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  • Honda Prachinburi

    Going with the flow


    AMS takes a look at Honda's innovative ARC production system, recently installed at Prachinburi in Thailand Described by Honda as a unique assembly line that differs from conventional systems by incorporating flowing cell production units into the main line, the newly developed Assembly Revolution Cell (ARC) line became operational ...

  • Hyundai Ulsan

    Bigger not always better


    The largest automotive manufacturing complex in the world boasts five high-tech plants, but sales slumps and strikes have affected output at Hyundai Ulsan. AMS paid a visit to Fifth Plant to see Genesis production There is no place in the automotive world like Hyundai Ulsan. With five vehicle plants ...

  • SsangYong Pyeongtaek

    SsangYong: SUV-iving


    Korea’s smallest carmaker has recently reported record sales, but its only vehicle plant is still underutilised Sales of 12,697 in a month may not seem like much for a mainstream vehicle-maker – and this figure is certainly dwarfed by the 376,109 units reported for June by Korean giant Hyundai – ...

  • Q60, Nissan Tochigi

    Nissan Tochigi's human touch


    Automotive manufacturing is known for its robotics, but Nissan’s ‘master craftsmen’ show that there is still a place for human skill. AMS went to see them at work on the GTR and Infiniti models made at Tochigi, Japan Most countries value luxury products, but few cherish the beauty of ...

  • Ellesmere Port Vauxhall

    Changes ahead for Europe


    Manufacturers operating in Europe are continuing to push into the lower cost east as overall sales volumes in the region approach pre-crisis levels again Makers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, Ford and Daimler are among those building new plants or expanding existing ones to take advantage of benefits such ...

  • Luftbild Mercedes-Benz Werk Untertürkheim

    BMW plans Leipzig extension


    Germany – The development plans for the facility in Saxony, eastern Germany, include new bodyshop and assembly areas. The central element of the building works, however, is an extension to the paintshop. The €200m project will integrate new technologies, BMW says, allowing the OEM to push towards greater efficiency and ...

  • Audi A8

    Material world


    Inside its new bodyshop at Neckarsulm, Audi applies an enterprising mix across materials and joining technologies for its latest luxury sedan.

  • siemens 1

    A digital value chain


    For OEMs and suppliers, the transformation into a digital enterprise is crucial for achieving optimum plant availability, production flexibility, and competitiveness In order to optimise the commissioning costs and ensure the necessary level of quality, starting with the first vehicle produced, each start-up process must be perfectly planned. The digitalisation ...

  • P90249837-highRes

    In all the right places


    Automation is making a difference at BMW Dingolfing but humans are still at the heart of production On any given working day, ideas around information and automation present themselves to Reinhard Weindl. In his role as quality manager for technical planning at BMW Dingolfing he has witnessed an ever-growing range ...

  • Zuffen analysis 300DPI

    Cube route


    Data-led analysis and audit are helping Porsche to maintain and enhance its production quality values

  • Mercedes-Benz Moscow

    Groundbreaking for Mercedes Moscovia


    Russia – Daimler has announced the construction of a “fully flexible” car factory in the Moscow area, with an investment of over €250m ($278.1m). The plant will produce Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans from 2019, followed by the GLE, GLC and GLS SUV models. Covering 850,000 sq.m on the Esipovo industrial ...

  • DTP_SKV_0706

    Open-door opportunity


    Much R&D work has been done to reduce the weight of vehicle structures, but closures still represent a significant opportunity for weight savings Closures are mounted after body assembly and can be built up off-line, meaning that they can be made of entirely different materials, such as aluminium, to the ...

  • New ABB robots at Valmet Automotive are used on the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV

    Red-hot robots


    AMS takes a look at the latest installations and innovations in the world of robot arms and automation used for welding applications According to the International Federation of Robotics, 50% of the world’s robots are used for welding. Moreover, a recent report from BCC Research reveals that the global automated/robotic ...

  • IMG_0060

    Scan the van


    At Volkswagen’s new plant in Poland, production quality for the Crafter van is ensured using ground-breaking measuring technology Officially opened in October 2016, the new plant in Wrzesnia, Poland, is a highly modern production facility operated by VW Commercial Vehicles. It will be used for building the VW Crafter van, ...

  • Factory line

    All hail the new taxi


    Combining ingenuity, a bold export plan and a government grant, Geely has launched an all-new LTC electric taxi manufactured at a purpose-built factory How do you build a niche, low-volume car like the London black cab and make it profitable? That was the conundrum facing the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group ...

  • Ford Michigan

    Ford’s $1.2bn Michigan investments


    US – The funds will go towards upgrading Michigan Assembly Plant, increasing capacity at Romeo Engine and developing an advanced data centre. Ford says the investments will help it to “strengthen its leadership in trucks and SUVs and support the company’s expansion to an auto and mobility company”. Ford is ...

  • Article

    Valmet to make next-gen Mercedes


    Finland – The manufacturing contract is described as being comparable in duration and extent to existing deals for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and GLC SUV. The manufacturing engineering project for compact cars will begin immediately. “The new manufacturing contract takes the cooperation of Valmet Automotive and Daimler to a new ...

  • VA_JyrkiNurmi_S3A0654

    Under contract


    Valmet Automotive is experiencing rapid growth with a new Daimler contract to build its GLC SUV, partnership with a leading Chinese battery supplier and engineering acquisitions in Europe It might have been a chilly -12°C outside the Uusikaupunki plant on the day of our visit, but things are certainly heating ...

  • Article

    Perfeitamente trabalhado


    Conforme a demanda por veículos comerciais ligeiros cresce, a Volkswagen vê sua nova fábrica na Polônia como um laboratório para operações de fabricação futuras LCV com 70% da produção adaptada às especificações do cliente A abertura de gala da nova unidade de produção da VW em Wrzesnia revelou uma muito ...

  • Article



    随着市场对轻型商用车需求的增长,大众公司计划在波兰弗热希尼亚建造新工厂,将此作为未来轻型商用车制造实验室,70% 的生产都是根据客户规格量身定做。 大众弗热希尼亚工厂开幕庆典上,人们看到了一个令人瞩目的先进的工厂,虽然工厂目前每天只生产20辆汽车。在生产初期,所有的东西都是崭新的(生产厂和车辆都是新的),而所有的事情都是按部就班地进行。 弗热希尼亚工厂生产的Crafter先是货车也是崭新的平台(之前是有梅赛德斯供应),从头到尾都是由大众公司设计的,充分利用了蓬勃发展的轻型商用车市场。网上零售的发展,带动国内的交付量急剧上涨。 Bodyshop operations are 68% automated – 430 Kuka robots performing welding, adhesive application and materials handling 大众商用车管理委员会主席Dr Eckhard Scholz说,制造新款Crafter需要一个新工厂。这主要是因为车辆的尺寸 — 根据不同的变体,汽车最大长度可达7米,高度可达2,7米 — 这就需要工厂有一个超大的平台。 Scholz解释说,新款厢式货车的开发主要以客户为出发点,70%的生产都是根据客户订单和规格要求进行设计和制造。他说,以这种方式生产,弗热希尼亚工厂实际上成为未来轻型商用车的“实验室”。 据大众波兹南工厂管理委员会主席Jens Ocksen称,在生产初期阶段之后,年产量将达到50-60,000辆,需要增加一班生产。如果需求量比预期大的话,可能需要第三班生产。工厂官方最大产量为,每年100,000辆。到2019年,弗热希尼亚工厂会推出69款Crafter变体车型。 专门的制造部门 在商用车部门,提供多种变体选择并不少见,但是工厂还有一个特殊的CAR部门,为客户提供特殊要求,比如紧急服务,公用事业等。 简单参观汽车车体修理厂就会发现这些细节,但仍然令人叹为观止。这个区域占地相当于23个足球场,绵延4公里的生产线将公开车型和未公开车型分开。目前,冲压件是从外面的供应商那里采购的。汽车车体修理厂的自动化水平达到68%,拥有430个kuka机器人,进行焊接、接合(每辆车都需要100米的粘合剂)和材料送递。电焊是最好要的接合方法,但是激光硬焊用于车身顶盖的接合。还有很多人工焊接站,完成小型组件焊接。 通常情况下,汽车车体修理厂是允许参观的,但是有人告诉我们,操作一共分为4个水平,生产线总长度达到6公里。这里的自动化达到65%,拥有94个机器人,完成喷漆相关操作。工厂提供Crafter汽车8个基础款,53种颜色。 主要装配的方向变化 主要装配区域分为7个生产线,192个阶段。驾驶室预装配是在献策与质量检测同步完成的,然后再 进行安装。挡风玻璃的安装是自动化完成的。装配程序中有趣的一点就是旋转箱式汽车的车身,这样就能向生产线方向进行成90°角度。这样就可以安装比较大的后门;据说这是非常搞笑的方法,为装配厂工人提供更高的人体工学环境,方便完成装卸和安装大型板材。装配工人们从地面上升到平台上,与车床同一高度,完成操作。在发动机安装的时候,刹车、悬吊和底部组件就会转移到顶部筐子里。 可持续生产 开幕仪式结束之后,大众公司提供了更多有关工厂可持续性项目的信息。在建造工厂的时候,考虑到很多环保和可持续性发展的问题。弗热希尼亚工厂负责人Jens Ocken说,“我们实行了大量的创新方案。弗热希尼亚工厂是欧洲汽车制造厂的楷模 — 将先进制造技术与环保效率同时顾及到了。” 大众弗热希尼亚工厂:事实与数据 工厂的规模:220公顷(2.2平方公里) 计划生产量:每年100,000辆 =每小时17辆汽车 = ...