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  • Audi Ingolstadt

    Audi to build electric SUVs at Ingolstadt


    Germany – The model allocation was announced by CEO Rupert Stadler alongside confirmation of job security for all Audi AG employees until 2025. In total, the ‘Audi. Future’ agreement will see the OEM produce 20 electrified models by 2025, including more than ten pure electric vehicles (EVs). “Building up manufacturing ...

  • DSC_0644

    AGVs set in motion


    As Industry 4.0 kicks into even higher gear, AGV technology is helping to make it a smoother and more responsive upshift Earlier this year, we discussed how automated guided vehicles, AGVs, are becoming fixtures of the automotive industry and how enterprise approaches and deployments were beginning to gain traction. A ...

  • GEAR Gear_welding

    Photonic precision


    Light is a fascinating manufacturing tool enabling laser technologies and applications for materials processing tasks of all scales and sizes Systems for industrial laser applications like cutting, welding and surface processing are well established, reliable and cost efficient production tools with clear technical advantages due to their wear-free highly localised ...

  • Tenneco's Elastomer Solutions

    Parts of the process


    Tenneco CTO Ben Patel talks to AMS about the company’s approach to perfecting process, sharing best practice and mastering materials Spinning off from a multi-sector conglomerate enterprise in the 1990s, the Tenneco of today takes it manufacturing focus along two distinct component groups. The clean air line features exhaust ...

  • no title (00098203)

    The stage to engage


    The continually restructuring tier supply environment is witnessing record M&A activity amid rapid technological change Tier one suppliers currently face a bewildering mix of challenges, some long-term and some short-term in impact. This has always been the case, but the pace of change and the scale of adjustment required now ...

  • Article

    The stage to engage


    The continually restructuring tier supply environment is witnessing record M&A activity amid rapid technological change Tier one suppliers currently face a bewildering mix of challenges, some long-term and some short-term in impact. This has always been the case, but the pace of change and the scale of adjustment required now ...

  • Article

    Building for the future


    Subaru has spent $1.3bn at its US plant to increase its capacity and is now preparing to produce a new SUV Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) reports that it has invested $1.3 billion at its 832-acre site in Lafayette, Indiana, over the last four years. This has increased both powertrain ...

  • F-M PT_IROX 2 bearing

    Polymeric coated engine bearings


    IROX 2 is a new range of polymeric coated crankshaft bearings from Federal-Mogul Powertrain. The company says it has developed this technology to reduce friction and improve the wear resistance and fatigue limit of the bearings used in downsized engines. The bearings have an overlay that is a PAI (Polyamide-imide) ...

  • JJP_2096 2

    Off the grid


    By convention, single-seater cars are machines for the racing circuit but one family business is striving to create and manufacture the exception Single seater cars are usually machines for the race track only but there can be exceptions. One of them is the BAC Mono, made by small UK company ...

  • Carlos Ghosn

    Renault evolves its Drive strategy


    Having driven the change, Renault is now driving into the future – according to its new strategic strapline. Just a few days after Ford announced its latest corporate strategy under new CEO Jim Hackett, Renault’s long-standing leader, Carlos Ghosn, announced its own strategic plan. According to the CEO, Renault ...

  • Novares Mioveni

    Novares opens Mioveni plant


    Romania – Until recently known as Mecaplast-Key Plastics, the company said it has established itself in the country in order to be close to its main customer, Dacia. The factory near Pite ş ti is Novares’ first in the country. According to Novares, the objective of the new facility is ...

  • Higher-strength steels in the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica’s body structure account for most of its weight reduction.

    Body conscious


    The growing trend for OEMs opting for AHSS components has surpassed the expectations of steelmakers Audi’s decision to use a mass-produced carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) part in the body structure of its A8 may have secured many headlines, but the company’s extensive use of steel rather than aluminium in this model ...

  • JLR Future-Type

    JLR to electrify all models from 2020


    UK – The company made the announcement at its inaugural Tech Fest focusing on the future of mobility, with CEO Ralf Speth saying it will be “embracing fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles”. JLR’s first fully electric SUV, the I-PACE, will go on sale next year. With the ...

  • FW-EVX, Williams

    Williams unveils lightweight EV platform


    UK – The FW-EVX concept features innovations in the battery pack, cooling systems and lightweight structures which are integrated into a scalable platform, says the company. A near zero-waste process and the forming of high-strength 3D structures from 2D materials are used for parts of its construction. The near zero-waste ...

  • Kia

    Troubled times


    New global politics and difficulties at home threaten the production and export hubs of Japan and Korea Nissan reforming Mitsubishi Production is laboured in Korea Motorcycle decline slowing Suppliers finding new partners Threats from the US to tear up free-trade agreements and impose tariffs on imported ...

  • C-Class, BBAC

    Capital gains


    Having made more than 1m Mercedes-Benz cars at its Beijing factory, BBAC is proud of its place in the Daimler portfolio. AMS travelled to China in order to tour the largest Mercedes-Benz car factory in the world Made in China, for China: that has been the Mercedes-Benz strategy for ...

  • CAF Hangzhou

    Interview: Bill Russo, Ford


    AMS met Ford’s vice-president for manufacturing in Asia-Pacific at its Shanghai headquarters to discuss the challenges the OEM is tackling in the region, especially through its JMC and Changan JVs in China Bill Russo has been in China full time for a little over 18 months but in ...

  • David Filipe

    Ford announces leadership appointments


    US/China – David Filipe will take the role of vice-president, Powertrain Engineering, while Jason Luo will become president and CEO of Ford China, responsible for all business in Greater China, including Lincoln, Changan Ford, commercial vehicle investment in Jiangling Motors, imports and operations in Taiwan. The appointments will be ...

  • HB_Leah by engine copy

    Managing complexity


    AMS spoke to Leah Bruce, Ford’s manufacturing business manager, diesel specialist, to find out more about the OEM’s plans for diesel engine production Where does diesel fit into Ford’s powertrain strategy? Leah Bruce: From a production point of view, diesel is still very much part of Ford’s plans. We ...

  • Renault Samsung Busan

    Renault Samsung goes Rogue


    Since launching in 2000, Busan Plant has developed into a flexible and productive operation. The OEM has pushed through a 'Big Deal' with unions which halts the automatic wage increase typical of South Korea Busan in the south-eastern corner of Korea is the location for Renault Samsung Motor’s (RSM) sole ...