Download now: AMS & SSAB Sustainable Steel Automotive Manufacturing Survey 2024 results

Download this exclusive report for in-depth insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning to sustainable steel within the automotive industry, including impacts on OEMs, tier suppliers, and the wider supply chain 

Automotive manufacturing is on a long journey towards sustainability. Steel remains the dominant material utilised in automotive manufacturing but traditional steel production is a highly energy intensive process. Therefore, one of the major challenges in decarbonising automotive manufacturing is developing sustainable steel production processes. 

To better understand the key challenges and opportunities associated with adopting sustainable steel in automotive manufacturing, AMS partnered with leading sustainable steel supplier SSAB to conduct  the Sustainable Steel Automotive Manufacturing Survey 2024. As well as focusing on the immediate challenges in adopting sustainable steel faced by OEMs, tier suppliers, and other stakeholders within the automotive supply chain, the survey also explored a range of other factors including manufacturing processes, sustainability initiatives and recycling. 

Survey Highlights: 

  • Over 200 responses, including 50% from OEMs and Tier Suppliers

  • Reducing carbon footprints is a priority for 48% of respondents, with significant focus also on recycling and complying with environmental regulations. 

  • While 46% have set recycled content targets, more than half have yet to establish any, indicating significant potential for growth in recycling initiatives. 

For the full survey results, download the results for the Sustainable Steel Automotive Manufacturing Survey 2024. By doing so you will gain critical insights that can shape your approach to sustainability, from selecting steel suppliers to implementing new regulations and standards. 

Benefits of Downloading: 

  • Exclusive Data: Dive deeper into the challenges and opportunities as reported by industry experts. 

  • Strategic Insights: Understand the impact of sustainability measures on your business and supply chain. 

  • Future Readiness: Equip your business with knowledge to meet evolving regulatory and market demands. 


Interested in learning more about the topic? Join our “Sustainable Steel Automotive Manufacturing Survey 2024 Webinar” on June 13  for a cutting-edge discussion on the key manufacturing and other challenges faced by automotive OEMs, tier suppliers and other stakeholders across the automotive value chain.

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