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Automation News

Milan Nedeljkovic, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Production, and Sophia Zielosko, Plant Project Lead at the BMW Group Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre

BMW: ‘Flexibility is in our genes’

2023-11-06T17:38:00+00:00By Götz Fuchslocher

BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce are driving a tight electrification course. Nevertheless, the group remains open to drive diversity. In an interview, production director Milan Nedeljković talks about flexibility and the concept of the iFactory.

ams evolution

How digitalisation is ramping up battery cell production for EVs

2023-10-24T12:30:00+01:00By Megan Kelly

Digitalisation is helping to scale up battery cell production in North America through improving standardisation and traceability and ensuring quality of materials.

Chris Ludwig

Back in the USA

2023-10-23T20:07:00+01:00By Nick Holt

The AMS Automotive Evolution North America event delivered expert panels and a fully engaged audience. Here are some of the highlights from the sessions.

“Volvo Cars was looking for a long-term partner in factory automation, and we are proud that we will now shape the future of the automotive industry together”

Fanuc and Volvo Cars sign deal to transform automotive manufacturing with sustainable robotics

2023-10-23T15:34:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

In a landmark collaboration, Fanuc, the global leader in industrial robotics, and Volvo Cars are to reshape auto manufacturing with sustainability at the forefront

Ford Dearborn Truck

The future of Ford in a flash of lightning

2023-10-20T02:57:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

The Ford Dearborn Truck Plant is a benchmark for managing complexity, quality and software. Plant manager Corey Williams shares learnings and lean principles across ICE and fast-growing EV output.

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 12.38.03

AMS Autumn 2023 – Continental Shift

2023-10-15T21:52:00+01:00By AMS

In this latest AMS digital edition we have a special focus on the North American automotive industry with big investments in electric vehicle and battery production

To overcome challenges, automakers are turning to advanced automation and robotics, which play a central role in streamlining these evolving production processes to ensure an efficient and sustainable future

Battery production and design need to be optimised together, says Volvo Trucks and ABB

2023-10-09T17:57:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Experts from the truckmaker and automation specialist pointed to the benefits of aligning battery engineering and production processes in an AMS livestream.

Skoda Kvasiny assembly

Skoda Kvasiny to become electromobility powerhouse

2023-10-03T12:39:00+01:00By Michael Nash

Head of Skoda Kvasiny plant, Miloš Halbich discusses how the plant continues to evolve to meet market developments

Weldloop software visualisation

How Vitronic’s Weldloop software reimagines the welding process

2023-09-13T09:49:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Find out how Weldloop’s technology achieves quality enhancements in automotive welding through machine vision technology.

The McKinsey Center for Future Mobility’s analysis highlights that since 2019, European incumbents have yielded six percentage points of market share in their home market and five percentage points in China

McKinsey: Auto Industry’s shift towards EVs and digitisation could pose threat to European automotive manufacturing

2023-09-12T15:39:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

New McKinsey report judges threat in diminishing European automotive market share driven by innovation; calls for change and sets out roadmap steps to success


Zeekr VP and plant director discusses mass volume EV production

2023-08-29T07:55:00+01:00By Michael Nash

Speaking to AMS, Zhao Chunlin, vice president of Zeekr and plant manager at Ningbo, sheds some light on the factory, and discusses the various challenges facing electric vehicle production in an increasingly competitive segment.


Technical partnerships – AMS Expert Interview with Magswitch

2023-08-17T16:02:00+01:00By Nick Holt

As the automotive industry seeks to reduce costs and improve efficiencies and productivity, we are seeing an increasing number of partnerships being formed

X electric

BMW’s aspirations to the X degree in Spartanburg: Special series

2023-08-15T07:00:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

As the carmaker prepares for EV production in the US, leaders in manufacturing, battery, logistics and training outline BMW’s ambitions in the region.


Master of complexity in Spartanburg

2023-08-15T07:00:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

 Dr Robert Engelhorn is leading transformation of BMW’s Plant Spartanburg for EVs whilst ensuring manufacturing remains flexible in managing vehicle variations.

Engelhorn and cylindrical cells

BMW Batteries blossoming in South Carolina

2023-08-15T07:00:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

BMW’s battery assembly plant will use advanced automation and set global standards, whilst supporting a local-for-local production strategy, says Rich Everly. 

Lightning Production Restarts 3

Ford restarts electric F-150 Lightning production in Dearborn following retooling and expansion

2023-08-07T16:21:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

The OEM has retooled its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center to build 150,000 units per year at, and is increasing manufacturing capabilities to produce more trim options.

Volkswagen makes its way deeper into the China EV market

VW and Audi strengthen partnership with SAIC and Xpeng to expand EV production and development in China for China strategy

2023-08-04T12:06:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

Volkswagen invests $700m in Xpeng and will partner on tech and platform, while Audi expands partnership with SAIC and will produce vehicles on one of its platforms.

Automatica 2023 provides key insights into the latest developments in automotive manufacturing

Automatica 2023: Revealing key trends shaping the automotive manufacturing industry

2023-08-03T11:34:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

The Automatica exhibition 2023 focused on smart automation and robotics. AMS speaks to leading experts who were there on the main takeaways from the show.

Götz Fuchslocher, Carolin Platz, Joerg Reger

On advanced robotics, skills and training: “Machines can’t do everything”

2023-07-31T21:23:00+01:00By Götz Fuchslocher

Carolin Platz from the Auto-Motive Academy and Jörg Reger from ABB discuss transformation in automation, digitalisation and employee qualifications in producing next-gen vehicles.

Edge Cloud 4 Production uses local servers that act as data processing center and eliminates the need for expensive, high-maintenance industrial PCs.

Audi’s ‘Edge Cloud 4 Production’ ecosystem launches into serial production

2023-07-17T16:59:00+01:00By Ilkhan Ozsevim

EC4P is an IT-based production system that leverages Edge and Cloud technology to digitise the automotive production landscape and is the first of its kind to go into serial production.

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