Automotive OEMs and suppliers aim to transform existing and new factories into a new generation of smart factories that produce vehicles sustainably. With the convergence of digitalisation and electrification, manufacturing engineers are reimagining production flows, redesigning layouts and supplier processes, and using connected equipment and visibility across plants to build up digital twins to both anticipate issues and simulate different scenarios, speeding up production changes.

In this session, learn more about both the cutting-edge technologies, partnerships and the simple steps Europe’s industry is taking to future-proof factories and quicken the rollout of new technology, battery and EV production.

Dr Seonhi Ro, Industry 4.0 Specialist, Ford Research and Advanced Manufacturing Europe
Erich Barnstedt, Lead Architect for Azure, Microsoft

Hosted by Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, AMS and Ultima Media 

The 1st Automotive Evolution Europe took place December 6-7 in Munich. See highlights, videos, photos and learn more information here.

The 2nd Automotive Evolution Europe will take place November 22-23, 2023 back in Munich, Germany.

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Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief
Ahmo Saric, senior content producer   

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