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  • Toyota Sorocaba plant

    Toyota to invest in Sorocaba plant


    Brazil - The Toyota plant near Sao Paulo will soon make a new model alongside the Etios and Yaris

  • FCA-Saltillo-Mexico

    Nafta aftermath


    A new trade deal era will reconfigure Mexico’s automotive industry relations with the US, Nick Gibbs reports

  • 2019 Ford Kuga home charge

    Ford's future


    The UK press was rather excited recently when one of the Sunday papers claimed that the Ford Mondeo would be axed. Given that this model is not, and has never been, made in the UK, such concern was perhaps surprising. This was part of a wide-ranging story that Ford was ...

  • Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 10.55.52

    Pacific standard


    Responding to the boom in SUV and crossover markets, the OEMs of Japan and Korea continue to invest in manufacturing operations across their long-established North American networks. Ian Henry reports Cross-border Corolla After a period of not investing in North America, Toyota is once again expanding in the region. It ...

  • FCA Sergio Marchionne

    The man who saved Fiat and Chrysler


    Sergio Marchionne was a remarkable man. He dominated the auto industry’s headlines and news agenda and his passing robs the industry of one of its few star namesIn an age when be-suited corporate types still bestride many auto sector boardrooms, Marchionne’s casual dress sense (sweater and no tie were de ...

  • Nissan Navara Cordoba Argentina

    Nissan boosts Navara production


    Argentina - The pick-up is now being built at the Renault plant in Santa Isabel, Cordoba. Nissan has cited rising global demand for the model as justification for the move."With more than 15 million Nissan pickup owners across 180 countries, trucks are a growing segment across the world and a ...

  • Audi production in Brazil

    A slow return to growth


    Vehicle-makers in South America are seeing signs of recovery, boosted by growing exports, reports Nick Gibbs

  • Mercedes-Benz do Brazil truck production Atego 2730

    Mercedes-Benz do Brazil gets new line


    Brazil - A building has been constructed at the company’s plant in Sao Bernardo do Campo to house a new production line for light- and heavy-duty trucks. The project lasted for three years and cost a total of €125m (US$153.83m). According to the OEM, the line is 15% more efficient ...

  • ArcelorMittal Technical Shot BIW HotForming

    Lightweighting with laser-welded blanks


    The latest generation of steels brings new opportunities for OEMs Laser-welded blanks (LWB) give automotive engineers the chance to design lightweight parts that ensure the right steel is in the right place for safety and performance. Combining LWBs with new hot-stamping grades, such as Usibor 2000 and Ductibor ...

  • VW Wolfsburg

    VW pours €22.8bn into production network


    Germany – The OEM said the funds will be used to implement its Transform 2025+ strategy, focusing on “the further development of modular production, the continuation of the model offensive and further orientation towards e-mobility”. The investment, equivalent to $27 billion, will be spread over five years to 2022. “The ...

  • VW Pacheco

    VW invests €560m at Pacheco for new SUV


    Argentina – The OEM said the plant would undergo “modernisation measures” costing the equivalent of $660m to optimise the production process, enhancing quality and sustainability while enabling it to make the new SUV by 2020. The introduction of the model, based on Volkswagen’s Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) platform, will create ...

  • Barry Engle GM

    Engle to lead new GM region


    US – The company announced that it will combine its International and South America regions after the retirement of Stefan Jacoby, executive vice-president and president of GM International, at the end of this year. Barry Engle, currently in charge of South America, will assume the leadership of both regions ...

  • Article

    JLR appoints Marchand to Americas role


    US – As vice-president Government and Industry Relations, Chris Marchand will direct the company’s interactions with governments and industry associations across North, Central and South America. He will take up the role on November 7. Marchand will report to Joe Eberhardt, president and CEO, Jaguar Land Rover North America, and ...

  • Kosai 3

    Autonomy drive


    Suzuki has stayed independent of big joint ventures despite becoming increasingly dependent on markets outside Japan In an industry where mergers and collaborations between major players are increasingly common, Suzuki remains something of an outlier. It has largely eschewed wide-ranging, large-scale alliances with other vehicle companies, especially since its joint ...

  • HB_Leah by engine copy

    Managing complexity


    AMS spoke to Leah Bruce, Ford’s manufacturing business manager, diesel specialist, to find out more about the OEM’s plans for diesel engine production Where does diesel fit into Ford’s powertrain strategy? Leah Bruce: From a production point of view, diesel is still very much part of Ford’s plans. We ...

  • Lake Orion Body Shop Chevrolet Aveo

    Zero Downtime


    GM has ambitious plans to implement a zero down time approach using cloud based computing to connect all of its production robots worldwide Robots are now not just commonplace items of equipment on automotive factory floors they are absolutely vital to the implementation of automated manufacturing strategies that successfully combine ...

  • Article

    Joining forces


    Complex parts, precision fits, no margin for error; it’s no wonder automation is such a vital ingredient of successful powertrain assembly linesModern lines are faster, safer and more reliable than ever before, thanks in large part to automation. While intensive, dedicated lines designed for high-volume throughput were the preserve of ...

  • ATI Robotic Tool Changer and Force-Torque Sensor mounted on the wrist of the robot

    Joining forces


    Complex parts, precision fits, no margin for error; it’s no wonder automation is such a vital ingredient of successful powertrain assembly linesModern lines are faster, safer and more reliable than ever before, thanks in large part to automation. While intensive, dedicated lines designed for high-volume throughput were the preserve of ...

  • Gestamp Hot Stamping

    Gestamp opens seventh plant in Brazil


    Brazil – The Spanish company has invested €24.9m to set up a new hot stamping plant in Betim (Minas Gerais, Brazil), that will serve Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA), supplying parts for the Fiat Palio and Siena models. The new plant, which will also be equipped with laser cutting and assembly ...

  • BOSCH; Common Rail; Bamberg

    Around the block


    The mix of in-house and external sourcing that OEMs regularly deploy in vehicle engine production make its supply chain quite distinct from that of all other components along the assembly line Engines, whether diesel or petrol, have a supply chain that is quite distinct from that which provides components to ...