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  • BMW Dingolfing battery production

    BMW Dingolfing to make Mini batteries


    Germany - BMW is investing an undisclosed amount in its Dingolfing plant in order to house the production of batteries for the all-electric Mini. The 'mid-double-digit-million-euro' amount will be used to construct a new assembly line and to implement 'extensive remodelling' measures. "With the launch of new models and growing ...

  • Novares Leiria Plant inspection table

    Set the controls


    Expertise in plastic component manufacturing will be in ever greater demand during the emobility age. In preparation, global supplier Novares has taken on a new form Following a period of reorganisation and rebranding, the Mecaplast-Key Plastics group spent 2018 settling in to its new identity – Novares The ...

  • ZF ATS2019

    Piecing it all together


    Ian Henry identifies six themes from the moves, mergers and makeovers underway in the global automotive tier supply sector Six themes characterise the automotive supply sector at present, namely: ongoing M A, the financial challenges faced by the supply base, restructuring and realignment of product portfolios, investment in new ...

  • Luc Chatel - PFA

    A European focus


    The third edition of the French automotive forum offered insights into the region’s production footprint and OEM e-mobility strategies. Nick Holt reports The 3rd FEAL Auto forum placed its focus on the Hauts-de-France, seen as a primary region for automotive manufacturing. The event highlighted the strong commitment from both ...

  • Josephine Payne, Plant Manager, Ford Craiova

    Leading a winning team


    Nick Holt talks to Ford Craiova’s award-winning engine plant manager, Jo Payne, about the facility’s award-winning engines Jo Payne is no stranger to accolades, having been crowned winner in the manufacturing category of this year’s Autocar Great British Women in the Car Industry awards. She also won the award ...

  • TOYOTA Final Assembly

    Expanding and restructuring


    As the move to electrified and autonomous vehicles accelerates, Toyota is expanding in both technology areas and restructuring its operations. Ian Henry reports Toyota is making a number of key organisational changes to simplify and rationalise its operations in response to the fast-changing automotive market. As of the end ...

  • Article

    How to outrun the competition


    Precision engineering and manufacturing technology specialist Renishaw is poised to support North American customers in tackling a new breed of production challenges Shorter product lifecycles and growing product mix require flexible machining and measurement solutions, which is why Renishaw’s technologies are increasingly being applied to support productive automotive ...

  • Forging the deal

    Forging the deals


    Ian Henry examines the key trends in the North American automotive supplier sector where technological progress and feisty trade policies continue to present a range of business challenges With rapid technology change across the sector as the automotive market accelerates into the era of electrification, the uncertainty over the future ...

  • Nissan Smyrna

    Stamp of approval


    Nissan’s Smyrna facility in Tennessee is home to the largest stamping plant in the Japanese OEM’s global network. Gareth Price reports Any visitors to the Nissan plant at Smyrna, Tennessee, can’t fail to notice the proclamation above the door, The highest volume plant in North America. There’s a strong ...

  • Gary Johnson Ford

    Ford announces manufacturing lead


    US - Bruce Hettle, Ford's group vice president of manufacturing and labor affairs, is due to retire on 1 October, and will be replaced by Gary Johnson. In this role, Johnson will manage the operations of 67 assembly, stamping and powertrain production plants across the world. "Under Bruce’s leadership, Ford ...

  • HMMA Elantra line

    Southern hospitality


    Gareth Price visits Hyundai’s major manufacturing facility in Montgomery, Alabama, as it welcomes the return of an SUV to its production lines Back in 2005, Hyundai’s plans to open its first US manufacturing facility came to fruition and the $1.7 billion automotive assembly and manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama, was ...

  • Ian Henry

    PSA – setting a new pace with Opel


    Having bought the perennial loss-making Opel-Vauxhall operations from GM last year, PSA has lost no time in starting with the turnaround required. And the early signs are that it has already had a notable impact, something which may surprise many, myself included. When the acquisition was announced in early 2017, ...

  • central europe Kecskemet Mercedes

    Centre of operations


    Investment in new plants and expansion of existing facilities shows central Europe to be at the heart of vehicle manufacturers’ regional strategies At first glance, vehicle production in central Europe – essentially the former communist bloc countries west of the Russian border – appears to centre on Volkswagen with its ...

  • 002a_Spoke Motor exploded

    Motoring on


    Mike Farish reports on the development and manufacture of an innovative electric motorThe rise of electric vehicles and the need for new, efficient powertrain technologies has provided smaller companies with the opportunity to establish themselves as major players – particularly as component or sub-system suppliers – if they can offer ...

  • Nedcar_controllelijn_01_39L_CMYK kopie

    Steel makes a strong case


    With the push for powertrain electrification gaining strength producers of high-strength steel are preparing themselves to capitalise reports James Bakewell In 2017, global sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) reached 1.3m units, according to Frédéric Painchault, head of Global Automotive Marketing at steelmaker ...

  • Philip Calhoun named VP of Nissan Canton

    New VP to lead Nissan Canton


    USA – Nissan has announced senior management changes at its Canton, Mississippi facility. Effective 1 st September 2018, Philip Calhoun will take over as vice president Manufacturing at the plant. Calhoun will be based in Canton and report to Heath Holtz, senior vice president, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and ...

  • Ford Otosan Inonu Powertrain crop

    Pau para toda obra


    A fábrica de Inönü da Ford Otosan abriga uma mistura de produção incomum e está assumindo mais projetos. Michael Nash investiga Inönü é uma cidade pequena e pacata no noroeste da Turquia. A cidade mais próxima, Eskisehir, fica a 40 minutos de carro e é povoada por jovens estudantes que ...

  • Ford Otosan Inonu Powertrain

    Maestro de mucho


    La planta de Inönü de Ford Otosan cuenta con una inusual combinación de productos y asume ahora nuevos proyectos. Informe de Michael Nash Inönü es un pequeño y tranquilo pueblo al noroeste de Turquía. La ciudad más cercana es Eskisehir, se encuentra a 40 por carretera y es una ciudad ...

  • Article



    Ford Otosan 在 Inönü 的工厂采用了不同寻常的混合生产模式,而且引进更多的项目。 Michael Nash 报道。 Inönü是一个位于土耳其西北部的沉静小镇,抵达距离最近的Eskisehir市需要乘车40分钟,那里的两所大学吸引着大批的年轻人。除了一排排荒废的房屋和古老的咖啡屋,Inönü还是Ford Otosan工厂的老家,该厂于1982年建成。 但这个工厂并不是普通的工厂,它承载了一个非凡的生产计划,制造大批的卡车和拖拉机,以及9.0升和12.7升6缸发动机,用于重型商用车,以及2.2升4港Duratorq发动机,用于Transit轻型商务车。工厂还是欧洲唯一后轴Transit生产中心,而且很快还会在厂内制造变速器。 在与AMS交谈的时候,工厂经理Aysan Hosver在同一个地方制造组件和车辆的好处。他说,“尽管制造不同型号的汽车,但是发动机组件的制造流程非常相似。在同一个地方制造可以提高效率,而且我们也可以共享先进技术和经验。我们还可以利用灵活地查那令HCV生产,以及更高水平的自动化,以及高产量LCV。机械和生产线都是这么设计的,如果出现什么故障可以互相补充。” 工厂生产的2.2升4港柴油机Duratorq用于Transit车型上 重型商用车和后轴都是在工厂的一个区域制造的,而发动机是在另一个地方制造。4缸和6缸发动机生产是分开的,因为他们的尺寸和循环时间都是不同的 —Inönü工厂每年制造225个4缸发动机,而只制造45个6缸发动机。然而,9升和12.7升6缸发动机是在同一个生产线制造的。” 除了不同寻常的混合生产模式以外,Inönü工厂在地点上也是具有战略的。Hosver继续说,“我们离首都安卡拉数个小时路程,但离布尔萨只有1个小时,里伊斯坦布尔2个小时。在地点方面的成本不是很高,可以轻松转运东西,而且Eskisehir是受过教育的工程师和劳动力的源泉,而且还是与大学联合项目的重要基地。把这些因素放在一起,Inönü就是投资的理想地点,这也是我们不断扩建和的原因。” 内行专家 工厂在2017年制造了大约6,000辆重型商用车,Hosver希望在2018年在这个基础上提高50%,即9,500辆目标。他说,“目前我们每天我内定生产35辆卡车,但是几乎到年末的时候提高到45辆。我们的计划非常宏伟,几年内要提高到16,000辆和18,000辆。我们还要提高发动机和后轴的销量(用于轻型商用车),因为2016年到2017年,出口市场的需求不断增长。此外,备用配件的需求也在攀升,成为我们这里业务的重要一部分。” 2017年,Ford Otosan出口价值达49亿美元的车辆,向89个国家运输了297,396辆汽车。这是土耳其商用车出口总量的72%,同时也是整个欧洲Ford商用车销量的69%。 为了满足不断增长的需求,实现生产目标,公司经常外包工程设计和制造,但是这并不是Ford Otosan的计划。相反,Hosver迫不及待的透露公司厂内生产最大化战略。他说,“当你得到一个供应商方案,引进了随后就忘掉。但是当你设计并完成厂内工程制造,完善并开始投入生产,我们就会一直关注,看它是否能够改进。在成本方面,我们比竞争对手具有优势,在内部不断完善和进步。” 他继续说,这个战略对中型商用车段凯硕非常重要,因为生产量要比乘用车少。因此,高价生产外包就会不断影响利润空间。 除了提高厂内制造能力,Hosver透露称,公司投资试点项目,检验机器人在一些生产流程中的效应。他说,“我们在一些生产领域使用机器人,并进行个案调查,看这种方案是否可行。” 在车体和喷漆车间上的改变 测试机器人及厂内专长的例子目前就发生在汽车车体修理厂。车间建于2017年,因此与工厂其他地区相比现代化程度更高,但是很多工作还在继续,汽车车体修理厂有些部分还有很多限制的机器人。Ford Otosan Inönü工厂高级经理Mehmet Ercan说,“我们这里做的就是为焊接进行编程。在我们8月份关闭一段时间之后,机器人就会工作,我们也会安排目前在工厂其他地区进行焊接操作的工人。” 在厂内设计机器人并不是Inönü工厂独有的,在Ford Otosan的Gölcük和Yeniköy工厂也有,这里生产Transit,Custom和Courier LCV。使用这个战略之后,公司已经设法将机器人方面的投资降低了大约60%。 Inönü新建的喷漆厂(与汽车车体修理厂一样建于2017年)里面的机器人也是为了降低成本而设计的。Ercan补充说,“整个喷漆厂都是公司内部设计的。由于生产量较少,因此我们在密封流程上并没有引进机器人应用,但是将来可能会用到。喷漆生产线全部实现的自动化。我们在土耳其有3个喷漆车间,和Ford Otosan一样,而这是自动化水平最高的一个,大约60%的流程完全有机器人完成。” 工厂的工程师不只是为机器人开发复杂的软件,而且还到处搜集能够提高生产的方法。比如说,在重型商用车生产的某一点上,底盘需要反过来旋转,才能放回去与生产线保持一致,连接到驾驶舱。公司因此就采用了独特的带子远离,缓慢地将举行底盘旋转 — 这个想法出现之后,在2017年就快速投入应用。 动力系统生产方面也出现了变化,测试有些流程中使用的更多的机器人。Inönü工厂动力系统制造工厂高级经理Yavuz Demir强调了引进的两个项目的重要性,两个项目都具有显著地影响力。 他说,“产品开发团队想要降低一些组件的重量,让卡车具有更高的俄能源效率。他们在后轴核心部位的差速器壳上采用新的设计,因此在今年8月份停工期间,我们就修订了差速器壳将和其他组件,完成新的设计。” Ford Otosan 在Inönü工厂每年制造大约15,000辆卡车和拖拉机 此后,Inönü工厂动力系统团队还要预备新的变速器生产。据Demir称,公司目前将变速器外包给ZF和Eaton公司,这个计划就是“实现产品本地化,并很快合并新的装配线。我们制造和发动机数量相同的变速器,就是一年15,000台。” 随着效率的提高,Hosver认为使用厂内专家可以使Ford Otosan更好地满足不同客户的需求。他发现,“订制化生产出现增长,因为客户想要不同的车轮尺寸和不同的悬架系统。因此,生产流程变得异常复杂,但是采用订制自动化流程之后,我们就能应付不同的需求了。” 链接未来 ...

  • Ford Otosan Inonu Powertrain crop

    Jack of all trades


    Ford Otosan’s Inönü plant houses an unusual production mix, and is taking on more projects. Michael Nash investigates Inönü is a small, sleepy town in north-west Turkey. The nearest city, Eskisehir, is a 40-minute drive away and is populated by young students who attend its two universities. Aside from an ...