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  • Trumpf

    WEBINAR: Trumpf discusses RLP


    The reduction of CO 2 emissions is one of the key targets for all major OEMs worldwide. In addition, there is an exceptionally competitive environment which forces all carmakers to offer a diversified product portfolio based on cost-efficient design and production. In order to be able to cope with ...

  • 2015 Ford F-150 frame and body

    Ford in focus


    In the past year, Ford has concentrated on delivering its high-profile programme for an aluminium-bodied F-150 pick-up truck , but the OEM has also started reorganising its manufacturing footprint in North America Ford's ambitious programme to produce an aluminium version of its F-150 pick-up truck has not been without ...

  • Intelligent production in action

    Intelligent production


    Mercedes has upgraded the van assembly lines at its Ludwigsfelde plant with a new, automated system According to my guide around Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde, Peer Braun, the working environment has been greatly improved; it is much quieter and open, the idea being to view the whole assembly process from one side ...

  • Higueras-2530-031.jpg

    Showing real steel


    ArcelorMittal has invested heavily to produce AHSS for the automotive industry. Chris Wright visits the company’s Sagunto plant, Spain, which is ramping up to produce 150,000 tons of Usibor per year from 2016ArcelorMittal has collaborated with OEMs to develop steel solutions that meet critical requirements in terms of weight reduction ...

  • Webinar

    TRUMPF Webinar: Innovative Laser Applications and Production Solutions for Powertrain Components


    The use of laser welding of automotive powertrain components is gaining momentum. Its advantages are weight, space and material savings compared to traditional assembly techniques. Due to its low-heat input attribute, laser welding provides nearly distortion-free welding at a high speed compared to other welding technologies. This webinar gave an ...

  • Puebla-Golf-7-VWM-9-Final-Assembly-Line.jpg

    VW's platforms to perform?


    The OEM has introduced four vehicle platforms to maximise global production efficiency, but not without difficulty. AMS looks at the steps taken so far, the benefits still to come, and asks if the strategy will workIn February 2012, Volkswagen announced the latest incarnation of its platform strategy, encompassing four modular ...

  • Audi Curitiba

    Audi starts South American production


    Brazil – The factory at Curitiba, Paraná state, is not only the newest of 13 sites in the Audi production network but the OEM’s first in South America. The plant is now making the A3 sedan and will soon add the Q3. The A3 sedan 1.4 TFSI Flex is ...

  • Keishi Egawa

    Interview: Keishi Egawa, Mazda


    The OEM’s president and CEO in Mexico explains what its first North American factory means to MazdaKeishi Egawa, president and CEO, MMVOAMS: To what extent has the new Salamanca factory been inspired by Mazda’s plants in Japan, and is the level of production technology just as high?Keishi Egawa (KE): The ...

  • Thomas Karig

    Interview: Thomas Karig at VWdM


    The vice-president of corporate affairs tells AMS how the OEM’s manufacturing complex at Puebla is still growing after five decades of production, with the addition of bodyshops for the new Golf and Tiguan Thomas Karig, VP of corporate affairs, VWdM AMS : Which models is Puebla currently ...

  • Mexican-president-James-Lentz-Toyota-NA-CEO-Guanajuato.jpg

    A magnet for manufacturing


    Low-cost labour and free-trade deals are attracting investment in Mexico by global OEMs and suppliersVehicle production is booming in Mexico. In 2014, a record 3.22m vehicles were made there, an increase of nearly 10% on 2013. Much of the rising production was in response to strong demand from the US ...

  • Nissan-Aguascalientes-Phase-1-also.jpg

    Nissan's A-team in Mexico


    As the Japanese OEM adds new facilities for Infiniti and Mercedes production at its complex in the north-central state of Aguascalientes, AMS examines the reasons behind the long-standing success of this operationNissan is close to hitting capacity in Mexico again thanks to the continuing success of its Aguascalientes manufacturing complex ...

  • Mendi Ammad

    Interview: Renault's Mendi Ammad


    The director of Cléon Plant and the OEM's powertrain facilties across Europe discusses his challenge of integrating the R240 electric motor into an already expanding operation – and ramping up production AMS : What is your capacity for the new electric engine plant ? MA: It's 50,000 and we ...

  • Barry Engle, GM

    Engle lands EVP and president role at GM


    South America – The current CEO of Agility Fuel Systems will join the vehicle-maker in September to replace Jaime Ardilla as GM’s executive vice-president (EVP) and president of South America. Ardilla will retire after serving the company for nearly three decades. In his new role, Engle will oversee the OEM’s ...

  • VW Puebla

    Travel blog: Shooting for the stars (and stripes) in Puebla


    If NASA, in this era of budget cuts, should need to find alternative premises, I know a little place down in Mexico that might suit. Not that its current occupant would be eager to vacate, having only started operations there last year. I’m talking about VW and its new bodyshop ...

  • Repreve, Ford F-150

    Ford's annual sustainability report


    US – The OEM’s 16th such publication highlights environmental achievements at its manufacturing facilities plus mobility experiments to tackle transportation challenges and address future trends, in line with the Ford Smart Mobility plan.Ford is targeting a drop of 30% in CO2 emissions per vehicle produced by 2025 worldwide, and from ...

  • Volvo-–-FH16-Euro-6.jpg

    China's big chill


    As the world’s largest CV market cools down, OEMs are finding themselves burdened with excess capacityIn this article:Economic slowdownCollaborationsDeutz and FAWMAN and SinotruckDaimler and Beiqi FotonVolvo and DongfengIveco and SAICHyundai and Nanjun AutoAnhui Jianghuai AutomobileAnhui Hualing AutomobileShaanxi Automobile GroupOvercapacity problemsDomestic investmentsCommercial vehicle (CV) makers in China are feeling the pressure ...

  • ams trumpf webinar 7 may 2015

    Manufacturing technologies for hybrid lightweight


    At the very cutting edge of design, material mixes are becoming ever more prevalent and, in order to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to be utilising this technology to its maximum potential.Some of the key benefits of this new materials approach are:Improved ductilityimproved stiffness and increased strengthIncreased reliability ...

  • 2014 Ford Fiesta

    Ford to build new Mexican plants


    Mexico – The engine facility in Chihuahua will be constructed within the OEM’s existing engine plant at a cost of $1.1 billion and will make a new gasoline unit; a further $200m will expand existing lines for I-4 and diesel engines. The $1.2 billion transmissions plant will be built ...

  • BMW-Araquari-3

    South American sunset?


    Sliding towards recession, Brazil and its neighbours no longer seem like such bright prospects for global vehicle-makers, which have made significant investments in what looked to be a highly promising market Vehicle-makers in South America, and especially Brazil, are having to take evasive action as the once-promising ‘Latin Tigers’ enter ...

  • Nissan NP300

    Daimler and Renault-Nissan co-operation expands


    Germany/Japan – The five-year partnership will extend into the pick-up truck segment, with the development of a one-ton model for Mercedes-Benz. The pick-up will share some architecture with the new Nissan NP300 but be engineered and designed by Daimler, displaying “all of Mercedes-Benz’ distinctive characteristics and features”, say the ...