AMS Summer 2023 – JLR goes electric

Front Cover Summer 2023-LR

In our AMS Summer digital edition, we have features on JLR’s plans to transform its end-to-end industrial system, ready for new electric models, Seat’s technical upgrades to production operations and upskilling the workforce, and insights into developments at Audi’s Neckarsulm plant, and more.

Front Cover Summer 2023-LR


Our Summer digital edition features insights from Barbara Bergmeier, Executive Director of Industrial Operations, on upgrading JLR’s production for EVs and driving digitalisation. We also have an interview with Markus Haupt, board member in charge of production and logistics at Seat who discusses investing in and adjusting production operations to meet the requirements for EV production, and the importance of training for the workforce. Audi’s Neckarsulm plant manager Fred Schulze explains why digitalisation and sustainability are important areas of focus at the plant and echoing Markus Haupt, he comments on the need to maintain high skill levels in the workforce and the importance of ongoing and targeted training programmes. 

The development and widening of applications for digital tools continues as highlighted in two technical features in this issue. BMW has been putting to good use all the data they have been gathering from 3D scanning their production operations. The OEM’s newest plant at Debrecen in Hungary has been designed, constructed and had its processes and equipment validated entirely in a sophisticated virtual simulation before it has been built in the real world. An impressive demonstration of the growing power and importance of the digitalisation process. The second feature focusses on press shop operations with a look at how digital tools and AI have combined to monitor and improve process efficiency in press and stamping lines.

India has long been seen as the next big thing, due to its growing middle class and high demand for vehicles, but it has struggled to get there. Will new investment and growing vehicle demand help it realise its potential? AMS takes a look at the country’s automotive OEMs and their plans for production.


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  • JLR: Executive Director of Industrial Operations, Barbara Bergmeier discusses driving digitalisation, sustainability and resilience across the OEM’s operations
  • Seat: Markus Haupt, board member in charge of production and logistics at Seat on digital tools, shopfloor innovations and multi-brand manufacturing
  • Audi: Neckarsulm plant manager Fred Schulze, talks about preparing the factory to produce more EV models, with a focus on digitalisation and sustainability
  • EVs: Paul Belanger, Gestamp’s R&D Director for North America on how OEMs are developing flexible EV platform designs to meet market demands 
  • EVs: AMTE CEO Alan Hollis discusses ramping up battery cell production, establishing a Gigafactory and developing a flexible, sustainable manufacturing approach
  • India: Will new investment and growing vehicle demand help India’s automotive industry realise its potential?
  • Technology: Creating a smart press shop with advanced digital monitoring and AI-supported systems
  • Technology: Read how BMW’s newest plant at Debrecen has been entirely designed, constructed and validated in a sophisticated virtual simulation
  • Events:  Ahead of the EMO Hannover event, AMS  previews what future insights the OEMs and tier-1 suppliers in attendance can expect to find
  • Events: The Battery Show Europe: AMS caught up with some of the key players involved to find out the key takeaways from the show

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