tools panel

AMS Automotive Evolution North America 2024


The second AMS Evolution North America Conference returns to connect manufacturing leaders and experts as they steer automotive production towards greater innovation, flexibility and sustainability than ever before.


Design4Production: Recap blog


Follow our recap blog below to get the most important insights from Design4Production

Kocaeli,  launched in 2001 with a production capacity of 40,000 Transits, has continued to expand over the years, and grown with efficient, flexible and high quality production

Ford Otosan and how automation is driving production of the Transit


Ford Otosan’s Kocalei site is one of the most advanced production facilities in the world, producing the highest number of derivatives with the widest range of powertrains. Complexity 


Ford Otosan manufacturing for an economy in transition


Ford Otosan has upgraded its manufacturing facilities in Turkey to ensure the Transit is ready for an electrified future

Number 2

AI + I = Enhanced Automotive Surface Inspection


AI and automation transform paintshops, boosting efficiency in surface inspection. But it emerges that human inspectors remain crucial for final touches.


ZF unveils automotive tech facility in Monterrey, Mexico


ZF’s $200m investment will establish one of the most advanced automotive complexes in Mexico and will focusing on driving automotive developments through collaboration


Porsche powers production with digital MHP FleetExecuter at Zuffenhausen


Zuffenhausen is seing upgrade after upgrade as the carmaker seeks to push its sportscar production into a new, digitlaised and automated era. It’s most recent deployment sees the MHP FleetExecuter move across several aspectsa of its production lines - with plans for expansion…

Final check during assembly of the Audi Q6 e-tron at ingolstadt

The Audi Q6 e-tron spotlights flexible and green production ecosystem


This is how Audi’s Ingolstadt plant is advancing electric vehicle production, blending sustainability with efficiency in the assembly of the Q6 e-tron series: Q6 e-tron leads the way

GKN Bruneck 1

Shifting gears – Electrifying the driveline


Jorge Beja, GKN Automotive’s VP of Operations Systems, shares some insights into production at the company’s centre for excellence for eDrive systems, at Bruneck, Italy.


Compas wins category for site transformation at FYA: Interview with Santiago Jurado, chief quality officer


Santiago Jurado, chief quality officer at Compas talks managing complexity across different brands (Mercedez-Benz and Nissan) and several architectures on a single production line as the company takes category win at the Factory of the Year Awards.

Apptronic Apollo Robots for Mercedes-Benz automotive production

Mercedes-Benz weighs using Apptronik’s humanoid robots for production


If successful, the collaboration is set to redefine automotive manufacturing and logistics with cutting-edge humanoid cobots with AI use-cases for development.

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