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    Layer upon layer


    Researchers at Ford Dearborn are keen to see additive manufacturing move on from its prototyping origins and into the mainstream volume production process In itself, there is nothing new about the automotive industry’s use of the set of techniques generally known as additive manufacturing or 3D printing, in which objects ...

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    Stackers of steel


    Six Kuka KR 1000 titan robots are providing new flexibility in production at steel supplier Mannstaedt Based in Troisdorf in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Mannstaedt can trace its origins back nearly 200 years. Today, the company is part of the Georgsmarienhütte Group and specialises in the manufacture of ...

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    Layer upon layer


    Researchers at Ford Dearborn are keen to see additive manufacturing move on from its prototyping origins and into the mainstream volume production process In itself, there is nothing new about the automotive industry’s use of the set of techniques generally known as additive manufacturing or 3D printing, in which objects ...

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    Keeping up with demand


    Upgrading its San Luis Potosi plant, Plastic Omnium asked robotics experts at ABB to fit out the new paintshop for automotive components production When Plastic Omnium (PO) realised that many of the world’s major vehicle manufacturers were upgrading or building new plants in Mexico, it decided to respond. The likes ...

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    KUKA Webinar: Future of Robotics


    We are all regularly presented with inventions and disruptive technology that prompt us to ask, are they fads or here to stay? Whether it was radio, micro-computers or even the internet, predicting which technology trends would become indispensable always made for fascinating discussion. In automotive manufacturing, an essential innovation under ...

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    Fazendo o trabalho leve


    Forte, rígida e leve, estas propriedades tornam o ferramental para peças compostas uma proposição atraente como apoio de fabricação e de produção Para formação de chapa de metal, matrizes de resina epóxi foram utilizadas pela primeira vez na década de 1950. Estas eram muitas vezes preenchidas com pó de aço ...

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    Utillaje de material compuesto


    Resistencia, rigidez y ligereza. Estas propiedades hacen que los materiales compuestos sean una propuesta muy atractiva para la fabricación de utillaje y ayudas a la producción En el conformado de chapa, las matrices de resina epoxi se utilizaron por primera vez en la década de 1950. Estos materiales termoestables a ...

  • Kia Pesqueria

    Kia's brave new world


    The South Korean OEM has just opened a state-of-the-art factory at Pesquería in Mexico, but political problems are preventing this first Latin American manufacturing base from reaching its full potential A sun-scorched hilltop in Monterrey provides the perfect view of Kia Motors’ first Latin American factory: a gleaming white ...

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    强硬、坚韧、轻质,这些性能使复合材料成为制造商在制模和生产过程中最为看好的性质。 在薄钢板成型上,环氧树脂首次应用于20世纪50年代。这些热固性塑料通常会填充钢粉或沙子,来提高耐磨性和机械性能。灌注聚氨酯(PU)是从20世纪70年代开始使用。最近,高性能聚酰胺(PPA)开始被应用。这些热固性塑料因为玻璃纤维和很多填充物提高了耐磨性、机械强度和润滑性。 这些模具生产起来比金属的要更快、更便宜。尽管好处诸多,但是高分子复合材料模具比原来的模具材料缺乏强度。此外,因为还不清楚这种材料失败的作用机制,模具仍然是在经验和直觉的基础上设计出来,通常情况下都是采用金属模具的设计规律制造的。所有这些都说明,使用复合材料塑模很大程度上都是受到小批量生产和制造原型零部件的限制。 Audi says that it achieved an energy saving of over 10% through the use of these tools 采用复合法 但是用“复合材料的方法”制造金属成型工具 — 即在适当的地方使用适当的金属 — 能够产生牵引力,并且结果非常良好。 在德国因戈尔施塔特冲压车间,奥迪公司使用了多金属物质结构生产模具,据称要比传统方案在重量上轻20%,稳定性上增加10%。 传统的冲压模具词用铸铁,重量会达到45吨。通过选择性使用铸铁、铝和塑料 — 以及增材制造等技术 — 奥迪公司将这些模具的重量能降低到8吨。 此外,奥迪公司从根本上改变了设计,提高了模具的稳定性。在冲压上,一个模具能够承受最高2,500吨的压力。压力会随着不断重复塑形和切削加工而加大。为了解决这个问题,传统的模具都是铸铁十字螺纹的形式,这种配置也在板料冲压生产中使用。 在奥迪轻量模具中,基础结构中的共性能够产生高水平的稳定性,从而提高了力的传递。有些形状源于自然,模仿树叶或人的骨头。这就能保证刚度,并减少近20%的材料。 改进模具效率 奥迪公司称,新的模具在加工板材是能够更快,更精确,而且磨损更好。总体来讲,公司称这些模具能够节省10%以上的能源。 奥迪公司工具制造部长Michael Breme说:“有了这种轻量复合结构,我们能够在Audi Toolmaking制定新的标准。我们就可以生产更加复杂、更加高效、高质量模具,从而进一步优化我们的制造程序。” "碳纤维非常理想,因为它大力提高了工序效益,降低了偏差、振动,而且轻质" - Toni Roda, ABB Robotics 复合材料在钻模生产中的潜力巨大。这种潜力首次体现在北美所使用的碳纤维增强复合材料(CFRP)钻模上,这在10年之前Ford Mustang汽车的阀盖安装上有采用过。 该项目主要研究人员,即西华盛顿大学汽车研究学院(VRI)主任Eric ...

  • Audi develops a new generation of tools

    Making light work


    Strong, stiff and light, these properties make composites a compelling proposition for the manufacture of tooling and production aids In sheet metal forming, epoxy resin dies were first used in the 1950s. These thermosets were often filled with steel powder or sand to increase their wear resistance and mechanical properties. ...

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    Hexagon Webinar: Big Data metrology and 3D process control


    From the progressive assembly line to lean manufacturing principles, the automotive industry has always led the way in manufacturing technology. As the industry faces ever shorter design-to-production times, automotive manufacturers and suppliers have embraced industrial metrology and 3D measurement as enablers of quality and productivity. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is ...

  • Roberta Shea

    Shea moves to Universal Robots


    Denmark – Replacing Lasse Kieffer, Roberta Shea will step into the role of global technical compliance officer on September 19. She will be based at the company headquarters in Odense. “My overall mission is to demystify robots and make sure that the deployment barriers are broken down. I am ...

  • APS 2016

    OUT NOW: Latest edition of APS


    This year's issue of Automotive Paintshop Solutions is now available to view for free here , covering the latest developments by paint suppliers, current paintshop projects by vehicle-makers, trends in robotics, the most advanced quality-control technologies and software to improve energy efficiency. The in-depth articles are as follows: Keeping ...

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    Choices for China


    BAIC ZengCheng’s new plant is a typical example of perfect collaboration between a customer’s requirements and ABB’s expertise ABB Paint automation started in early 2000. It quickly became a leader in paint automation for all industries including tier one and GI with a special focus towards automotive, with more than ...

  • VarioInspect, Eisenmann

    Seeing the light


    With the attractiveness of a vehicle’s finish being key to purchasing decisions, automotive manufacturers are striving for better means of quality control. AMS reports on the most sophisticated technologies available One thing that has not changed in the automotive market is that the appearance of a vehicle in the ...

  • Component painting, Durr

    Power to the machines


    While human flexibility offers special advantages in the assembly hall, modern paintshops rely heavily on automation to tackle hostile conditions and a strong need for consistency. AMS reviews the recent trends Robotic technologies have for decades been centre stage in automotive manufacturing. The industry is top of the league ...

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    Light work of heavy loads


    KUKA Robotics and Boll Automation use Binspect vision system to optimise production of axles for commercial vehicles, helping to reduce the physical strain on employees and to increase efficiency In recent decades, commercial vehicle manufacturers have experienced rapid changes in the production of axles. The demands on drive-train modules in ...

  • Klemens Bartmann

    Interview: Klemens Bartmann, Axalta


    As the coatings company turns 150 years old, its global technology director reflects on the sector’s trends, challenges and opportunities – including new materials, environmental concerns and multi-functionality Klemens Bartmann, Axalta Coating SystemsJoanne Perry (JP): Can you briefly outline the differences in requirements between coatings for light vehicles and those ...

  • PaintExpo 2016

    Mixing together at PaintExpo


    At the latest coatings show, held in Karlsruhe, Germany, in April, companies from a range of industries converged to share ideas and innovations. AMS went to see what might be of interest to automotive players Other shows have come and gone, but PaintExpo continues to develop as ...

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    Cobot companions


    The sight of human operators working side by side with automated 'colleagues' is a growing one, each working to their strengths and sharing the task at hand The idea of robots as large, expensive pieces of equipment for arduous tasks in hazardous environments is no longer wholly valid. Though that ...