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    Supplying Sturm solutions


    The modern manufacturing industry relies on reliable, innovative, cost-effective solutions to produce quality products. The demands can be challenging, with economic and environmental pressures to contend with. We talked with Wilhelm Sturm, CEO of Sturm-Gruppe, and take a look at the systems and solutions being developed and engineered by the ...

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    Vauxhall Luton UK van plant – a car finish on a commercial


    Primer and basecoat – premium process Energy saving and environmental concerns Learning in Luton – Vauxhall’s undergraduate scheme Gaining with the group Mick Bewley’s manual spraying masterclasses The Vauxhall Van Plant in Luton, some 50 kilometres north of London is home to production of the Vauxhall Vivaro, Nissan Primastar and ...

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    In the comfort zone for assembly


    Full scale testsComplete measurementErgonomic pitfallParts presentationReducing non-value-adding timeSupply chain focusHuman modelling moduleOne of the persistent bugbears of the automotive manufacturing industry, most obviously in actual vehicle assembly operations, is the incidence of musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) – in layman’s terms, pulled muscles and twisted joints – among assembly workers.Someone who confirms ...

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    Spatter protection in hollow workpieces


    Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik has developed a system to avoid spatter residues in component interiors created when hollow workpieces, in particular pipes, are welded together. This spatter protection tool is particularly effective for welding hydraulic cylinders using the MSG laser hybrid process. The new system is based on a 3D suspended ...

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    Plastic in flux as usage stalls


    Reduced demand?Innovation in seatingRecyclingNew technologies and processesHow to handle a polymerUnderhood, mechanical and bodyworke-vehicles: challenge and opportunityThe advance of engineering plastics such as PA6 and PA66 polyamides, the improvement in touch and feel, and the development of engineering materials with high heat tolerance, rigidity, impact strength and corrosion resistance, has ...

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    Inkjet interiors


    Multi-material mixing StreetScooter project 3D printing has been much mooted as a consumer tool for creating objects in the office or home. Mike Farish reports on a company taking this remarkable technology one step further. An exciting new rapid prototyping tool for automotive designers has been shown off recently at ...

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    Assessing Datacolor’s 45G portable spectrophotometer


    Datacolor has revealed its 45G portable spectrophotometer, which controls colour and appearance in complex manufacturing supply chains, producing measurement results that correlate better to visual assessment. For items with multiple visible components such as automobiles, achieving colour harmony is complicated by the need to visually match those components. For example, ...