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  • EMAG

    Supplying South America


    Our special regional edition , the first in a series, contains insights from industry experts with a significant presence in South America: Comau , Schenck RoTec , Geico Taikisha , Siemens , Kuka , Carl Zeiss and EMAG . Now available online in four languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish ...

  • Screenshot_07_11_2014_11_51

    An innovative EMS approach


    Flexibility and cost savings are just two advantages of the latest Siemens monorail technology, writes Nora Schuler, vertical market manager, automotive at Siemens The manufacturing landscape in South America is presently in a state of flux. The shift that is now taking place is also affecting the automotive industry, giving ...

  • Screenshot_23_10_2014_12_20

    Perfect balance


    Schenck RoTec balancing technologies are at the vanguard of the battle to reduce noise and vibration in automotive components, writes Stephan Roisin, MPS business unit manager, Dürr Brasil Ltda. Div. Schenck RoTec In the automotive industry, balancing and diagnosis technology is an opportunity to improve component performance quality. The launch ...

  • ams_sa_2014

    South America special issue


    The first in our series of regional supplements covering the most important automotive markets in the world is now available online in four languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. This special edition provides in-depth information about the activities of key OEMs and tier suppliers in South America, and how ...

  • 20131024BM0862-copy

    Betim: Brazil's behemoth


    The largest Fiat Chrysler plant in the world has already upgraded its press shop and assembly hall but is expanding still further with the construction of a new paintshop that will become operational in 2016 Almost a city in itself, Fiat Betim covers 829,700 sq.m on 2.48m sq.m of land ...

  • Bodyshop copy

    GM Brazil's firm foundation


    Established in 1930, São Caetano do Sul is the OEM’s oldest plant in South America and has required substantial modernisation, most recently receiving upgrades to its bodyshop and press shop In August this year, General Motors (GM) announced a $2.9 billion investment in Brazil for the development of new ...

  • Fiat Betim, Brazil

    Editor's note: Winning ways


    Flares, fires and petrol bombs flashed through the news this summer as Brazil battled riots sparked by its hosting of the FIFA World Cup – and as I prepared to embark on a tour of automotive production facilities in the region. Interestingly enough, the popular protests and my personal ...

  • Leggero4 copy

    Fiat Brazil: Quest for growth


    Alfredo Leggero, manufacturing director for Fiat Chrysler Latin America, discusses the continued growth of the carmaker’s largest plant worldwide, Betim in Minas Gerais – plus its new hub in Goiana, Pernambuco Joanne Perry (JP): How important is South America to Fiat as a production location? Alfredo Leggero (AL): ...

  • IMG_8644-copy

    Bumping up Brazil's parts quality


    Faurecia’s automated NewTech process can deliver better, greener results for exteriors production In the small laboratory at Faurecia Automotive Exteriors, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, it takes a long time to find a part showing the flaws that can occur during bumper painting; one of the team members escorting ...

  • Francisco Maciel

    Faurecia Interiors: Staying in shape


    While vehicle production volumes are on an upward trajectory in South America, interiors remain relatively simple, says Francisco Maciel, regional vice-president for Faurecia Interior Systems Joanne Perry (JP): How important is South America as a production location for Faurecia Interior Systems? Francisco Maciel (FM): South America represents 6% ...

  • Volkswagen Mexico

    The Mexican machine


    As North American automotive production continues to recover from the economic crisis, Mexico is powering ahead as the engine of growth, with more OEMs investing in facilities and output increasing The healing process that took place in the US automotive industry after the shock of the economic downturn is now ...

  • Body-Shop_1-copy-2

    VW Anchieta: Production pioneer


    As the first VW plant outside Germany, Anchieta paved the way for the OEM’s leading position within Brazil When Volkswagen first looked to produce vehicles outside its home nation after the devastation of World War Two, the incipient automotive hub around São Paulo was the location it chose. A bilateral ...

  • Malagrine

    Competitively commercial


    As Mercedes-Benz earmarks $1bn for its CV operations in Brazil, AMS tours final assembly at the S ão Bernardo do Campo plant, which plays a part in producing the entire Latin American truck line-up “Today, Brazil is the most important sales market for our trucks worldwide,” said Stefan Buchner, ...

  • Olivier Lefebvre - Faurecia 2 copy

    FAE: Achieving a good match


    Olivier Lefebvre, vice-president of the component supplier's Brazilian branch, says its NewTech paint installation is proving an effective import to South America Joanne Perry (JP): How important is South America as a production location for Faurecia Automotive Exteriors? Olivier Lefebvre (OL): South America represents 5% of the total ...

  • CHRYSLER_TAC_08 web

    Chrysler: Going global


    The OEM's established brands, vehicle line-up and production locations will be repositioned worldwide Creating a single entity out of transatlantic mergers or alliances has proven difficult for Ford and General Motors, despite the One Ford strategy now being seen by some as paying dividends. Likewise, the break-up of DaimlerChrysler some ...

  • GM's Joinville Engine plant earns LEED Gold certification

    GM Joinville: LEEDing sustainability


    The OEM's new Brazilian site is the first automotive plant in South America to achieve LEED certification When General Motors (GM) began the construction of its Joinville engine manufacturing facility in Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil, in September 2010 it already had sustainability in mind – specifically the Leadership in ...

  • Renault-Curitiba-inspection-copy

    Renault's revamp in Brazil


    The French OEM will plough $215m into the latest expansion of its manufacturing complex in Paraná State Earlier this year, Renault announced its latest big push to boost production and sales in Brazil with an investment of €162m ($215m) for its manufacturing complex in Curitiba, Paraná State. The ...

  • Nissan Resende Assembly copy

    Nissan's bold new beginning in Brazil


    The Japanese OEM recently launched a $1bn manufacturing complex in Rio de Janeiro State to develop its presence in South America and continue its global sell-where-you-build policy In April this year, Nissan launched a serious assault on the giant Brazilian vehicle market by opening its first standalone factory . ...

  • Auto-Industry-Graphic

    Manufacturing velocity


    Todd Montpas, automotive and tyre market development manager at Rockwell Automation, explains how and why vehicle-makers must position themselves to keep pace with market demands There is no slowing down in the automotive industry. A customer base with a range of differing priorities for new-vehicle purchases – including safety, fuel ...

  • 111214_F_Panda_LastraturaPortiere_05-copy

    Fiat's future of expansion & contraction


    The OEM has a new strategy for its range of vehicles, but familiar problems remain for its many brands Since CEO Sergio Marchionne set out the new strategy for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) earlier this year, some noteworthy developments have taken place. Firstly, rumours emerged in the German press ...