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  • Drive-E 4 cylinder Diesel Engine - D3/D2 Front

    Diesel – is the final curtain about to fall?


    Car companies across Europe are facing a serious problem with their diesel line-ups; whether it is the loss of consumer confidence following the VW crisis, or a rising environmental awareness among consumers, coupled with evident official policy moving against diesel, barely a week goes by without reports of declining diesel ...

  • BMW Brilliance battery production

    BMW Brilliance boosts battery output


    China - Just months after opening the facility , the BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) joint venture has announced an expansion to its battery plant in Shenyang. New batteries for the BMW iX3, which is set for launch in 2020, will be made here. "Today, we break ground for the next ...

  • Pre-production of the new Volvo S90 in the Daqing manufacturing plant

    A global future


    Now Chinese-owned Volvo enters its tenth decade looking stronger than ever. Ian Henry reports Ford had owned Swedish carmaker since 1999, but had never been able to integrate it into the rest of its operations. Nonetheless, when Geely bought Volvo it found a company full of new ideas and plans ...

  • BMW 1 Series paintshop

    BMW starts Leipzig extension


    Germany - The OEM revealed its intension to expand the plant back in July 2017 . It originally said the cost would total around €200m (US$234.82m), but has revised that figure to €300m. Construction work has started to extend and update both the bodyshop and paintshop. 500 new robots ...

  • ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, LLC

    Foreign policy friction


    Tariffs on steel imports, NAFTA renegotiation and the return to sanctions on Iran have been at the centre of recent policy actions by the US president; the implications for the auto industry are potentially severe but how things will develop are far from clear. The decision to impose tariffs on ...

  • Robert Engelhorn BMW

    BMW shuffles production personal


    Germany - Robert Engelhorn is set to take over as director of the OEM's plant in Munich. Previously head of the technology and production division at the BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) joint venture in China, Engelhorn will succeed Milan Nedeljkovic, who is assuming management responsibility for the corporate quality division. ...

  • EV disruptors Faraday Future

    Gente nova no pedaço


    Muitas empresas emergentes promissoras estão procurando entrar no segmento de veículos elétricos De todas as forças perturbadoras que ameaçam derrubar as montadoras estabelecidas, a ascensão da energia elétrica poderia ser a primeira a dar o seu golpe. Afinal de contas, esta é uma tecnologia comprovada que pode ser rapidamente adaptada, ...

  • EV disruptors Faraday Future

    Los nuevos chicos del barrio


    Muchas empresas emergentes intentan introducirse en el prometedor segmento de los vehículos eléctricos Las marcas automotrices se enfrentan siempre a las amenazas de las nuevas tecnologías, pero el auge de la energía eléctrica es ahora la principal. Se trata de una tecnología demostrada que cualquier nueva empresa puede adaptar, diseñar ...

  • Electric Vehicles 2018 cover copy

    Out now: Electric Vehicles 2018


    As governments and vehicle-makers turn away from combustion engines, the time for EVs is now In this era of stricter regulations, commitment to the environment and energetic competition, alternatively-powered vehicles are central to every OEMs production strategy. While the take up of electrified vehicles over the past two decades has ...

  • Generation EQ

    Smarter EV production


    As it launches ‘electric intelligence’ models, Mercedes-Benz is also adapting its factories for flexible production At first there was some confusion over what Mercedes-Benz meant when it announced that it was creating an ‘EQ’ division. Was it to be a line-up of cars which would directly challenge BMW’s i models, ...

  • BMW i8 Roadster line

    Integrating i vehicles


    Separate production lines are used to build conventionally powered vehicles and the electrified i models at BMW Leipzig, but this could soon change A gulf remains between electric vehicles (EVs)and those that are powered solely by internal combustion engines (ICEs). This is evident in consumer demand, in range, in cost ...

  • GWM Chongqing plant construction copy

    Great Wall Motors builds new plant


    China - The OEM has started constructing a new manufacturing base in Yongchuan, Chongqing. It is costing 4.5 billion yuan (US$710m) and is expected to be completed before the end of 2019. "For this project, Great Wall Motors (GWM) will run at a higher and newer starting point," commented the ...

  • eTwinsterX cut model

    Driving the EV revolution


    Behind the scenes, suppliers are hard at work developing a range of innovative technologies that are underpinning the race toward electrification GKN unveiled the eTwinsterX at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show New electrified concept cars are flooding motor shows, with OEMs looking to deliver on their promises to offer ...

  • Toyota Panasonic

    A bigger bet on BEVs


    Most famous for its hybrids, especially the Prius, Toyota is now widening its focus to battery-electric vehicles Until relatively recently, Toyota positioned battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as a niche solution for short-range urban mobility. This stance led directly to the launch of models like the i-Road, an ultra-compact electric commuter ...

  • EV disruptors Faraday Future

    New kids on the block


    Many promising start-ups are looking to crack the electric vehicle segment Of all the disrupting forces threatening to unseat established automakers, the rise of electric power could be first to strike. After all, this is a proven technology that can be swiftly adapted, engineered and marketed by any start-up company ...

  • Mercedes-Benz EQC

    Planos de produção elevados


    A AMS oferece um resumo dos mais recentes planos para eletrificação delineados por vários OEMs em todo o mundo Praticamente todos os dias, temos notícias de uma montadora anunciando o lançamento de um novo veículo elétrico ou fazendo projeções de crescimento nos segmentos de veículo elétrico a bateria (VEB), híbrido ...

  • BMW i3_production_cell

    The case for carbon fibre


    The launch of the i3 has changed the conversation about the future application of carbon fibre in vehicle structures