As automotive manufacturers ramp up electric vehicle and battery volumes, they are managing compressed timelines for product development and serial production, gaining an edge by getting to market sooner. In response, OEMs and suppliers are leveraging new EV architectures and implementing strategies to simplify production processes and increase flexibility, including microfactories, modular concepts and software-driven technology.

After a short presentation on highly flexible production strategies from e.GO Vice-President, Global Microfactory Technology Dr Matthias Preuß, a panel of experts from emerging and established manufacturers in Europe joined him to discuss how they are transforming automotive production for a new era of flexibility and speed.

Christopher Ludwig interviewed Dr Matthias Preuß, about Next e.GO’s hyper-flexible microfactory strategy and what it brings to the industry. 

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Dr Matthias Preuß, Vice-President, Global Microfactory Technology, Next e.GO Mobile
Johannes Buehrle
, Head of Global Industry and Business Development for Mobility, Trumpf

Hosted by Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, AMS and Ultima Media

The 1st Automotive Evolution Europe took place December 6-7 in Munich. See highlights, videos, photos and learn more information here.

The 2nd Automotive Evolution Europe will take place November 22-23, 2023 back in Munich, Germany.

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Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief
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