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Renault subsidiary, HORSE, kicks off Power Electronics Box production


Production of the Power Electronics Box (PEB)  at the Aveiro plant in Portugal, aims to enhance hybrid vehicles with technology redesigned for reliability and integrated systems management.

Battery recycling

OEMs jointly develop green battery prototypes


Repairing and recycling batteries could go some way to alleviating demand for expensive raw materials, so Henkel is working with OEMs to make battery packs more easily recyclable. 


ZF unveils automotive tech facility in Monterrey, Mexico


ZF’s $200m investment will establish one of the most advanced automotive complexes in Mexico and will focusing on driving automotive developments through collaboration

Final check during assembly of the Audi Q6 e-tron at ingolstadt

The Audi Q6 e-tron spotlights flexible and green production ecosystem


This is how Audi’s Ingolstadt plant is advancing electric vehicle production, blending sustainability with efficiency in the assembly of the Q6 e-tron series: Q6 e-tron leads the way

GKN Bruneck 1

Shifting gears – Electrifying the driveline


Jorge Beja, GKN Automotive’s VP of Operations Systems, shares some insights into production at the company’s centre for excellence for eDrive systems, at Bruneck, Italy.


“Our future viability is not a given”: BMW Leipzig’s plant manager Petra Peterhänsel

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BMW Leipzig has a unique approach to its production operations and we explore its approach as it prepares for ramp-up of the Countryman: Petra Peterhänsel offers valuable insight


Tesla’s Berlin factory set to restart production after arson attack


The plant could regain power and restart production from as early as this evening, according to the managing director of affected energy supplier E.DIS.

Magna's specialised eDrive system will deliver 726 kW of power, 8,000 Nm of torque to a high-end niche vehicle platform

Magna secures major eDrive system contract for high-end OEM


Magna clinches a pivotal eDrive system contract, supporting a high-end North-American vehicle OEM in its electrification journey

(From left to right)  GM's Charlie Freese, FCSM's Suheb Haq and Tetsuo Suzuki, and Honda's Jay Joseph.

GM and Honda JV ‘FCSM’ begins producing hydrogen battery fuel cells


GM-Honda collaboration FCSM kicks off hydrogen fuel cell production at its Michigan plant, setting a new standard in sustainable battery technology

Production green! (3)

GM appoints ex-Tesla executive to new VP of batteries role


The newly created role further emphasises GM’s focus on EV - and battery - manufacturing to deliver profitable, low cost, high performing EVs to customers at scale. 

Gigafactory ACC de Billy-Berclau 4

ACC raises €4.4 billion for three gigafactories in Europe


Europe is becoming an increasingly popular region for battery manufacturing, with ACC, CATL, Northvolt and Farasis setting up production facilities across the continent. 

JLR EPMC resize

Powertrain – Reducing waste in machining fluids


JLR offers a very interesting sustainability case study on powertrain production processes at its Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre.

Porsche Macan EV SUV

Porsche launches all-electric Macan


 Porsche will build its first Porsche models on the PPE platform at its factory in Leipzig, Germany.

Farasis batteries for material handling

How Farasis will bridge the battery gap in Europe


Farasis has appointed Marcel Brömlage to lead its European division and support the growth of its Siro joint venture gigafactory in Turkey, where it expects to produce battery cells by 2026.

ABB_Survey Results_600_400 (1)

AMS & ABB Automotive Manufacturing Outlook Survey 2023 results: A positive outlook despite evolving challenges


Download our latest global survey results to gain expert insight into automotive manufacturing trends, gauge the current sentiment across the automotive sector and learn about the broader industry outlook for 2024 and beyond.

Henkel battery lab 2

Henkel supports innovation with Battery Engineering Center


Henkel, a global leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, has opened its revolutionary Battery Engineering Center within its Inspiration Center in Duesseldorf. Experts at Henkel explain the benefits of the new battery hub, and how it solidifies Henkel’s role as a premier design and innovation partner for OEMs in the automotive industry.


The state and stipulation of automotive production: Retrospect 2023 to prospect 2024


In 2023, the automotive industry underwent a transformative journey, adapting to trends such as sustainable materials, electric vehicle dominance and digitalisation. But what clues does 2023 provide about the vehicle manufacturing landscape in 2024?

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

AMS Winter 2023/24 – BMW’s battery boost


BMW is aiming to achieve ‘expertise in every cell’ of its generation six batteries

Stator and rotor assembly station_01

Simultaneous engineering – accelerating production line design, development and commissioning


The transition to electric vehicles has increased pressure on speeding product development and starting production operations


Manufacturing the solution to thermal runaway in EV batteries


At the core of ONE’s innovation lies a strategic inclination toward lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries over conventional lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) chemistry. Emphasizing safety, extended cycle life, and cost efficiency, ONE confronts the looming challenge of thermal runaway – a pressing concern in lithium-ion batteries, with a chemical focus on  three pivotal ingredients…