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  • Focus, Ford Rayong

    Colonised by China


    The underdeveloped but populous countries of South-East Asia could be rich pickings for Chinese OEMs Malaysia's domestic makers Japan dominates Indonesia Philippine production boom Thailand and Vietnam open up Mixed success for motorcycles Suppliers find opportunitiesThe Chinese are now mounting their most serious attack yet on the domination of Japanese ...

  • Volvo S90 pre-production, Daqing of the new Volvo S90 in the Daqing manufacturing plant

    Getting the green light


    Under government pressure, domestic and international OEMs in China are switching to new-energy vehicles US vehicle manufacturers Premium European brands European high-volume makers Japanese and Korean OEMs Motorcycle producers SuppliersThe origins of Chinese vehicle manufacturing are rooted in technology transfers from European, US and Japanese OEMs through joint ventures in ...

  • Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.43.47

    The alliance trend continues


    For a company which has largely eschewed partnerships, as it battles with VW for the no.1 spot in the global rankings, Toyota is now embracing alliances as a means of continuing to growIn the Czech Republic, Toyota has operated a production JV with PSA for several years, producing A-segment cars ...

  • Honda Prachinburi

    Going with the flow


    AMS takes a look at Honda's innovative ARC production system, recently installed at Prachinburi in ThailandDescribed by Honda as a unique assembly line that differs from conventional systems by incorporating flowing cell production units into the main line, the newly developed Assembly Revolution Cell (ARC) line became operational at Prachinburi, ...

  • Article

    SAIC seeks a niche in South-East Asia


    By expanding its production in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, SAIC hopes to break into the market share of the dominant Japanese OEMsGiven their mushrooming domestic market and traditional heavy dependence on imported European, US or Japanese technology, China’s car companies have, until recently, developed only a limited presence outside the ...

  • Mitsubishi Thailand

    Rebooting Mitsubishi


    As the OEM is integrated into Renault-Nissan, new possibilities open up for its production in South-East AsiaIn October 2016, with its own fuel-economy scandal at its peak, Mitsubishi was subsumed within Nissan when the latter acquired a controlling 34% stake. Still flushed with the success of the Alliance with Renault, ...

  • Hyundai Ulsan

    Editor's note: The politics of production


    I hate to give more attention to an egotist, but when the leader of the most powerful nation on earth threatens to start trade wars with other global big-hitters you have to at least allow for the possibility that he might do what he says. Among others, the key countries ...

  • APAC renishaw 1

    A precision touch


    Renishaw discusses the benefits of using machine tool probes for precision metrology in the manufacturing of forged wheels and car chassis The automotive industry is fiercely competitive. Tier-one automotive manufacturers are constantly looking for breakthroughs in areas such as performance, safety and innovative design, all of which places increasingly ...

  • Mercedes-Benz Moscow

    Groundbreaking for Mercedes Moscovia


    Russia – Daimler has announced the construction of a “fully flexible” car factory in the Moscow area, with an investment of over €250m ($278.1m). The plant will produce Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans from 2019, followed by the GLE, GLC and GLS SUV models.Covering 850,000 sq.m on the Esipovo industrial park, the ...

  • PSA, SC Uzavtosanoat

    PSA enters JV with SC Uzavtosanoat


    Uzbekistan – The new partnership, known as Uzbekistan PCA, will construct a plant in the Free Industrial Zone of Jizzakh to make light commercial vehicles (LCV) for the Peugeot and Citroen brands. The production capacity will be 16,000 vehicles per year, for distribution in Uzbekistan and abroad from 2019.“This LCV ...

  • Factory line

    All hail the new taxi


    Combining ingenuity, a bold export plan and a government grant, Geely has launched an all-new LTC electric taxi manufactured at a purpose-built factoryHow do you build a niche, low-volume car like the London black cab and make it profitable? That was the conundrum facing the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group when ...

  • London Taxi

    LTC announces van for new factory


    UK – Following the official launch of its new facility at Antsy, Coventry, London Taxi Company (LTC) said that a range-extended light commercial vehicle would be the second vehicle to roll off the line after an electric taxi. An additional £25m ($31.5m) from parent company Geely brings the total investment ...

  • Ohio Assembly Plant

    Presidential suite


    As Donald Trump has entered the White House, Ford has elected to make a number of key financial and strategic changesThings have changed at Ford in recent times, both financially and strategically. And since November 2016, its strategy has changed still further, with a number of key decisions taking on ...

  • Factory VW Wrzesnia 5

    Perfectly crafted


    As demand for light commercial vehicles grows, Volkswagen sees its new facility in Poland as a laboratory for future LCV manufacturing operations with 70% of production tailored to customer specificationThe gala opening of VW’s new production facility at Wrzesnia revealed a very impressive, state-of-the-art factory, albeit at the time producing ...

  • NEV2015039G3600.jpg

    Working with Mercedes-Benz


    As its manufacturing presence expands into new territories, Mercedes-Benz turns to a Geico Taikisha team fully conversant with paintshop best practice globallyGeico-Taikisha has been working with Daimler Benz to develop new paintshop facilities on a greenfield site in Brazil and expanding capacity at an existing Mercedes-Benz plant in India. AMS ...

  • Article

    Toyota breaks ground in Guanajuato


    Mexico – The $1 billion plant in the central state will make the Corolla from 2019, with capacity for 200,000 per year. Employing 2,000 individuals, the factory will be Toyota’s 15th in North America and will raise its total capacity in the region to 2.2m vehicles per annum.Toyota Motor Manufacturing ...

  • Scania-Higer China

    New premium bus factory for China


    China – Scania and Higer have opened a new bus and coach factory in Suzhou, China, which will exclusively build Scania Touring and Scania-Higer dual-branded high-end buses and coaches. The current capacity of the new factory is 1,000 premium coaches per year, with the potential to raise this to 2,000 ...

  • Audi Q5, Paris Motor Show 2016

    Reflections on the Paris Motor Show


    This year’s show was notable for a number of intriguing launches, corporate reinventions and absences – no Mazda, no Volvo, no Bentley, no Lamborghini and, most interestingly, no Ford. Mazda stated that the strength of PSA and Renault in France made it difficult for it to have much of an ...

  • BMW Mexico

    Editor's note: A headlong rush


    Vehicle-makers can barely get into Mexico fast enough. No fewer than six new factories will be opened between 2016 and 2019 – more than one a year. This September witnessed official plant launches by Kia and Audi, next year it will be Renault-Nissan in partnership with Daimler, Ford will follow ...

  • Kongsberg

    Feeding the machine


    Mexico's strong growth in vehicle production is requiring suppliers to invest in their own manufacturing facilities in the country. AMS takes a look at some of the key developments over the past few years A global supply point A regional supply point A key cog in global production A source ...