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  • Lada Priora production line

    Resolução russa


    A indústria automotiva da Rússia está expressando com cautela a confiança novamente, depois que o mercado de automóveis emergiu de uma queda de três anos As vendas aumentaram na Rússia todos os meses nos últimos oito meses, à medida que o país se adapta ao seu novo normal econômico dos ...

  • Lada Priora production line

    Determinación rusa


    La industria automotriz rusa muestra nuevamente su confianza con el resurgir de la industria automotriz después de tres años de crisis Las ventas han crecido cada mes en Rusia durante los últimos ocho meses a medida que el país se adapta a la nueva economía recuperada de los bajos precios ...

  • Lada Priora production line

    Russian resolution


    Russia’s automotive industry is cautiously expressing confidence again after the car market there emerges from a three-year slump Sales have increased in Russia every month for the last eight as the country adapts to its new economic normal of low oil prices and continued European economic sanctions; the two biggest ...

  • Francisco J Riberas

    New stamping ground


    Gestamp chairman and CEO Francisco Riberas tells AMS about the growth in outsourcing of press shop operations Spanish metal parts supplier Gestamp has grown to the point it is now the go-to company for European makers wanting to outsource body-in-white and chassis parts, particularly stronger hot-stamped steel parts. It ...

  • Steel coil, Tata Port Talbot

    Still going strong


    As November marks the 40th anniversary of the original press-hardened steel patent, AMS takes a look at how the technology has evolved and where it is heading next in an era of mixed-material vehicle productionThe overriding merit of press-hardened steel (PHS) has always been the unique combination of formability, ultra ...

  • Mazda CX-5

    Mazda Hofu starts making new CX-5


    Japan – Plant 2 in Yamaguchi Prefecture has joined Hiroshima Plant and other facilities in China and Malaysia as a producer of the new model. Mazda said this will enable it to “flexibly and rapidly” meet growing global demand for crossovers. At the production launch, Hidenori Kawakami, executive officer and ...

  • Aluminium

    Kobe investigates quality violations


    Metal producer Kobe Steel has admitted delivering aluminium and copper products in the past year which did not meet specifications agreed with customers, leaving Japanese car manufacturers concerned about the impact on their own output. Kobe is conducting internal quality and government-ordered safety checks, but has already stated that affected ...

  • CX-5, Mazda

    Mazda makes CX-5 at revamped Kulim


    Malaysia – Production of the new model began at the end of August after an investment of 2.3 billion yen ($20.5m) to automate part of the body welding process and install a new paintshop. Mazda said the upgrade has brought its Malaysian operation into line with its “parent factories” at ...

  • Focus, Ford Rayong

    Colonised by China


    The underdeveloped but populous countries of South-East Asia could be rich pickings for Chinese OEMs Malaysia's domestic makers Japan dominates Indonesia Philippine production boom Thailand and Vietnam open up Mixed success for motorcycles Suppliers find opportunities The Chinese are now mounting their most serious ...

  • Kia

    Troubled times


    New global politics and difficulties at home threaten the production and export hubs of Japan and Korea Nissan reforming Mitsubishi Production is laboured in Korea Motorcycle decline slowing Suppliers finding new partners Threats from the US to tear up free-trade agreements and impose tariffs on imported ...

  • toymaz

    A tendência de aliança continua


    Para uma empresa que em grande parte se esqueceu de parcerias, enquanto luta com a VW para o primeiro lugar no ranking global, a Toyota agora está abraçando alianças como forma de continuar a crescer Na República Checa, a Toyota operou uma produção JV com PSA por vários anos, produzindo ...

  • toymaz

    Continúan las alianzas


    Toyota es una empresa que por lo general ha evitado asociarse, pero ahora que compite con Volkswagen por el primer puesto mundial está aceptando alianzas para continuar creciendo En la República Checa opera desde hace años una planta de producción junto con PSA de vehículos de segmento A para ...

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    The alliance trend continues


    For a company which has largely eschewed partnerships, as it battles with VW for the no.1 spot in the global rankings, Toyota is now embracing alliances as a means of continuing to grow In the Czech Republic, Toyota has operated a production JV with PSA for several years, producing A-segment ...

  • Lynk&Co, Geely

    Growing Geely


    The Chinese OEM is charging towards 1m annual sales, expanding its production both at home and abroadGo back just four years and the phenomenal success of China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group would have been hard to predict. In 2013, one of the sharpest automotive analysts, Max Warburton from Bernstein Research, ...

  • Toyota and Mazda

    Toyota and Mazda plan JV factory


    US – The two companies have signed an agreement to enter a business and capital alliance which will include the production of vehicles in the US. Toyota and Mazda have also pledged to jointly develop connected-car and electric-vehicle technologies; collaborate on advanced safety technologies; and to expand complementary products. The ...

  • P1J12270s

    Motores Mazda ligados


    A expansão recente e as mudanças nos arranjos da manufatura testemunharam um dos menores OEMs do Japão fazer ganhos na produção e nas vendas Com um volume de produção de 2016 de pouco menos de 1.6m veículos em todo o mundo, dos quais quase 977.400 foram feitos no Japão e ...

  • Article

    El motor del cambio de Mazda


    La reciente expansión y los cambios en los sistemas de producción han llevado a uno de los contructores automotrices más pequeños de Japón a avanzar considerablemente en producción y ventas Mazda es uno de los OEM más pequeños de Japón, con un volumen de producción inferior a 1.6 millones de ...

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    日前,日本小型汽车制造商马自达在扩大改变制造规划之后,取得生产与销量双丰收 2016年,马自达的全球产量接近160万辆,其中仅977,400辆汽车是在日本制造的,而只有608,600辆是在海外制造的。马自达是日本算是小汽车公司,尽管比不上丰田等巨头的规模大,但是近几年来的生产与销量增长却不容小觑。 回望2011、2012年,马自达在全球的生产量只有118.5百万辆,而到了2015、2016年就增长到157.1百万辆,2016、2017年的时候就会达到160瓦纳岭。日本的产量也增长了,2011、2-12年的时候只有847,000辆,到了2015、2016年达到了989,000辆;但是在2016/2017年度的时候,产量却出现了下滑。海外的汽车产量几乎翻倍,2011/2012年的时候是338,000辆,到了2016/2017年的时候会超过620,000辆。 生产特权 在日本,马自达旗下最重要的三大车型是:CX-5跨界SUV,2016年的产量不足335,000辆 — 年涨幅为5%;Mazda3(在日本以Axela销售),产量为214,000辆 — 比前一年增长了5%;Mazda6(在日本以Atenza销售),比前一年下降10%。在海外,2016年这三大车型的产量为:Mazda3位258,000辆 — 年涨幅为4%;Mazda 2,产量近103,000辆 — 下降14%;CX5刚刚超过50,000辆 — 增幅为6%。 最近在日本国内对生产进行扩充和改变:2017年3月,马自达宣布在Hofu工厂生产CX-5跨界SUV的,之前在Ujina工厂的生产已经从2016年开始启动。随着全球需求的增长,要增加第二个生产线。新车型是在2017年2月在日本上市,第一个月就售出16,600辆,这是马自达目标的7倍。 2016年12月,马自达开始在Hofu第一工厂生产CX-3微型跨界SUV;这是制造CX-3汽车的第三个工厂;Ujina第一工厂的生产是从2014年12月开始的,而泰国的工厂是从2015年10月开始的。在Hofo工厂生产CX-3,能够缓解Ujina的生产压力,因为这个工厂还制造CX-5和CX-9汽车。尽管这些汽车的尺寸差异很大,但是马自达的生产系统灵活性很高,而且还有“捆绑产品规划”和“通用结构理念”,使得Hufo工厂增加CX-3生产开展得很顺利。这也是计划的一部分,站到马自达到2019年3月SUV生产计划的50%。 2016年11月,全新Mazda CX-5跨界SUV在Ujina第二工厂开始。2016年10月,开始生产Mazda MX-5 RF(在日本叫做Roadster RF)。MX-5拥有传统的软顶敞篷,但是这个版本却拥有可伸缩金属顶。生产已经在Ujina第一工厂开始。 Mexico plant ‘MMVO’ Vehicle Assembly (Mazda2) 扩大日本以外的生产 在日本以外的地区,去年马自达宣布将扩大泰国发动机厂的产量,计划到2018年前半年,达到100,000部。与发动机装配辆增长同步,码字哈还要增加发动机装配厂的加工产量。目前,马自达泰国工厂的生产已经从2015年10月开始,能够制造30,000部SKYACTIV 1.5升柴油机,和1.3升汽油机。这些发动机运输到马自达AutoAlliance泰国工厂,安装到Mazda 2汽车上。 扩建需要投资221亿日元(约合1.899亿美元),而且新工厂将扩大发动机产品种类,增加2.0升汽油机(属于SKYACTIV系列)。发动机还将出口到马来西亚马自达工厂(用于CX-5的生产),以及越南(用于CX-3),促进生产。 美国提供柴油机 尽管柴油机名誉受损,尤其是美国,但是在大众柴油机丑闻之后,马自达已经启动了新款CX-5柴油机跨界车;事实上,2.2升SKYACTIV发动机是马自达在美国推出的第一款柴油机。据说,这是最高效,也是最安静的发动机,这能否将马自达2017年在美国的销量推向新的高度,非常让人期待。日本的生产已经从2016年11月开始。 尽管在美国没有吹嘘什么,但是马自达采油机为了美国市场足足准备了5年的时间。早在2012年,公司就降低平均耗能。马自达想要增加清洁柴油,作为替代,因为柴油混合动力耗费太高。其他公司也都在开发产品,企图降低耗能。马自达向美国市场提供各种柴油机型号,但都被经销商和消费者拒绝,但最近公司找到了解决方法。 "最近在日本国内的扩建和生产安排变更有…在Hofu生产CX-5跨界SUV…在Hofu第一工厂生产CX-3微型紧凑跨界SUV…在Ujina第二工厂生产全新Mazda CX-5跨界SUV…在Ujina第一工厂生产Mazda MX-5 RF" 制造的柴油具有恰当的扭矩,性能和闹能数据,增加了尿基选择性催化还原处理,清除了氧化氮排放物。有趣的是,尽管柴油机在日本市场至占到8%,但是马自达柴油机在日本的销量却占到35%,用于Mazda2 (Demio), Mazda3 (Axela), Mazda6 (Atenza), CX-3和CX-5汽车上。2016年,马自达在全球的销量为160万辆,柴油机超过285,500辆,约占到18%。 马自达在日本的生产网络 ...

  • P1J12270s

    Mazda motors on


    Recent expansion and changes to manufacturing arrangements have seen one of Japan's smaller OEMs make gains in production and sales With a 2016 production volume of just under 1.6m vehicles worldwide, of which nearly 977,400 were made in Japan and just over 608,600 were made overseas, Mazda is one of ...

  • Mazda

    Mazda output: April 2016–March 2017


    Japan – The OEM’s domestic production, incorporating both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, dropped by 2.5% year-on-year while the overseas output rose by 7.8% due to greater demand for cars. In March, domestic production grew by 7.3%, with higher numbers of cars made, while overseas output rose by 21.8% due ...