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  • VW-AWS industrial cloud crop

    Industrial Cloud – AMS Expert Interview with Amazon Web Services

    2022-12-02T11:56:00Z Sponsored by Amazon Web Services – Automotive

    AMS speaks with Karthik Krishnamurthy, global strategy and business development leader, Automotive, AWS, about the development and application of cloud-based services and solutions for the automotive industry, and how these can support managing data, avoiding silos and networking production.

  • Bin-Pick-3-e1544723610364

    Cobots – AMS Expert Interview with Magswitch


    Taking a collaborative approach: Developments and opportunities for cobot applications in automotive production

  • Magswitch_Industrial I beam resize

    Flexible materials handling – AMS Expert Interview with Magswitch


    AMS talks with Cengiz Kizilkan, president of Magswitch Technology Europe, to discuss the company’s latest surface adapting technology and the current trends around flexibility and e-mobility in automotive manufacturing operations

  • Factory-Render-Britishvolt-3

    Charging ahead: preparing for the UK’s first gigafactory – AMS podcast with Britishvolt


    For this podcast AMS interviewed Britishvolt’s CIO, David Threlfall to talk about progress with the gigafactory, developing the digital infrastructure for production, building in sustainable and flexible processes.

  • fossil-free_steel_bar_500g_vs_standard_steel_7254

    Creating sustainable steel – AMS Expert Interview with SSAB


    In this podcast steel producer SSAB discusses how it is targeting fossil free production as the drive for sustainable materials in automotive applications gathers pace

  • ABB Robotics PixelPaint Art Car_Illusorr design

    Flexible paintshop processes – AMS Expert Interview with ABB


    In this podcast ABB Robotics discusses a new paint application technology for automotive applications that supports demands for greater personalisation of vehicles, while also improving the sustainability and flexibility of processes

  • EBG_Cobot_Automotive_LS

    Exclusive Podcast: Automation and reality – bridging the disconnect

    2021-11-17T18:44:00Z Author Mitsubishi Electric

    The constant advance of digital, communication and robotic technologies means that engineers are now looking at the ‘automation of automation’. It sounds exciting, but what does it mean in the real world of manufacturing and production?

  • DOW_Mobility_images_AMS_884294_3_600x400

    Material science developments for low carbon mobility

    2021-11-15T15:38:00Z Author Dow

    Sustainability is a high priority throughout the automotive supply chain and suppliers are working more closely than ever with their clients to deliver sustainable solution at every stage of the vehicle build. Delving deep into this we look at how developments in material science are enabling low carbon mobility in electric and internal combustion vehicles.

  • Hybrit pilot plant

    Fossil Free Steel


    The sustainability of the supply chain is a high priority for car makers and tier suppliers. To find out how this is impacting materials suppliers AMS spoke with two experts from SSAB, Thomas Hörnfeldt, vice president for sustainable business and Robert Ström, senior design expert at the company’s Knowledge Service Centre.

  • ArcelorMittal XCarb podcast

    Decarbonising steel production


    Last year ArcelorMittal set out its strategy for decarbonising steel production. The steel producer has now launched a number of new initiatives to support this under the XCarb brand.

  • NEV2016033G0277

    Preparing for future paintshop technologies


    GeicoTaikisha has consolidated its technological know-how and commercial position at a global level by acquiring three engineering companies. AMS spoke with Daryush Arabnia, Chairman, President & CEO of GeicoTaikisha Group, to find out more about the acquisition, industry trends and technical challenges.

  • 200116SteelanolOpbouw_0072 (1)

    Making steel sustainable


    A key challenge for automotive materials producers is to lower the carbon footprint in the production process to ensure this contributes to meeting Paris Agreement targets.

  • IMG_2818

    AMS Podcast Episode 07 – Perfecting the paintshop


    To get some insight into how vehicle makers are adapting their paintshop operations to meet the needs of electric vehicle production and improve the sustainabilty of the paint process, Nick Holt spoke to Dennis Taljan, general manager for PPG’s Automotive OEM services division

  • Equipmake_005 crop

    AMS Podcast Episode 06 – Investing in the future


    The AMS Podcast takes you behind the scenes of the world’s most fascinating vehicle and component production plants. We explore the processes, problems… and solutions, and hear from the automotive manufacturing experts who make it all work.

  • SSAB 3

    AMS Podcast Episode 05


    The AMS Podcast returns with a three-part bumper episode. The team discuss the TPCA joint venture facility in the Czech Republic. Episode sponsored by SSAB

  • kontrolakvality5

    AMS Podcast Episode 05 Pt 1 – PSA and Toyota make the Czech list


    The AMS Podcast returns with a three-part bumper episode. The team discuss the TPCA joint venture facility in the Czech Republic. Episode sponsored by SSAB

  • Ford transit

    AMS Podcast Episode 01


    The very first AMS podcast rolls off the assembly line and the team discuss two giants of automotive manufacturing, Toyota and Ford.

  • VW e-golf

    AMS Podcast Episode 02


    We focus on emobility for this episode as Gareth Price sheds light on Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory. The unconventional facility in Dresden repurposed to assemble the eGolf is also a showcase for VW’s e-mobility philosophy.

  • BMW scooter

    AMS Podcast Episode 03


    With absolutely no apologies for quoting Slade, AMS Editor Nick Holt and AMS Deputy Editor Gareth Price see this Christmas as the ideal time to look back at a selection of topics featured in AMS magazine during 2018.

  • Steel

    AMS Podcast Episode 04


    AMS Editor Nick Holt describes his visit to Ovako’s steel foundry in Sweden where high strength engineering steel for long products is made, while Assistant Editor Michael Nash talks about his tour of Russia which included visits to Volkswagen and Volvo Trucks plants.