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  • carfinish

    Vauxhall Luton UK van plant – a car finish on a commercial


    Primer and basecoat – premium processEnergy saving and environmental concernsLearning in Luton – Vauxhall’s undergraduate schemeGaining with the groupMick Bewley’s manual spraying masterclassesThe Vauxhall Van Plant in Luton, some 50 kilometres north of London is home to production of the Vauxhall Vivaro, Nissan Primastar and Renault Trafic vans. The present ...

  • enginedownsizing

    Engine downsizing at Ford and VW


    Ford EcoBoostVolkswagen EA211 enginesComponent optimisationDual-loop coolingLess frictionModular matrixEngine downsizing has gone some way to achieving the ideal combination of performance and efficiency. However, this concept presents challenges in both the design and production of the engines. To achieve greater efficiency the engines have to become physically smaller and lighter whileproducing ...

  • meetingrevival

    Meeting the revival challenge at Chrysler


    Facing a bleak future just a few short years ago, Chrysler has rebounded with a strong line of products and a manufacturing philosophy that highlights its focus on globally competitive production. When restructuring with Fiat began in 2009, Chrysler dedicated itself to World Class Manufacturing (WCM). Scott Garberding, senior vice-president, ...

  • model-1.jpg

    Right first time


    The various strategies being used to support successful integration of new production lines, including how 3D simulation can certify cell and assembly line performanceSiemens offer integrator services3D modelingBefore the business of building a new line can begin, a period of development is required. This part of the line integration process ...

  • plant-1.jpg

    Plant reborn


    New material usageBody testingBeyond FreelanderAutomation in productionRaising the roofSealing the doorCustom paintMeeting expectationThe Land Rover Freelander 2 is not, by any definition, an entry-level model. Yet the new Range Rover Evoque, which borrows its layout from the Freelander, has undergone a series of major revisions in terms of its manufacturability ...

  • america-1.jpg

    How to make it in America


    Executives at three transplant OEM production sites in the United States discuss how their respective operations are developing and what challenges had to be overcome in order to achieve success in manufacturingClose relationshipsBenchmarking worksPeople powerProcess leadershipDecoupled shiftsDifferent future pathsNo restIn 1966, Nissan was the first transplant carmaker to set up ...

  • alu-1.jpg

    Aluminium gets tough


    Research into steel substitutionRecycling aluminium for automotive usageStadco predicts increased aluminium usageTesting to continueAMC takes shapeBreakthrough weight savingsThe advantages to be gained from using aluminium to build cars – whether as body panels, chassis solutions or powertrains – are now widely recognised. The material is significantly lighter than sheet steel, ...

  • wc1

    When carbon counts for the better


    An alternative to wet-chemical cleaningProcess technology – the decisive criterionComprehensive testing validates cleaning resultsRobot system with three nozzle arraysSmooth operation with many advantagesTopcoat line to go CO2As part of its drive towards greener paintshop processes, BMW has introduced a revolutionary cleaning technology at its Landshut plantTraditionally, plastic components for automobiles ...

  • goodproblem

    A good problem to have


    New models and plant makeoversPlant analysisNissan looks to lean productionToyota turns to technologyDomestic brands are quality winnersBankrupt in 2009, General Motors has a new problem; not being able to meet customer demand. GM’s VP of Manufacturing Diana Tremblay talks about increasing capacity, and analyst Ron Harbour explains how US carmakers ...

  • rm1

    Reality meets potential


    GM production set-upModulesGoing globalRapid responseImplementing efficienciesEngine and chassis productionBrazilian manufacturing chiefs from GM, PSA and Daimler reveal the key factors supporting record production figures - and whether those numbers are sustainableThe retail prices of new cars in Brazil have, like a lot of other products, been on the increase. But ...

  • ahead-1

    Forging ahead to reduce waste


    Alcoa helps reduce the weightLife cycle assessmentCorrect tool selection builds efficiencySolving large part size issuesBuilding value into raw castsBlast finishing for complex castsOver 90% of manufacturers across all industries rely on metal castings or forgings for production of their engineered goods. Automotive industry castings are worth around $28 billion annually, ...

  • Article

    Fischer appointed to Plant Manager of Ford Southampton


    Southampton, UK – Thomas Fischer has been appointed Plant Manager of Ford Southampton following the promotion of Martin Chapman to Operations Manager, Cologne plant.Fischer joined the Southampton plant in 2007 as area manager of trim and fi nal. More recently, he was responsible for quality and manufacturing engineering.Originally from Ulm, ...

  • digi-1

    AMS 10th Anniversary: Digital manufacturing


    Getting the full pictureVirtual part and plant developmentFull circleLegacy creates problemsThe first issue of AMS noted that General Motors had, in 2000, already been using simulation tools for over a decade. At plants around the world the company had put various software packages into widespread use in applications ranging from ...

  • times-2

    Changing times


    AMS magazine is 10 years old this year. During this time, it has reported on some of the most exciting - and turbulent - times in car making’s historyNano – a car for everymanHow globalization really panned outQuality expectationsWritten on the bodyIn the eye of the beholderPowertrain – testing timesFrom ...

  • korean-2

    Korea’s flexible carmakers


    These are hard times for carmakers, no matter where they are located. South Korean producers are facing market downturns, but hope to manufacture their way out of trouble by playing a series of flexible production equipment trump cards.Lighting solutionsPutting it togetherEight is the magic numberSomething new – something newFlexibility is ...

  • wd1

    Going in the white direction


    Splitting, thinning and wrinklingPressing mattersMoving things alongLaser-based welding controls the heatExtending the focusing lengthTechnology streaks aheadTests show positive resultsAdjustable system is requiredThe need for speedAdding a dimensionEnhanced inspection measurementsAs a vehicle’s largest structure, the body-in-white is deserving of the attention it receives from a process optimisation perspective. AMS looks at ...

  • jj1

    The Indian juggernaut


    Mercedes-Benz – the road to full manufacturingBMW looks to local marketsGM launches second plant in TalegaonFord undertakes powertrain expansionMahindra & Mahindra goes globalBajaj Auto’s new-age philosophyAs carmakers and suppliers around the world re-assess their position in the global market and adjust to economic uncertainty, India’s key automotive players have plans ...

  • mm1

    New methods for manufacturing


    Welding robotsMilitary spaceframesThroat sizeMoulding the linerPUR skinLFI InmoldTaking out the VOCsBy-passing the bridgeResearch effortScanning for accuracyProduction futureTier suppliers and manufacturers of vehicles outside the passenger car market have long been pioneers in the adoption of new technologies. AMS examines some of the latest innovations and techniques being used to cut ...

  • fp1

    Fit for automated purpose


    Greater product varietyDevelopments in weldingReprogrammable robotic devicesClose co-operation between user and supplierThere was a time when ‘hard’ automation – tailor-made, dedicated installations – was the trend, but things are moving to a more flexible approachIt appears that the use of robots in the automotive manufacturing sector is entering an unpredictable ...

  • nr1

    Navistar rising


    Vertical foundriesLeaving the transfer lineDistinguishing featuresCommonality and changeEnvironmental challengeQuality assurance stationsCompetitive cultureIn the face of emissions regulations, global competition and new materials, truckmaker Navistar is putting new manufacturing processes into effect. AMS talks to Vice President of Manufacturing Tom Horn about themTom Horn is the man responsible for the company’s ...