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Exclusive: BMW Group improves efficiency with additive manufacturing gripper


AMS visited BMW Group’s Additive Manufacturing Campus and plant in Munich to see it 3D-printed bionic robot grippers, which are saving costs and emissions and improving efficiency across its plants.


Design4Production: Recap blog


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Henkel Whitepaper: Sustainable Processing Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing


Learn how Henkel’s processing solutions enable sustainable, next-generation vehicle manufacturing across the value chain, from molten metal to final component

GKN Bruneck 1

Shifting gears – Electrifying the driveline


Jorge Beja, GKN Automotive’s VP of Operations Systems, shares some insights into production at the company’s centre for excellence for eDrive systems, at Bruneck, Italy.

JLR EPMC resize

Powertrain – Reducing waste in machining fluids


JLR offers a very interesting sustainability case study on powertrain production processes at its Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Centre.

ams evolution

How digitalisation is ramping up battery cell production for EVs


Digitalisation is helping to scale up battery cell production in North America through improving standardisation and traceability and ensuring quality of materials.

Mercedes-Benz and Dürr aim to make the paint shop process CO2-free

Mercedes and Dürr enter decade-long partnership for sustainable paint shops


Mercedes-Benz wants to cover the energy needs of its global production network entirely with renewable energy by 2039.

Joerg Spindler, Audi head of manufacturing engineering3

Special series: Digitalising manufacturing engineering at Audi


Jörg Spindler is leading Audi’s push to virtualise production planning, ramp up battery production and use data to reduce emissions and improve productivity in areas like toolmaking and body shop

TPM Audi toolmaking

Tools for progress: real-time tracking and monitoring in Audi’s toolmaking


The carmaker’s Toolmaking 4.0 system is bringing greater visibility of suppliers and potential disruption of machines and operations at tool shops, with high productivity gains.

production of software for e-drives_ZF

Winning the war for energy and talent: how ZF is upgrading plants and skills for growth in EVs and electronics


Arno Güllering talks to AMS about how ZF is accelerating its use of renewable energy, building more critical components in house, decentralising its data analysis and training staff to produce more electronics. 

Audi Hungaria starts production of electric mot

Audi expands Győr, Hungary tool shop to expand luxury model output


The expansion of the tool shop paves the way to produce more Lamborghini and Bentley models as well as some exclusive Audi cars.


Watch: New magic in the dark art of lightweighting


Ignacio, Jérôme and Prof. Volk explain the magic behind the art of lighweighting all whilst factoring in cost, performance, safety concerns and the impact on manufacturing process.

Arno Güllering, ZF

Watch: How ZF is empowering people in the transition to producing electrified powertrains


ZF’s Arno Güllering reveals how the tier-1 is upskilling and motivating its workforce in the transition from producing ICE to electrified powertrains.

Rockwell Automation

An exclusive focus on flexibility as OEMs look to modular-based manufacturing


Modular production in automotive manufacturing is rapidly becoming more innovative and flexible with the ability to multitask. As a result, OEMs are increasingly rethinking their methods and working closely with technology providers to make flexible manufacturing hegemonic.


Scania reimagines battery assembly factory floor with automation and digitalisation


Tony Persson head of battery production at Scania, says the truckmaker is exploring automation and digitisation opportunities for its new battery assembly plant.


Taking control with flexible solutions


As electrification brings its fair share of challenges, Renishaw is ready to transform future production with fast, flexible, and programmable powertrain manufacturing solutions


Metalworking fluid management 4.0 is here


Greater control of processes and materials means greater efficiency. Castrol offers some insights into new ways to manage, monitor and optimise metalworking fluids

GROB says it has rolled out  modules for each of its products that enable greater data capture and integration

I4.0 machining technology developments


Increasing levels of automation, I4.0 practices and advanced materials across markets, drives machining technology development

DMG Mori 5-axis machining centre with integrated laser deposition welding capability

Additive manufacturing and 5-axis machining


The Lasertec 125 3D hybrid is new, 5-axis machining centre with integrated laser deposition welding capability for production of complex components in one hit

CoroChuck 930 mechanical locking between collet and chuck

Collet for pull-out prevention


A new collet, designed to suit Weldon shanks, features a mechanical locking interface to prevent tool pull-out or movement when producing expensive components 

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