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  • Scania Electric Truck

    Sustainability at the core of leadership at Scania and ArcelorMittal


    At last week’s inaugural AMS livestream, Scania’s Mathias Wijkström was joined by ArcelorMittal’s Hugo Da Gama Campos to discuss making automotive production greener and how it is vital to put sustainability at the heart of the production system.

  • PixelPaint_3D-(9)_Main

    Printed car colours keep waste out of the picture


    ABB’s Michael Larsson explains how the company has developed a new paint application system that meets the demand for personalised paint schemes whilst also solving the problem of waste caused by overspray

  • 03-duerr-simultaneous-coating

    Sustainable approach to electrode coatings


    Two-sided coating processes offer economic and ecological advancements in battery electrode manufacturing

  • 88723cceda8bf51f_org

    Fossil-free steel, already in 2026


    Sometime after 2025, the first car featuring steel components will be produced via a fossil-free production process. What automakers and Tier 1 suppliers need to know now

  • AMS Environment and Sustainability cover 2

    AMS Environment and Sustainability 2020 Edition is available to view now


    For the automotive industry environmental sustainability is not just important for the vehicles they produce, it is also a key factor in the production process. This edition of AMS takes a close look at sustainable production, utilising recycled materials and renewable energy sources

  • Audi Aluminium closed loop

    Audi introduces closed-loop systems for aluminium, wastewater and plastic


    Audi has detailed how it is introducing closed-loop systems to its plants as part of its goal to make all its five plants carbon-neutral by 2025. This includes aluminium, wastewater and a pilot project for chemical recycling of plastics.

  • 200116SteelanolOpbouw_0072 (1)

    Making steel sustainable


    A key challenge for automotive materials producers is to lower the carbon footprint in the production process to ensure this contributes to meeting Paris Agreement targets.

  • Scania plug-in truck

    Scania to build battery plant and research centre in Sweden


    Scania is building a lithium battery assembly facility at its plant in Södertälje, Sweden to support production of a range of electric trucks and buses. The cells will be supplied by Northvolt in Sweden but battery module assembly onsite will overcome the dangers and cost associated with the inbound delivery of finished modules

  • Leaf EV with charger

    Can UK manufacturing keep up with a 2030 ban on new ICE vehicle sales?


    The UK government has announced it is bringing forward its plans to phase out the sale of new cars and vans powered by internal combustion engines. Daniel Harrison, automotive analyst at Ultima Media, examines how realistic that is and whether supply chains are ready to produce enough electric vehicles and batteries.

  • VW's Hannover plant will produce three fully electric D-SUV models

    VW Hannover to become multi-brand production plant


    In addition to its own T model range and the ID. Buzz, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) will also produce three fully electric D-SUV models for other brands within the Group

  • Audi Gyor Logistics halls

    OEMs see the sunny side of sustainability


    As the cars themselves become cleaner, manufacturing operations can’t stay behind. In an effort to achieve carbon neutrality, OEMs turn to large-scale solar developments to power their plants

  • A192883_large

    EV battery recycling: cost and components


    What happens to EV batteries at the end of the vehicle’s life? Mike Farish reports on recycling and reuse options

  • ŠKODA AUTO currently produces the ŠKODA KODIAQ and ŠKODA KAROQ SUVs as well as the SUPERB and the SUPERB iV plug-in hybrid at its Kvasiny plant

    Skoda gains additional capacity within VW’s production network


    Production of the next-generation Superb will be relocated from Kvasiny to Bratislava in Slovakia in 2023, to free up capacity in the Czech plant required for the brand’s plans for growth

  • It's claimed the plant, which will be about the size of 30 football fields, will have an annual capacity of more than 30 gigawatt hours and room for expansion

    Lordstown development moves GM closer to all-electric future


    GM says it will create more than 1,100 new jobs in Northeast Ohio with the construction of its Ultium Cells LLC battery cell manufacturing facility in Lordstown

  • Exteriors-GACC-JV-Composite_Liftgates

    Stable growth post-Covid will depend on greater supplier collaboration


    At last week’s Livestream Hour Joe McCabe, CEO and president of AutoForecast Solutions, said 2021 was going to be a recovery year in global vehicle production and that continued recovery to 2027 would be based on greater stability. A more globally integratred supply chain, thanks in part to revision of Trump policy following last week’s election, and provide opportunities for tier suppliers, who are getting more involved complex subassembly 

  • SEAT-transforms-its-Prototype-Development-Centre-and-commits-to-3D-printing_04_HQ

    Tooling printed to order


    How have OEMs been integrating 3D printing into their development and production operations? We look at recent developments at Seat and Audi

  • The rise of ADAS will require a massive increase in the number of sensors and other electronic components that are built into vehicles

    Assembly, Protection & Thermal Solutions for ADAS


    The rise of ADAS will require a massive increase in the number of sensors and other electronic components that are built into vehicles. Henkel looks at the production challenges and solutions relating to this technology 

  • In-house EV motor development will help Volvo optimise the perfomance and efficiency of future models

    Volvo to design and develop electric motors in-house


    The OEM has opened a new electric motor lab in Shanghai, China in addition to ongoing e-motor development in Gothenburg, Sweden, and state-of-the-art battery labs in China and Sweden

  • Volvo and Daimler will combine their development and production expertise in this JV

    Volvo and Daimler Trucks sign agreement for new fuel-cell joint venture


    The joint venture will take advantage of the expertise and experience of development work on fuel-cells at Daimler, and plans to develop, produce and commercialise fuel-cell systems for use in heavy-duty trucks and other applications

  • Aluminium is a surface sensitive material, which presents a number challenges in blanking and forming operations.

    Taking shape: Forming aluminium


    AMS spoke to two leading press line suppliers to get some insight into process challenges and solutions for this material