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    Fit for automated purpose


    Greater product varietyDevelopments in weldingReprogrammable robotic devicesClose co-operation between user and supplierThere was a time when ‘hard’ automation – tailor-made, dedicated installations – was the trend, but things are moving to a more flexible approachIt appears that the use of robots in the automotive manufacturing sector is entering an unpredictable ...

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    Navistar rising


    Vertical foundriesLeaving the transfer lineDistinguishing featuresCommonality and changeEnvironmental challengeQuality assurance stationsCompetitive cultureIn the face of emissions regulations, global competition and new materials, truckmaker Navistar is putting new manufacturing processes into effect. AMS talks to Vice President of Manufacturing Tom Horn about themTom Horn is the man responsible for the company’s ...

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    Hinrichs wants a revolution in robotics


    Forefront of efficiencyCompetitive operatingPriorities for recoveryThe role of robotsQuality gainsPlanning and programmingParamount safetyRobot wish listJoe Hinrichs has got a wish list. He wants to see robots on the shopfloor that will revolutionise productivity and offer new levels of skilled automation and safety. AMS talks to him about the future of ...

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    Two microns for good measure


    Pinpoint accuracyMillion-point metrologyErgonomics 101Safety firstImage is everything when it comes to measuring and inspection, and the meticulous accuracy of the latest digital holography tools promise great leaps forward in quality, safety and performanceThe new wave of digital holographic imaging technology developed at the University of Michigan is emerging as the ...

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    High stakes and great expectations


    Processes are digitally unifiedWork sharing from a global perspectiveVirtual assessment roomsFord’s virtual builds win plauditsProduct development cycles are reducedPressure pointsLean is the new themeDigital manufacturing is only now coming in to its own, and carmakers are using the virtual factory to assist in reducing time to market of products.But this ...

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    A platform for reduction


    Zero wasteTotal system approachCommon compatible chemistryValue analysisFord is minimising environmental impact while maximising cost efficiency and performance at its Dagenham plant in a collaboration with BPReducing manufacturing costs, whilst simultaneously minimising the effect automotive production activities can have on the environment, seems like an impossible task.Ford and BP have worked ...

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    Seamless integration at Jaguar


    When Jaguar closed down its Browns Lane facility in the UK recently, it had the daunting task of moving final assembly of its XK model to the nearby Castle Bromwich plant. It called on conveyor supplier Dürr to help solve the problem.Process of assembly has been improvedSuccesses to dateThe closure ...

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    Waste not, want not


    Environmental initiatives at GM and Ford are bringing real benefits across the manufacturing process and adding up well on the bottom line GM gets waste wiseBy products initiativeDesign, build and purchasingRemoving metalGreen oil and glassReplacing emulsionsPressing need for MQLMinimum lubricationVacuums and air conditioningModel for wasteSimple curesIn the early days of ...

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    Cross-breeding the brand in Kentucky


    Toyota’s popular Camry now comes in a hybrid version thanks to innovations and investment in the assembly line at Georgetown, Kentucky. AMS looks at how the manufacturing process has been modified to accommodate the new, cleaner model.Smooth transitionDesigned with visionMinor changesSimplified assemblyBypass processesToyota teamIncreasing hybrid ratiosProduct levellingToyota celebrated the production ...

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    Northern lights


    Volvo’s new C70 convertible is a stronger car thanks to the application of four new welding techniques. Niclas Palmquist, Manufacturing Engineering, Volvo Cars, describes how the Swedish company has surpassed its standardImproved body featuresLaser station from PermanovaA pillar accessWhen Volvo Cars set out to develop the new C70 convertible the ...

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    Building the perfect light curtain


    We don’t give them much thought, and nor should we – assuming they’re doing their job properly. AMS in conversation with Joe Lazarra and Sergio Aguilar at Omron STIFrequency selection/Scan codesCascading light curtainFixed blankingFloating blanking and mutingReduced resolutionOmron STI’s Joe Lazarra wants to change the way you think about light ...