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  • Mazda Ujina

    Mazda’s February production data


    Japan – The OEM’s domestic output decreased by 9.7% year-on-year, with a drop in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Overseas production in February increased by 21.3% due to higher demand in both segments. In Japan, Mazda made 77,416 passenger vehicles (-9.6%) and 903 commercial vehicles (-16.3%), for a ...

  • Carlos Tavares and Marry Barra

    After PSA and Opel, who's next?


    The acquisition of Opel/Vauxhall by PSA, which should be complete by the end of this year, took the industry by surprise. With Opel/Vauxhall still losing money in Q3 2016, GM’s chief financial officer, Chuck Stevens, said the company would do what was required to put the situation right. Most ...

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    Mazda boosts engineering team


    Japan – The OEM released its graduate recruitment plan for fiscal year ending (FYE) March 2019, showing that it will offer 220 engineering positions on home territory, plus 45 administrative roles. This is an increase on the number of new employees estimated for FYE March 2019 (205 and 40 respectively). ...

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    Mazda Hofu to make new CX-5


    Japan – The plant in Yamaguchi prefecture will start producing the vehicle in November, joining the Ujina factory in Hiroshima where it is already manufactured. Mazda says the production launch is in response to growing worldwide demand for SUVs. “As with the CX-3, starting production of the CX-5 ...

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    Suíte presidencial


    Conforme Donald J Trump entra na Casa Branca, a Ford opta por fazer uma série de mudanças financeiras e estratégicas essenciais As coisas mudaram na Ford nos últimos tempos, tanto financeiramente como estrategicamente. E desde novembro de 2016, a sua estratégia mudou ainda mais, com uma série de decisões importantes ...

  • Ohio Assembly Plant

    Carácter presidencial


    Ford ha tomado decisiones financieras clave y ha realizado cambios estratégicos desde que Donald Trump llegara a la Casa Blanca Las cosas han cambiado en Ford en los últimos tiempos, tanto en lo económico como en lo estratégico. Desde noviembre de 2016 la situación ha cambiado aún más al tomar ...

  • Ohio Assembly Plant

    Presidential suite


    As Donald Trump has entered the White House, Ford has elected to make a number of key financial and strategic changes Things have changed at Ford in recent times, both financially and strategically. And since November 2016, its strategy has changed still further, with a number of key decisions taking ...

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    De volta à pista


    Os fabricantes de automóveis que operam no Sudeste Asiático estão testemunhando a diminuição da escuridão conforme o mercado de carros começa a crescer novamente depois de dois anos preocupantes. Com exceção da Tailândia e, em menor medida, a Indonésia, ambas as quais construíram veículos para exportação, a produção local no ...

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    Enderezando el rumbo


    Los productores de automóviles en el Sudeste Asiático comienzan a ver la luz al final del túnel con la recuperación del mercado después de un par de años problemáticos Con la excepción de Tailandia y en menor medida Indonesia, los cuales construyen para exportación, la producción en el Sudeste ...

  • honda-thailand-arc-line

    Back on track


    Automotive manufacturers operating in South-East Asia are seeing the gloom lift as the car market begins growing again after a troubling couple of years With the exception of Thailand and, to a lesser extent, Indonesia, both of which build vehicles for export, local production in South-East Asia is mainly aimed ...

  • dsc_0408

    Assembly language


    A flagship plant in Portugal provides Visteon with the platform to innovate and find best practices it can roll out worldwide From Palmela, its key European production base and centre of excellence based on the outskirts of Lisbon, Visteon supplies to almost every OEM in the market. Half of the ...

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    Mazda Hofu starts making CX-3


    Japan – Plant No.1 in Yamaguchi began manufacturing the subcompact crossover yesterday, becoming the third plant to do so after Ujina Plant No.1 in Hiroshima and AutoAlliance (Thailand). Mazda said the move would strengthen its supply system for the growing SUV segment. The OEM is transferring some production from Ujina, ...

  • CX-5, Mazda Ujina

    Mazda starts new CX-5 production


    Japan – The crossover SUV is now being made at Ujina Plant No.2 near the company’s headquarters in Hiroshima. The CX-5 will go on sale in Japan in February before being rolled out to global markets. The original CX-5 entered production in November 2011, debuting Mazda’s SkyActiv technology and Kodo ...

  • Audi Q5, Paris Motor Show 2016

    Reflections on the Paris Motor Show


    This year’s show was notable for a number of intriguing launches, corporate reinventions and absences – no Mazda, no Volvo, no Bentley, no Lamborghini and, most interestingly, no Ford. Mazda stated that the strength of PSA and Renault in France made it difficult for it to have much of an ...

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    Respondendo a demanda


    Atualizando sua fábrica de San Luis Potosi, a Plastic Omnium solicitou aos especialistas em robótica da ABB que ajustassem a nova oficina de pintura para a produção de componentes automotivos Quando Plastic Omnium (PO) percebeu que muitos dos principais fabricantes de veículos do mundo estavam modernizando ou construindo novas fábricas ...

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    AMS 透露马自达在墨西哥萨拉曼卡新建工场的最新消息 — 这是马自达在北美的第一家工厂 2014年1月,马自达加入了汽车制造商涌入墨西哥的浪潮,在瓜纳华托的萨拉曼卡开设工厂 — 这是马自达在北美的第一个独立生产厂。这个决定的初衷就不仅是为了接近能带来丰厚利润的美国市场,而且也是为了平衡公司的制造足迹,因为马自达的生产主要集中在东方,而在非亚洲地区只有两个工厂,都在南非。萨拉曼卡工厂在满负荷生产的情况下,年产量可以达到250,000辆,海外生产量也就能从总量的30%提高到50%。 阅读全文[英文]

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    Mazda: Crescendo em Guanajuato


    A AMS dá uma atualização quanto a fábrica recentemente aberta do OEM em Salamanca, México - a primeira na América do Norte Em Janeiro de 2014, a Mazda juntou-se a inundação de montadoras que chegaram no México, abrindo uma nova fábrica em Salamanca, Guanajuato - sua primeira unidade de ...

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    Mazda crece en Guanajuato


    AMS analiza la nueva planta de la marca en Salamanca, México – la planta en Norteamérica En enero de 2014, Mazda se unió a la marea de constructores que llegaron a México e inauguró una nueva planta en Salamanca, Guanajuato – su primer centro de producción independiente en ...

  • landrover_bar_manifold_am_part

    Infinite possibilities


    Mexico’s firm footing in the automotive industry makes it an ideal market for additive manufacturing technology Additive manufacturing, sometimes known as 3D printing, is a revolutionary technology able to produce complex shapes which cannot be produced by traditional techniques such as casting, forging and machining; expanding the possibilities of ...

  • ABB-Main-article-pic-2-1.jpg

    Keeping up with demand


    Upgrading its San Luis Potosi plant, Plastic Omnium asked robotics experts at ABB to fit out the new paintshop for automotive components production When Plastic Omnium (PO) realised that many of the world’s major vehicle manufacturers were upgrading or building new plants in Mexico, it decided to respond. The likes ...