The investment in new and expanding lithium-ion battery gigafactory production is perhaps the biggest opportunity and transformation of the automotive value chain in more than a century, as OEMs, battery cell manufacturers and tier-1 suppliers invest and partner to add gigawatt hour (GWh) capacity on a huge scale. In this session, founders from specialist and startup battery manufacturers, along with technical production experts, discuss strategies for scaling up gigafactory construction and battery production.

Lars Carlstrom, who leads Italvolt, which is planning to build southern Europe’s largest gigafactory at a converted site near Turin, Italy, explains the logistical, sustainability and labour considerations that manufacturers and governments should consider when selecting locations and partners for battery gigafactories. Kevin Brundish, from specialist battery producer AMTE – which is also planning a larger site in the UK – shares insight on production and chemistry process considerations in increasing battery production rates.

Herminso Villarraga-Gomez, from laser and metrology specialist Zeiss, details more on the technology, equipment and automation considerations that OEMs and battery cell manufacturers should consider. 

Kevin Brundish, CEO, AMTE Power
Lars Carlstrom, Founder and CEO, Italvolt
Herminso Villarraga-Gomez, Product Manager, Sector Marketing, Zeiss

Nick Holt, Editor, AMS