To achieve ambitions in electrification and sustainability, carmakers and battery producers across Europe are upgrading facilities, equipment and systems to stay competitive with other regions and new players. That means optimising value streams to ensure production is lean and efficient, whilst integrating advanced data and digitalisation technologies. It is also a huge opportunity to reindustrialise existing or former production plants. 

In this session, BMW Munich Plant Director Peter Weber will explain how BMW is achieving these objectives with its iFactory strategy, and how its 100-year-old plant in the centre of Munich is being transformed into a global benchmark for a new generation of EVs and for lean, green and digital production. He will then be joined by other experts to discuss how manufacturers in Europe are revamping production plants and ensuring their existing production plants can be as flexible and efficient as any greenfield.

Following the closing session, Christopher Ludwig spoke with Peter Weber about Plant Munich and more. 

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Peter Weber, Director Plant Munich, BMW Group
Kjell Walöen, Co-Founder and Chief Manufacturing and Logistics Officer, Volta Trucks

Hosted by Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief, AMS and Ultima Media

The 1st Automotive Evolution Europe took place December 6-7 in Munich. See highlights, videos, photos and learn more information here.

The 2nd Automotive Evolution Europe will take place November 22-23, 2023 back in Munich, Germany.

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Christopher Ludwig, editor-in-chief
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