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  • Land Rover discovery Solihull

    JLR opts for EU over UK


    Uncertainties surrounding Brexit are causing some OEMs to move car production from the UK to Europe. Michael Nash investigates In November 2016, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) said that it would make its all-new Discovery in the UK and Slovakia in order to meet soaring demand in the segment. But news ...

  • Olaf Bongwald CEO Valmet

    Bongwald takes the helm at Valmet


    Olaf Bongwald becomes CEO at Valmet Finland - Valmet Automotive´s board of directors has appointed Olaf Bongwald as chief executive officer, effective from July, 2018. Olaf Bongwald joins the Uusikaupunki-based contract manufacturer from American Axle where he has acted as Driveline Europe president. Previously, Bongwald held held several senior ...

  • BorgWarner new CEO Lissalde

    Lissalde to lead at BorgWarner


    BorgWarner's next CEO Frederic Lissalde US – BorgWarner has announced that, from August 2018, Frederic Lissalde will become its president and chief executive officer. The powertrain solutions specialists reported that Lissalde will take over from James R. Verrier, who steps down as president and CEO to take up a ...

  • Mazda Ujina

    Mazda hits 50m production milestone


    Japan - The company has recently announced that it has made over 50m units in the country, 86 years after it produced its first three-wheeled truck in October 1931. "Even making 1m cars a year, it would take 50 years to reach this milestone, showing just how long Mazda’s history ...

  • Pre-production of the new Volvo S90 in the Daqing manufacturing plant

    A global future


    Now Chinese-owned Volvo enters its tenth decade looking stronger than ever. Ian Henry reports Ford had owned Swedish carmaker since 1999, but had never been able to integrate it into the rest of its operations. Nonetheless, when Geely bought Volvo it found a company full of new ideas and plans ...

  • New engine family at Audi Hungaria

    Audi starts producing new engine


    Hungary - Series production of the OEM's new three-cylinder 1-litre petrol engine has started at Audi Hungaria's plant in Győr. It will be fitted in various Volkswagen Group models, including the Audi A3, BW Golf, SEAT Leon and Ateca. "Our engine production facility adapts flexibly to new trends in the ...

  • Ford Dearborn Tugger AGV_edit copy

    Assembly lines in an electric world


    JBT explains how, with the widespread establishment of new production lines for electric vehicles, OEMs can redefine what automotive manufacturing looks like – AGVs present a particularly smart opportunity As an AGV supplier with a lot of experience in the automotive industry, we have watched electric vehicles ...

  • Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL; X253; 2017

    Closer to commercialisation


    Fuel-cell electric vehicles have lagged behind other EVs, but upcoming models could help that to change Everyone involved in hydrogen fuel cell development is probably tired of hearing the same old joke: large-scale adoption is a decade away, and always will be. David Hart, a director at sustainable energy consultancy ...

  • BMW i8 Roadster line

    Integrating i vehicles


    Separate production lines are used to build conventionally powered vehicles and the electrified i models at BMW Leipzig, but this could soon change A gulf remains between electric vehicles (EVs)and those that are powered solely by internal combustion engines (ICEs). This is evident in consumer demand, in range, in cost ...

  • Toyota Panasonic

    A bigger bet on BEVs


    Most famous for its hybrids, especially the Prius, Toyota is now widening its focus to battery-electric vehicles Until relatively recently, Toyota positioned battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as a niche solution for short-range urban mobility. This stance led directly to the launch of models like the i-Road, an ultra-compact electric commuter ...

  • Chevrolet Bolt EV autonomous test vehicles are assembled at General Motors Orion Assembly in Orion Township, Michigan. (Photo by Jeffrey Sauger for General Motors)

    Pursuing profitability


    Reinventing itself as a high-tech leader since its 2009 bankruptcy, GM has set out an ambitious timeframe to launch more than 20 all-electric vehicles vehicles In science-fiction films of old, the 21st century was meant to be awash with technologies transforming our lives. Soon after the century ticked over, General ...

  • EV disruptors Faraday Future

    New kids on the block


    Many promising start-ups are looking to crack the electric vehicle segment Of all the disrupting forces threatening to unseat established automakers, the rise of electric power could be first to strike. After all, this is a proven technology that can be swiftly adapted, engineered and marketed by any start-up company ...

  • Assembly of electric motors at the ZF location in Schweinfurt

    ZF invests in e-mobility production


    Serbia - ZF has announced that it is building a new facility in Pančevo, located 14km from the capital city Belgrade. It will house the production of a variety of electric and hybrid powertrain components, such as electric motors, selector levers and micro-switches. "The demand for our electric motors and ...

  • Mercedes-Benz EQC

    Lofty production plans


    AMS provides a summary of the latest electrification plans outlined by numerous OEMs across the world Barely a day goes by without a carmaker announcing the launch of a new electrified vehicle, or outlining projections for growth in the battery electric vehicle (BEV), hybrid or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle ...

  • The new Nissan LEAF

    Turning over a new Leaf


    At Nissan's Smyrna plant, assembly stations are being employed that can meet the particular demands that the Leaf's new version poses while doubling up to also serve ICE vehicles lines Until the early 1980s the US State of Tennessee simply did not register on any atlas recording places in the ...

  • Article

    PSA's Noël makes Malaysia move


    Noël will be based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - PSA has appointed Laurence Noël as senior vice president for ASEAN and CEO of the NAM joint venture. Noël joined Groupe PSA in 1995. After holding various positions within the company's powertrain projects and programmes, she took charge of Powertrain, ...

  • thyssenkrupp hungary

    thyssenkrupp opens production facility


    Hungary - The material and component supplier has spent around €100m (US$123.12m) on the construction of a new production site for chassis and powertrain components. Situated in Jászfényszaru, Hungary, the plant will serve both German and international vehicle manufacturers, and is expected to employ around 500 people. "In recent years ...

  • 2018 Toyota Auris

    Toyota announces Auris production


    UK - The third generation Auris will be built at Toyota Manufacturing UK's (TMUK) plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire. Established in 1989, the facility was recently upgraded with a £240m (US$330m) investment to house the production of vehicles based on the OEM's new global architecture (TNGA) platform. "Producing TNGA-based vehicles locally ...

  • FANUC Dual-arc-welding-laser guided

    Seeing things clearly


    AMS reports on the most recent developments in the use of machine vision technology for quality control applications in automotive manufacturing In response to rapid and sustained improvements in machine vision technologies, a growing number of automotive manufacturing OEMs and suppliers are now deploying such systems in a wider ...

  • The one-millionth Porsche 911

    Not too posh to push


    Porsche has been expanding its production and achieving record results – with some assistance from Volkswagen Group facilities Both an iconic name in the automotive industry and a core part of the Volkswagen Group, Porsche has been facilitating its rising production in recent years by relying heavily on Group resources ...