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  • AMS NA cover sq

    Out now: North America 2018


    When it comes to America and automotive manufacturing, some things are impossible to ignore. Foremost among them are: The Big Three, the light truck segment and Trump. In our latest global region supplement, we bring you the full set. In this AMS special supplement we examine a region ...

  • Forging the deal

    Forging the deals


    Ian Henry examines the key trends in the North American automotive supplier sector where technological progress and feisty trade policies continue to present a range of business challenges With rapid technology change across the sector as the automotive market accelerates into the era of electrification, the uncertainty over the future ...

  • central europe Kecskemet Mercedes

    Centre of operations


    Investment in new plants and expansion of existing facilities shows central Europe to be at the heart of vehicle manufacturers’ regional strategies At first glance, vehicle production in central Europe – essentially the former communist bloc countries west of the Russian border – appears to centre on Volkswagen with its ...

  • ABB Paint atomizer

    The best of our Ability


    A solution portfolio for automating and digitising paint lines, ABB Ability solutions for paint provide car manufacturers with a leaner operation with greater precision and earlier fault detection Today’s automotive production is characterised by short product life cycles as well as a multitude of models and variants, which are manufactured ...

  • Multimatic267 PS300

    Stay in control


    Manufacturers face many risks – safety hazards, poor quality, disrupted cycles – leading to loss in time, money and reputation Throughout the years, automotive manufacturers and integrators were introduced to numerous systems to reduce risk, ensure quality, operate at high production levels, and reduce costs while maximising return on investment ...

  • Article

    Robôs em ascensão


    Avanços na robótica andam de mãos dadas com novas abordagens para a fabricação de automóveis, escreve Chris Pickering A indústria automotiva está em uma encruzilhada. A diante será estabelecida a remodelação mais radical em uma geração, com tendências disruptivas, como eletrificação, condução autônoma e materiais leves, trazendo oportunidade e incerteza ...

  • Comau Open Gate Alfa Romeo Cassino

    El auge de los robots


    Los avances en robótica van de la mano con los nuevos conceptos de producción automotriz. Artículo de Chris Pickering La industria automotriz se encuentra ante una encrucijada. Se vislumbra el cambio más radical de toda una generación y las tendencias que provocarán un cambio paradigmático, como la electrificación, conducción autónoma ...

  • Kuka robots

    Kamaz teams up with Kuka


    Munich - The two companies have signed a global strategic agreement that will give the vehicle maker exclusive rights to purchase certain industrial robots and technologies from Kuka. Although they have been working together for 25 years, the companies think that the agreement "takes the cooperation of the two companies ...

  • Comau Open Gate Alfa Romeo Cassino

    Robots on the rise


    Advances in robotics go hand in hand with new approaches to automotive manufacturing, writes Chris Pickering The automotive industry is at a crossroads. Ahead lays the most radical shake-up in a generation, with disruptive trends such as electrification, autonomous driving and lightweight materials bringing opportunity and uncertainty in equal measure. ...

  • Electric Vehicles 2018 cover copy

    Out now: Electric Vehicles 2018


    As governments and vehicle-makers turn away from combustion engines, the time for EVs is now In this era of stricter regulations, commitment to the environment and energetic competition, alternatively-powered vehicles are central to every OEMs production strategy. While the take up of electrified vehicles over the past two decades has ...


    Switched on to new EV processes


    The boost in electric vehicles poses challenges for traditional manufacturing. ABB’s Michael Larsson explains how robotic automation can help solve them What are some of the latest key trends in the electric vehicle (EV) market? Technological advances coupled with regulatory pressures on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are leading ...

  • Toyota electric motor

    Toyota investigates rare earth element reduction in EVs


    Toyota has developed a new magnet that uses significantly less neodymium, which is a rare earth element commonly used to create magnets for electrified vehicles. It also contains no terbium or dysprosium - two rare earth elements that are needed to create heat-resistant neodymium magnets. The OEM believes that the ...

  • Audi FAW paintshop Changchun

    The secret behind the shine


    ABB Robotics is helping Audi achieve high levels of quality and consistency in its sealing and coating operation With automated painting processes at Audi’s plant in Changchun, China, clean and shining Audi A4Ls are rolling out one by one. This paintshop includes under-body coating, interior seam sealing, cosmetic sealing and ...

  • FANUC Dual-arc-welding-laser guided

    Seeing things clearly


    AMS reports on the most recent developments in the use of machine vision technology for quality control applications in automotive manufacturing In response to rapid and sustained improvements in machine vision technologies, a growing number of automotive manufacturing OEMs and suppliers are now deploying such systems in a wider ...

  • The one-millionth Porsche 911

    Not too posh to push


    Porsche has been expanding its production and achieving record results – with some assistance from Volkswagen Group facilities Both an iconic name in the automotive industry and a core part of the Volkswagen Group, Porsche has been facilitating its rising production in recent years by relying heavily on Group resources ...

  • GEAR Gear_welding

    Photonic precision


    Light is a fascinating manufacturing tool enabling laser technologies and applications for materials processing tasks of all scales and sizes Systems for industrial laser applications like cutting, welding and surface processing are well established, reliable and cost efficient production tools with clear technical advantages due to their wear-free highly localised ...

  • SRB inner ring measured

    Smart rotation


    SKF looks to digitalise its business model and manufacturing operations. AMS spoke to Luc Graux, director of manufacturing and process development, to find more about the impact of IoT What effect is the move to an I4.0 based operation having on SKF’s production? We are certainly trying to apply ...

  • Bystronic

    Mobile bending robot


    Its new mobile bending robot can be retrofitted to any Xpert 40 press brake in the field, says Bystronic. The company claims the automation module can be interfaced to the press brake in a plug-and-play arrangement and only takes a short time for users to set up the robotics and ...

  • special technology modules

    Automated welding processes


    From special technology modules to box PC to control technology and drives for robotics, Baumüller claims it provides a wide range of solutions for material handling and robotics applications. One example of the company’s automation capabilities is a QIROX QRH-280 six-axis welding robot from Cloos. The robot is completely automated ...

  • Training centre, BMW San Luis Potosi

    BMW opens Mexican training centre


    Mexico – Located at the OEM’s San Lui Potosí plant which is due to open in 2019, the new training centre covers 6,000 sq.m and has 11 workshops for employees plus apprentices from three educational institutions. The centre was built at a cost of $9m. Hermann Bohrer, president and CEO ...