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  • AMS Mexico 2016

    OUT NOW: Mexico 2016 special edition


    Mexico, unlike many parts of the world, is currently experiencing a boom in automotive manufacturing. This year, Kia and Audi both unveiled their first factories in the region and a further four plants are due to be launched by 2019 ( Renault-Nissan-Daimler, Ford, BMW and ...

  • Kongsberg

    Feeding the machine


    Mexico's strong growth in vehicle production is requiring suppliers to invest in their own manufacturing facilities in the country. AMS takes a look at some of the key developments over the past few years A global supply point A regional supply point A key cog in ...

  • Mazda Salamanca

    Mazda: Growing in Guanajuato


    AMS gives an update on the OEM's recently opened plant at Salamanca, Mexico – its first in North America In January 2014, Mazda joined the flood of vehicle-makers arriving in Mexico by opening a new plant in Salamanca, Guanajuato – its first independent production site in North America. The ...

  • The MX-5 RF produced at Ujina Plant No.1

    Mazda starts production of the MX-5 RF


    Japan – The MX-5 RF, featuring a retractable hardtop, is being produced at Ujina Plant No.1 near the company’s global headquarters in Hiroshima. Production began with models for the European and North American markets, where sales will start in early 2017. In Japan, the MX-5 RF will go on sale ...

  • 20160915-tanaka

    Tanaka heads up Mazda R&D in Europe


    Germany – Matsuhiro Tanaka is the new vice president of Mazda’s European R&D Centre, based at Oberursel, Germany. Tanaka first joined Mazda in 1984 after completing an engineering degree at Yamaguchi University. He was initially involved in assorted roles related to crash safety and has since gained more than 30 ...

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    Toyota almeja o primeiro lugar


    A Toyota é a maior empresa automotiva japonesa, mas no cenário global está envolvida em uma batalha pela supremacia ao lado da GM e do Grupo VW A produção global em 2015 totalizou cerca de 8.7 milhões de veículos sob o nome de Toyota, uma queda de pouco mais de ...

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    Toyota aspira a lo más alto


    Toyota es la mayor empresa de vehículos de Japón por un amplio margen, pero en el escenario global está inmersa en una batalla por la supremacía junto con GM y el Grupo VW La producción mundial de Toyota en el año 2015 fue de casi 8,7 millones de vehículos, descendiendo ...

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    Toyota aims for top slot


    Toyota is by some distance the largest Japanese vehicle company but on the global stage it is engaged in a battle for primacy, alongside GM and the VW Group Global production in 2015 totalled nearly 8.7m vehicles under the Toyota name, a fall of just over 290,000 units, damaging its ...

  • plastics1_high_tcm318-242389

    Toyota aims for top slot


    Toyota is by some distance the largest Japanese vehicle company but on the global stage it is engaged in a battle for primacy, alongside GM and the VW Group Global production in 2015 totalled nearly 8.7m vehicles under the Toyota name, a fall of just over 290,000 units, damaging its ...

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    Mazda Sollers to build engine plant, Vladivostok


    Russia – An investment contract has been signed between joint-venture company Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus (MSMR) and the government, enabling the factory’s establishment in the Primorsky region of the Far Eastern Federal District. The government has pledged support measures up to 2023, the details of which will be confirmed ...

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    Isuzu to make next-gen pick-ups for Mazda


    Japan – The two companies have reached a basic agreement which will see Isuzu making pick-ups based on its own vehicles, on behalf of Mazda. The deal is aimed at increasing Isuzu’s product competitiveness and strengthening Mazda’s line-up while allowing it to maintain own-brand market coverage. Mazda and Isuzu have ...

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    Problemas de airbag


    Com o crescimento do mercado inflado e tecnologia defeituosa em conjunto, a produção de airbag está experimentando oportunidades e problemas em igual medida. O setor de airbag, infelizmente, é provavelmente mais conhecido no presente por seus problemas de recolhimento, especialmente aqueles que envolvem o fornecedor japonês Takata. Enquanto a Takata ...

  • Mazda3

    Mazda3 reaches 5m milestone


    Japan – The cumulative total was reached in April, 12 years and ten months after the production launch of the first generation – a new record for the OEM. Known as the Axela in Japan, the model is Mazda's second to reach the 5m mark, after the Familia. The ...

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    Problemas y oportunidades en el mercado de airbags


    Dado el crecimiento acelerado del mercado y cierta tecnología defectuosa, la producción de airbags está experimentando una igual medida de oportunidades y problemas El sector de los airbags es por desgracia, probablemente el más conocido en la actualidad en lo referente a sus problemas de retirada de producto, especialmente en ...

  • _AB_7883

    Airbag anxieties


    Inflated market growth and faulty technology mean both problems and opportunities for airbag production The airbag sector is unfortunately probably best known at present for its recall problems, especially those involving the Japanese supplier Takata. While Takata has been by far the worst offender in delivering faulty airbags, or ...

  • Daimler and Renault-Nissan

    Japan shifts toward consolidation


    Toyota will complete its takeover of Daihatsu later this year and already effectively controls Subaru. Since 2015, it has also had a wide-ranging technical alliance with Mazda, although without any capital involvement on either side. Full control of Subaru and Mazda by the largest Japanese car company may well transpire ...

  • GKN Villagran

    GKN starts production at Villagran


    Mexico – Built at a cost of $17.5m, the 12,000 sq.m facility in the central state of Guanajuato will support both local and global demand for all-wheel drive vehicles. The plant is now making a new type of propshaft, the GKN VLi, which its maker claims is fast to assemble ...

  • Mazda MX-5

    Mazda MX-5 reaches 1m units


    Japan – The milestone was reached on April 22, after 27 years of mass production at Ujina Plant No.1 in Hiroshima. Mazda is currently making the fourth generation of the model, known as the Roadster in Japan. The original MX-5 debuted at the Chicago Auto Show in 1989. A generation ...

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    Mazda announces recruitment plan


    Japan – The vehicle-maker will offer 205 engineering, 260 manufacturing and 40 administrative positions in its home country in the fiscal year ending (FYE) March 2018. Mazda also released estimated recruitment figures for FYE March 2017. Recruits for FYE March 2017 will total 475, broken down into 185 engineering, ...