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  • Magna seating Chomutov

    Magna opens seat facility


    Czech Republic - The supplier recently started making seats at its new plant in Chomutov, which is located in north west of the country. It is being used to provide seating in various configurations for a number of BMW models. "This is a big win for our employees as well ...

  • Volvo Cars recycled plastics

    Não desperdice…


    Karen McCandless reporta sobre projetos de reciclagem de fabricantes de veículos, desde garrafas de plástico até baterias de veículos elétricos Conforme os números de produção de veículos continuam a aumentar, de 11,9 milhões em 2013 para 17 milhões em 2017, os esforços de gerenciamento de resíduos da indústria automotiva continuam ...

  • Volvo Cars recycled plastics

    Prohibido malgastar


    Karen McCandless nos informa sobre los proyectos de reciclaje de los constructores automotrices, desde botellas de plástico a baterías de vehículos eléctricos La producción de vehículos sigue en aumento, de los 11.9 millones de 2013 a 17 millones en 2017, estos datos obligan al sector a seguir aumentando sus esfuerzos ...

  • Ian Henry

    Food for thought in Paris


    So many big names were absent from this year’s Paris motor show that the long-term future of these events must soon be called into question. Nissan, Volvo, Opel, Ford and Fiat in particular were notable no-shows. Audi and Skoda had a presence, but the Volkswagen brand was perhaps the biggest ...

  • Luc Chatel - PFA

    A European focus


    The third edition of the French automotive forum offered insights into the region’s production footprint and OEM e-mobility strategies. Nick Holt reports The 3rd FEAL Auto forum placed its focus on the Hauts-de-France, seen as a primary region for automotive manufacturing. The event highlighted the strong commitment from both ...

  • continuous liquid interface production (CLIP

    Fact, not fiction


    Mike Farish reports on a sci-fi inspired additive technique that’s gaining interest with automotive manufacturers New items of technology often get hyped as being like something from science fiction, but in the case of one of the most innovative and unusual additive techniques now on the market, continuous liquid ...

  • Audi Győr Hungary - Production of the Audi Q3: body shop

    Audi Hungaria starts making Q3


    Hungary - The OEM has started making the second generation of its compact SUV at its plant in Győr, which is situated in the north west. The Q3 is now the fifth model being produced at the facility, sharing production lines with the A3 Sedan and Cabriolet, as well as ...

  • Volvo Cars recycled plastics

    Waste not…


    Karen McCandless reports on vehicle-maker recycling projects ranging from plastic bottles to electric vehicle batteries As vehicle production numbers continue to increase, up from 11.9m in 2013 to 17m in 2017, so do the automotive industry’s waste management efforts continue to improve. The waste generated per unit produced in ...

  • BMW C Evolution

    Two-wheel e-mobility


    BMW’s e-mobility ambitions have not been limited to four wheels; Nick Holt visits the company’s Berlin plant to see how its sophisticated C evolution maxi scooter is built

  • Nissan Auto China 2018 Leaf

    Japanese OEMs target China for EVs


    An increasing number of car manufacturers based in the US and Europe are turning their sights on China, especially since authorities recently promised to abolish the rule that companies outside the country can own a maximum stake of 50% in joint ventures with Chinese companies. Tesla was among the first ...

  • OEM Europe N America

    Transatlantic ventures


    Volvo is the latest European marque to take up a North American manufacturing base. As Ian Henry reports, it joins Germany’s giants in exploring the benefits while coping with the complexities… Steeled for battle in Spartanburg BMW has been very critical of the decision by President Trump to apply tariffs ...

  • Volvo Charleston robots

    The Scandinavian settlement


    A new plant has been born in an extremely turbulent political environment – Volvo’s first in the US. Michael Nash reports Volvo Cars has officially opened its first plant in the US. Construction began at Charleston, South Carolina, back in 2015, with president and CEO Håkan Samuelsson highlighting the importance ...

  • central europe Kecskemet Mercedes

    Centro de operações


    O investimento em novas fábricas e a expansão das instalações existentes mostram que a Europa Central está no cerne das estratégias regionais dos fabricantes de veículos À primeira vista, a produção de veículos na Europa central - essencialmente os antigos países do bloco comunista a oeste da fronteira russa - ...

  • central europe Kecskemet Mercedes

    Central de operaciones


    La inversión en nuevas plantas y la expansión de las existentes en Europa Central demuestra que esta región está en el centro de las estrategias de producción de los constructores automotrices A primera vista, Europa Central – esencialmente la región de los antiguos países comunistas al oeste de Rusia – ...

  • central europe Kecskemet Mercedes

    Centre of operations


    Investment in new plants and expansion of existing facilities shows central Europe to be at the heart of vehicle manufacturers’ regional strategies At first glance, vehicle production in central Europe – essentially the former communist bloc countries west of the Russian border – appears to centre on Volkswagen with its ...

  • 4th generation A-class at Valmet Automotive

    Valmet marks 50th year of operation


    Finland - The contract manufacturer is celebrating its 50th anniversary at all its facilities. It currently produces vehicles for several companies, including Daimler, BMW and Porsche. "Already for five decades, we have demonstrated that our work, know-how and engineering skills are world class," commented Olaf Bongwald, CEO, Valmet Automotive. "We ...

  • Nedcar_controllelijn_01_39L_CMYK kopie

    Um caso forte para o aço


    Com o impulso para a eletrificação de motor e transmissão ganhando força, os produtores de aço de alta resistência estão se preparando para lucrar, relata James Bakewell Em 2017, as vendas globais de veículos elétricos a bateria (BEVs) e veículos elétricos híbridos plug-in (PHEVs) atingiram 1,3 milhão de unidades, segundo ...

  • Nedcar_controllelijn_01_39L_CMYK kopie

    El acero se reivindica


    Los fabricantes de aceros de alta resistencia se posicionan ante el inminente dominio de los vehículos eléctricos. Informe de James Bakewell En 2017 las ventas de vehículos eléctricos de baterías (VEB) y de híbridos enchufables (HE) alcanzaron los 1.3m de unidades, según Frédéric Painchault, director de marketing automotriz en la ...

  • BMW plant Hungary

    BMW splashes on new plant


    Hungary - The german carmaker has announced it will build an assembly plant in Hungary next year, near the town of Debrecen in the east of the country. Debrecen was selected because of the advantages it offered in terms of infrastructure, logistics connections and proximity to the supplier network. BMW ...

  • Ralf Brandstätter Volkswagen

    VW announces two appointments


    Germany - Ralf Brandstätter has been named COO of the Volkswagen brand. He will lead its operating business while also remaining the company's board member for procurement. "Ralf Brandstätter has outstanding commercial and technical expertise. In the newly-created function of COO he will make a decisive contribution to taking the ...